Hollywood Box Office Continues to Crash and Burn

So even with the big hit that has been The Chronicles of Narnia and the struggling to keep up with it King Kong, the 2005 box office take was the worst since 2001 and suffered the biggest drop in 20 years.

Much like some self-absorbed contestants on The Apprentice (I'm AWESOME, it's everyone else who's an idiot) movie studio execs are scratching their heads wondering why and what to do.

With a slew of movies that were not only remakes (which people are REALLY getting sick of), but AWFUL ones like:

Dukes of Hazzard

House of Wax

The Honeymooners

The Fog


Aeon Flux

as well as sequels along the lines of:

Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo

Son of the Mask


XXX: State of the Union

Herbie Reloaded (What were they thinking with that title?)

I mean I realize that I'm not the target audience any more, but man... do they think ANYONE is going to think these movies are good? There must be something in the moviemaking process where one gets too close to the process and can't see the ugly forest for "yes-man" trees.

Add to that with the escalating rudeness displayed by self-centered boneheads in the theater audience (You did notice your 4 year old kicking my chair for the past 60 seconds, didn't you? Or did your ongoing conversation with him distract you from that?). And let's not forget 6-8 commercials before the trailers even start along with mega-obvious product placement in movies, and gee... I guess I can't figure it out either.

Of course on the other hand you have great movies like Serenity that you'd expect would do well, but of course the studios screw up on the marketing campaign and then wonder why no one showed up.

So what's the answer?

More remakes, sequels and commercials, of course.


Source: Movieweb

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