Holiday 2017 Movie-Lover's Gift Guide

The holidays are here, and that means loads of shopping and gift-giving are happening. That also means it can be difficult narrowing down the proper gift. If gifting a red balloon isn't exactly up your alley (and perhaps not appropriate for Christmas - or any holiday other than Halloween), there are plenty of other entertainment-themed gifts to give. We've compiled choice gifts that fit into that criteria, ranging anywhere from a couple bucks to hundreds of dollars. Check them out below.

10. Justice League Build-A-Bear

Build a Bear Justice League Batman Superman Wonder Woman

The first ever live-action Justice League movie finally hit the big screen this year (in addition to the first ever live-action Wonder Woman film), and that means characters such as Flash, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman may find themselves with many new fans this holiday season, especially among children. So, why not combine kids' fascination for Build-A-Bears with their adoration for the Justice League by purchasing a Justice League-themed Build-A-Bear - especially the recently unveiled Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman bears!

9. Christopher Nolan 4K Collection

Christopher Nolan is one of the most critically-acclaimed and in-demand directors working in the industry today. And thanks to his dedication to film, IMAX, and practical effects, his movies are marvelous to look at, just as they are captivating to watch. So, an ideal gift for Nolan fans who also happen to own a 4K TV (and a 4K Blu-Ray player) is the Christopher Nolan 4K Collection, which consists of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, The Prestige, Inception, Interstellar, and Dunkirk. The collection releases on Tuesday, December 19 for $147 on Amazon.

8. Harry Potter Golden Snitch Clock

In Harry Potter, the Golden Snitch is the third and smallest ball used in Quidditch. Anyone who catches the Snitch wins the match. And now, Harry Potter fans can purchase a Golden Snitch clock for $49 at PBTeen. Catching the Golden Snitch shouldn't be a problem for owners of this clock, nor should catching from z's, but it can't help those who struggle from waking up on time in the morning and getting places on time during the day.

7. Thor Hammer Tool Set

Thor is the God of Thunder and wielder of the mighty hammer, Mjolnir. While the son of Odin may not be the God of Hammers, he is the only person in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe capable of wielding the mystical weapon. As for us mortal beings, we'll just have to made do with the Thor Hammer Tool Set, a 44-piece tool set that's fashioned after Mjolnir. What makes this gift interesting is that the hilt is actually a usable hammer. The tool is created and sold by ThinkGeek for $100.

6. Death Star Popcorn Maker

Star Wars is arguably the biggest media franchise in history, taking over the film, gaming, and toy industries. With thousands upon thousands of Star Wars-themed items to choose from this holiday season, it can be overwhelming for parents (or Star Wars fans in general) to purchase items for themselves, their significant others, or their children. But, considering that Star Wars is, first and foremost, a film franchise, why not get a Death Star Popcorn Maker to accompany your Star Wars marathons? It's currently being sold on Amazon for $50.

5. Film Reel Wine Rack

Nowadays, the vast majority of movies are shot using digital cameras (we are in the 21st century after all), but some filmmakers have a connection to using film cameras that they just can't shake. And many moviegoers feel attached to the old ways - and the golden age of films - that they collect certain film memorabilia. While we can't help with those types of items, we can recommend this Film Reel Wine Rack from RefunkedJunkies for $125. It's a handmade film reel made from vintage 35mm metal reels that can hold up to six bottles of wine.

4. Movie Ticket Shadow Box

After paying for a movie ticket and having the theater employee rip their half of said ticket, many moviegoers tend to toss their half and go about their day - unless, of course, they need the ticket to find their reserved seat inside the auditorium. But for those who tend to collect their movie tickets as mementos of their moviegoing experience, an ideal gift (and an efficient way to avoid further clutter) is RedRiverValley's Ticket Shadow Box, which sells for $39. The shadow box is designed to retain movie ticket stubs, and it even has a vinyl decal that says, "Been There, Seen That!"

3. The Art of Disney: The Golden Age

Walt Disney Animation spent years trailing Pixar Animation's success, but they are back on top with releases such as Frozen and Big Hero 6. Still, many people long for the old days, the golden age of Disney's animation under Walt Disney himself, which were created using 2D animation. While people can simply rewatch the old films, longtime fans may appreciate those movies' concept art as well, which can be found in The Art of Disney: The Golden Age. The collection is selling on Amazon for $14 and consists of concept art (in the form of postcards) spanning from 1937 to 1961.

2. MoviePass Subscription

MoviePass phones

Going to the movies can get expensive, especially if moviegoers like to purchase concessions. So, the best movie-themed gift this year just might be a one-year subscription to MoviePass. The once $50/month service shockingly dropped to just $9.95/month, giving film lovers the option to see a movie a day for under the price of one matinee ticket. Costco members can also purchase a one-year subscription to MoviePass (which includes the service Fandor) for a one-time fee of $90. Hard to beat that!

1. Stranger Things VHS Set

While this isn't a movie-themed item, Stranger Things is popular enough that it can cater to a wide-ranging set of people. Therefore, we've chosen to include the series on this list. Target is offering an exclusive Stranger Things VHS-style box set (it's not actually a VHS copy), containing the entire first season on Blu-Ray/DVD. Sure, Stranger Things is streaming on Netflix, but sometimes it's nice to own an actual, physical copy of the TV show... and this box set is pretty cool.

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