10 Perfect Movies For The Holidays (That Aren't Technically About Christmas)

If you're looking for the perfect movie to help you enjoy the holiday season without watching something that’s too on the nose, we're here to help.

If you’re trying to watch a holiday or winter movie, you don’t always want to watch ones that are completely about Christmas. For some people, Christmas movies are corny and get old, and many other people don’t even celebrate the holiday at all. Even if you enjoy a Christmas movie now and then, they can start to feel repetitive. So, if you're looking for the perfect movie to help you enjoy the holiday season without watching something that’s too on the nose, this list is here to help.

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We’ve put together a list of ten holiday-themed or winter adjacent movies that aren’t really about Christmas.


For many people, watching Harry Potter around the holidays is an annual tradition. While many of the other movies work well, too, Sorcerer’s Stone is the best overall choice for the holiday feel. In fact, this movie wraps three holidays into one.

There is the Halloween feast and the troll sequence, many other feasts and fall feelings perfect for Thanksgiving, as well as Christmas scenes. This means it’s the perfect movie to watch at any time between October and the end of December. It will have you feeling cozy and in the holiday spirit.


Disney's Frozen - Queen Elsa

Frozen is a perfect movie to watch during the holiday season because it makes you feel like you're in a winter wonderland. While it’s not technically about any holiday, wintry landscapes and magical ice castle will make you feel in the winter-time spirit. So, it’s a great holiday film to watch no matter what holidays you do or don’t celebrate.

You’ll be whisked away into the magical world and left in awe of the animation of snow and ice. This is the perfect family movie to watch while next to a warm fireplace.


Iron Man 3 isn’t necessarily a movie you would associate with the holiday season, but it’s the perfect film to watch near Christmas if you want a hint of the season but not too much.

This movie includes many Christmas elements such as Tony Stark hiding out in a town that’s decorated for the season as well as a scene where he dances to Jingle Bells. So, if you love superhero movies, Iron Man 3 is the perfect choice to watch during Christmas.


Little Women is another film that isn’t a Christmas movie but that many people associate with the holiday. While the film follows the story of the March family through many years and seasons, the theme of family definitely resonates during the holidays.

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Plus, there are multiple scenes that feature Christmas and winter scenes. So, you’ll be able to get the feeling of the holidays without feeling like you’re being hit over the head with it. Plus, since it’s a movie set in the 1800s, the old-fashioned Christmas feel is definitely cozy.


Rent - Angel

There are many different kinds of holiday-adjacent movies that you might not consider normally. While there are some that are family-friendly, there are others that are meant for a bit of an older audience. Rent is one of these.

While it deals with many intense themes, the setting begins on Christmas Eve in NYC and ends the following year on the next Christmas Eve. Plus, with all of the memorable music, it’s a great film to watch during the season if you’re a fan of musicals.


Eight Below is another film that fits great with wintertime as its set in Antarctica. This is also a good movie to watch if you're an animal lover, even though it's definitely hard to watch the dogs get left behind in the cold.

This inspiring film focuses on themes such as loyalty and friendship, making it on-brand for the holiday season. Plus, the wintery scenes and ice of the Antarctic will make you glad you can watch from the warmth of your home.


The Family Man is a movie that’s not normally talked about when discussing Christmas films which is a little weird seeing as how it does happen at Christmas. Also, it’s clearly a remake of classics like It’s a Wonderful Life. This movie is about a Wall Street exec who wakes up in a new life where he’s suddenly married with kids.

While the message of the movie might seem a little outdated now, the themes of family and the importance of caring are rather timeless.


Gremlins is another holiday movie because it does technically take place at Christmas.

While it’s not very Christmassy in most other ways, many people like to watch it this time of the year because it is set around Christmas. In fact, the film does start with Randall looking for a gift for his son, and this is how Gizmo gets into Billy’s hands.


The Chronicles of Narnia is another movie that’s perfect for the winter season. While it might have Christian roots, you can watch it no matter what holiday you celebrate as it’s a fantasy story set in a winter world. With most of the movie being set in a frozen Narnia and a literal wintery White Witch as the villain, it’s perfect for the last months of the year.

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You could even consider doing a marathon of this movie along with other fantasy films like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. 


Sandra Bullock in While You Were Sleeping

For many people, enjoying cheesy romantic movies is one of the best parts of the holiday season. If you like a good romantic film, but are tired of Hallmark movies, you can try While You Were Sleeping instead.

This more classic film starring Sandra Bullock takes place in Chicago and is full of many winter scenes. There are also many Christmas scenes in the movie.

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