Hogwarts Houses Of Lizzie McGuire Characters

Lizzie McGuire followed the title character through her middle school experiences on the Disney Channel - and into one big screen movie. Soon, fans will see her experiences as an adult on Disney Plus. For Lizzie, every day in middle school provided a new challenge. Luckily, she had a few friends (not to mention a few frenemies) to help her get through it.

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During Lizzie’s time in middle school, a book series also made its debut. The Harry Potter series launched at a time when surely some of Lizzie’s classmates would have been interested in it. Did they ever wonder which Hogwarts house they’d end up in? They never speculated on the show, but we’ve got them all covered.

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10 Miranda Sanchez: Gryffindor

Lizzie’s best friend might have disappeared in the last season of the show as Lalaine hoped to pursue a singing career, but she left a lasting impression on fans. Miranda was never afraid to tell Lizzie exactly what she thought about some of Lizzie’s schemes. For that, fans loved her.

Miranda also wasn’t afraid to put herself out there. She tried out for school plays, talent shows, and sports to find things that interested her where she could excel. Miranda also wasn’t afraid to break a few rules, like sneaking into a second movie after already paying to see one at the theater. Her fearlessness made her a Gryffindor.

9 Ethan Craft: Hufflepuff

Ethan Craft In Lizzie McGuire Hufflepuff

Ethan Craft was the most popular boy in school. For a while, Lizzie even had a crush on him and his perfect hair. While a lot of popular kids in teen shows tend to lean toward Gryffindor or Slytherin thanks to a love for attention and social climbing, Ethan Craft did not.

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Instead, Ethan was really more of a Hufflepuff. He didn’t have the hardworking aspect down, but his chill attitude meant there wasn’t anyone he didn’t get along with. Ethan could make friends with everyone, and convince everyone to give up their schemes. After all, he got carb-conscious Kate to chow down on pasta in Italy.

8 Larry Tudgeman: Gryffindor

Larry Tudgeman In Lizzie McGuire Gryffindor

In a lot of ways, Larry Tudgeman was written as the stereotypical nerd that no one liked with lines like, “my mom says other kids are just jealous.” He had the intelligence that could land him in Ravenclaw, but Larry was, surprisingly, more of a Gryffindor.

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Like Miranda, Larry didn’t let fear hold him back. Unlike Miranda, he was comfortable with exactly who he was. He liked role-playing games, science fiction movies, and helping to shape school policy. For a middle school student, it’s pretty brave to unflinchingly be your self instead of pretending to be someone you’re not to fit in.

7 Matt McGuire: Slytherin

Matt McGuire Lizzie McGuire Slytherin

Younger brother to Lizzie McGuire, Matt never thought of a scheme he didn’t try to enact. Always intent on finding the easy way out, there was constantly something he was hiding from his parents or his teachers. He also loved to try to find ways to get his big sister in trouble. That sneaky way of life makes him seem like a strong candidate for Slytherin.

With Matt’s primary function in the series being someone to annoy Lizzie, it’s entirely possible that he could grow out of the scheming characteristics of Slytherin as he got older. Perhaps the Disney Plus revival will show the audience if that’s the case.

6 Lanny Onasis: Hufflepuff

Lanny Onasis In Lizzie McGuire Hufflepuff

Matt’s best friend through much of the series, Lanny was an unusual character for Lizzie McGuire because he never spoke. Instead, he could communicate with Matt nonverbally, though most other people had difficulty understanding him. His willingness to stand by Matt, and his hard work in Matt’s many schemes, made him an easy sort into Hufflepuff.

Loyalty was clearly important to Lanny. In one episode, he and Matt tried out for the cheerleading squad. There was only spot for one of them, so Lanny (and Matt) refused to join the team alone. That’s what best friends are for.

5 Melina Bianco: Slytherin

Melina Bianco Lizzie McGuire Slytherin

If the audience thought Matt was sneaky, they were in for a surprise with Melina. She was introduced as a rival for Matt. Initially, the two competed in their schemes until they joined forces. She could be nothing else other than a Slytherin.

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Melina was so crafty that she got Matt to do her homework and her chores for her on several occasions. Of course, Melina also appreciated a good Slytherin herself, and she ended up being Matt’s first real girlfriend over the course of the show.

4 Kate Sanders: Hufflepuff

Kate Sanders In Lizzie McGuire Hufflepuff

Kate Saunders used to be very close to Lizzie McGuire. Puberty hit and she joined the popular crowd, which would make it seem like Hufflepuff wouldn’t be a good fit for her. Kate, however, was misguided in her approach to middle school, and surprisingly, easily led by others.

She liked to stick with what she knew, which meant Kate was extremely loyal to the friend group she was a part of. The audience did see that much of her attitude came from surrounding herself with people who were mean spirited social climbers. Once she was separated from them, like when Lizzie taught her a few one-handed gymnastic moves, they worked together on a project, or when she went on the field trip to Italy, Kate was a bit more relaxed. She encouraged Lizzie to pursue her dreams and even helped her do it. She was just a Hufflepuff who fell in with the wrong crowd.

3 Claire Miller: Slytherin

Lizzie McGuire Claire Slytherin

Though the series often made Kate out to be Lizzie McGuire’s primary antagonist, if the show had more time, that probably wouldn’t have been the case. Claire often seemed more like the ringleader of the popular kids than Kate was.

Claire exemplified social scheming and a bad attitude. Despite Kate supposedly being her best friend, she was quick to kick Kate to the curb when she couldn’t do a cartwheel for cheerleading with an injured shoulder. Claire looked for any excuse to make herself queen bee, making her the real Slytherin of the popular clique.

2 David ‘Gordo’ Gordon: Ravenclaw

David Gordo Gordon In Lizzie McGuire Ravenclaw

Though the series often proclaimed Miranda was Lizzie’s best friend, Gordo was the other best friend in this friendship triangle. When Miranda left to visit family and never returned, Gordo was still a major part of the series, and went to Italy for the big-screen adventure.

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Gordo was often the voice of reason amongst the teenagers. He could use logic better than just about anyone else in the series, always ready to dissect a problem piece by piece instead of going for the immediate emotional response. That logic makes him a better fit for Ravenclaw than any other Hogwarts House.

1 Lizzie McGuire: Slytherin

Lizzie McGuire Disney Channel Slytherin

As the titular character, a lot of fans would be quick to sort Hilary Duff’s Lizzie into Gryffindor. Lizzie might be the hero of her own story, but she’s not exactly a Gryffindor. Instead, Lizzie’s got more of a Slytherin lean.

Lizzie spent all of her middle school days trying to find ways to make herself more popular and more memorable. She tried to get on the best-dressed list and manipulate her way into favor with the popular kids. She also jumped at the chance to get to be a pop star in The Lizzie McGuire Movie, though she had no experience in that area. Lizzie wanted to be on top, and she wanted a legacy to go with that popularity. Is there anything more Slytherin than that?

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