Hogwarts Houses Of Kristen Stewart Characters

Kristen Stewart got her start in the entertainment industry at the ripe old age of nine. For the last 20 years, she’s been giving audiences a huge variety of characters to watch on screen. Stewart has come a long way since her first role: a nonspeaking one in the Disney Channel movie The Thirteenth Year.

Of course, she’s probably best known for her part as Bella in the Twilight Saga, but she’s joining a new possible franchise as one of Charlie’s Angels this year. Neither of those franchises divide their characters up into school houses based on personality, but plenty of fans could surely speculate where Stewart’s characters would end up. 

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If her characters were Harry Potter fans wondering about their Hogwarts fate, they’d seek out a sorting hat. Those who are brave with a clearly defined moral line end up in Gryffindor. Characters who prize learning and curiosity end up in Ravenclaw. The loyal and hardworking find their way into Hufflepuff. Ambitious and sneaky characters belong in Slytherin. It seems that Kristen Stewart has a knack for choosing roles depicting brave women. Half of the characters chosen here are Gryffindors. 

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Kristen Stewart As Snow White In Snow White And The Huntsman Gryffindor
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10 Snow White (Snow White And The Huntsman): Gryffindor

Kristen Stewart As Snow White In Snow White And The Huntsman Gryffindor

There are plenty of fairy tale retellings out there. This one sees Snow White become more than just a princess in a glass coffin. In Snow White And The Huntsman, Snow White gets the chance to be the warrior as a real Gryffindor.

She begins her story a little timid, but that’s largely the result of her spending her life imprisoned in a tower by her stepmother. She’s still able to escape and strike out on her own in the woods, searching out allies. Eventually, she even learns how to properly defend herself in battle and takes on the wicked queen herself to become the rightful ruler of her people.

9 Maureen (Personal Shopper): Hufflepuff

Kristen Stewart As Maureen In Personal Shopper Hufflepuff

Though the title Personal Shopper might make some movie fans expect a romantic comedy, this particular role of Kristen Stewart’s is not involved in one. Instead, the movie is more of a supernatural thriller. 

Stewart stars as Maureen, a shopper for a wealthy French woman. Having recently lost her twin brother, Maureen tries to balance her work life with her grief, and her belief that he can be contacted beyond the grave. Though there are plenty of twisty moments to the film, much of Maureen’s journey is dedicated to trying to reconnect with the family she lost. That’s why we’ve got to call her a Hufflepuff.

8 Joan Jett (The Runaways): Gryffindor

Kristen Stewart As Joan Jett In The Runaways Gryffindor

Though The Runaways was inspired by real events, Hollywood did take some liberties to tell a story about a group of young women forming a band. Stewart brings musician Joan Jett to life. Could Joan Jett be anything other than a Gryffindor?

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The young musician wants to be heard, and she doesn’t let anything stand in her way. From talking about starting a band with industry insiders she just met, to finding a way to keep the music alive even when the band is falling apart, Joan never met a battle she couldn’t confront. 

7 Cole (Camp X-Ray): Hufflepuff

Kristen Stewart As Cole In Camp X-Ray Hufflepuff

In Camp X-Ray, Stewart stars as one of the only female guards stationed at Guantanamo Bay. A female soldier might be a surprising choice for Hufflepuff, but Cole’s sorting makes a lot more sense than Gryffindor.

While a certain level of bravery is required to serve in the armed forces of any nation, Cole’s story is largely about fitting in while acting as a prison guard. Cole’s humanity remains intact, despite the way she witnesses fellow soldiers treat prisoners. She experiences targeting by those same soldiers, and she has to find a way to reconcile her loyalty to the job with that humanity. Her sense of fairness makes her a firm Hufflepuff.

6 Melinda (Speak): Gryffindor

Kristen Stewart As Melinda In Speak Gryffindor

One of Kristen Stewart’s earliest, and most critically acclaimed, roles is in Speak. The movie, inspired by the novel by Laurie Halse Anderson, focuses on a young woman who retreated inward after experiencing assault.

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Melinda is a bright student, but she’s closed off when the events of the movie begin. In fact, as the movie unfolds, Melinda hasn’t spoken in about a year. So traumatized by an assault she experienced the year before, Melinda doesn’t know how to deal with it. Her isolation grows as her classmates think her not speaking is strange. Melinda, however, has the chance to confront the boy who hurt her, and when she does, her screams shatter the silence around her. She’s most definitely a Gryffindor.

5 Nia (Equals): Ravenclaw

Kristen Stewart As Nia In Equals Ravenclaw

Equals wasn’t the most well-received of movies, but the performances of Stewart and her costar Nicholas Hoult received plenty of praise. Stewart’s role in the movie is that of Nia, a woman hiding her afflictions in an emotionless utopia.

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In a society that “cures” human beings of their emotions and faults, Nia hides that fact that she has a mysterious disease that causes them. That duplicity might make her seem like a Slytherin, but Nia has no ambitions for most of the movie. Her attempt at hiding her affliction, likewise, doesn’t go unnoticed by everyone. Nia is, however, a great observer of human behavior. She understands the disease and the people around her better than nearly anyone else in the story. Nia is also a writer with a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of different historical events. That all makes her a Ravenclaw.

4 Sarah Altman (Panic Room): Gryffindor

Kristen Stewart As Sarah Altman In Panic Room Gryffindor

The role that initially put Kristen Stewart on the map as a child actor was in Panic Room. Jodie Foster played the mother of Sarah Altman. Critics became impressed with Stewart holding her own in scenes with the veteran actor.

The bulk of the movie involves the mother-daughter duo being locked in their new home’s panic room while a group of men try to get in. Though Sarah is knowledgeable in a few surprising areas - like knowing Morse Code for SOS - the knowledge she displays is a result of movies she’s seen or games she’s played recently. She’s not a Ravenclaw. Sarah’s unflinching calm in the face of all that danger definitely makes her a Gryffindor. Her coaching her mother to respond to their home invaders in a more gruff way, and her willingness to help her mother set things on fire and trick the men in their home prove her bravery in a tough situation.

3 Phoebe Larson (American Ultra): Slytherin

Kristen Stewart As Phoebe In American Ultra Slytherin

After a string of roles playing high school students and disaffected youths, Stewart branched out with the action movie American Ultra. It’s one of the few Slytherin characters she’s played.

Stewart starred as Phoebe, the girlfriend of a seemingly normal young guy who worked at a convenience store. When the movie reveals he is an experimental C.I.A. asset whose programming is triggered, she is revealed as his handler. A young woman living in a small town and keeping her cover intact while dating her subject? That secret agent is definitely as cunning as the best of the Slytherins.

2 Maddy (Catch That Kid): Ravenclaw

Kristen Stewart As Maddy In Catch That Kid Ravenclaw

One of Kristen Stewart’s earliest roles is Maddy in the family heist movie Catch That Kid. As a big sister tasked with looking after her younger sibling, Maddy knows her family is having money troubles. She takes it upon herself to find a way to solve it. With how she plans everything out, we’ve got to sort her into Ravenclaw.

Maddy recruits her friends to help her rob a bank. She manages to put together a team who covers all of the heist basics, using their particular childhood skill sets - like rock climbing and skateboarding. What information she doesn’t have to get the job done, she finds a way to obtain. There’s nothing stopping this kid.

1 Bella Swan (Twilight Franchise): Gryffindor

Kristen Stewart As Bella Swan In Twilight Gryffindor

It’s impossible to have a list of characters played by Kristen Stewart and not include Bella Swan. Despite having many roles before the Twilight Saga, the movies were a defining moment in her career.

Though Bella is the human protagonist in a series that surrounds her with vampires and werewolves, she never seems to really understand how fragile she is in comparison to them. Bella always places herself in danger to protect her supernatural friends. She also has very clearly defined ideas about right and wrong - even though they don’t always match up to those around her. Bella is very much a bold Gryffindor, staring danger in the face and not letting it stop her.

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