Hogwarts Houses Of Elf Characters

If these Elf characters went to Harry Potter's world and Hogwarts School, which House would they be sorted into?

Of all the Christmas movies that have been made over the years, Elf is one of the most popular and well-loved. Of all of the Christmas movies to come out during the 200s, it’s definitely the most popular and has secured its place as a true Christmas classic. While they are two very different things, Harry Potter and Elf both have very magical worlds and are perfect to watch around the holidays. So, it’s definitely a fun thought exercise to sort the main characters from Elf into their Hogwarts houses.

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Here are the ten main characters from the movie sorted into their Hogwarts house.


Miles Finch is one of the antagonists in the movie, and he’s definitely a Slytherin. While it seems cliche to have the bad guys in a story be Slytherins, he really does have most of the traits. Finch is a successful writer of children’s books, and he’s clearly quite successful and ambitious. He’s also clearly someone who doesn’t have time for nonsense and has a rather sarcastic and cold demeanor. He’s clearly very resourceful and not a super warm or outgoing person which is why he belongs in Slytherin.


While he’s not exactly a main character, Gimbel's manager plays an important role in Buddy’s life as he gets used to being in New York City. He’s another character that might make sense to be sorted in Slytherin, but he actually makes more sense as a Gryffindor.

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He’s very intense about Christmas and his job, and he can be a bit intense about these things. He's also rather practical and confident and has a bit of a temper which makes the most sense for a Gryffindor.


Emily is Walter’s wife and therefore Buddy’s step-mom. She definitely makes the most sense as a Hufflepuff, and she’s completely different in many ways from her husband. Emily accepts Buddy readily and is very kind and compassionate toward him. Her patient, fair, and calm nature are examples of Hufflepuff traits. Hufflepuffs are known for being the most inclusive house, and it’s clear that Emily is a person who welcomes everyone even if they are different than others. She definitely has a kind heart.


Deb is another side character on the show, but since there isn't a ton of main characters she’s one of the most memorable supporting characters. Deb is Walter’s secretary, and she is overall positive and good-natured.

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We don’t see much of her, but the fact that she seems rather outgoing as well as honest, trusting, and playful means that she would likely do the best as a Gryffindor. She could also be a Hufflepuff or a mix of these two houses.


Snowball fight in Elf

Michael is Buddy’s half-brother, and he definitely belongs in Ravenclaw house. He is someone who is rather reserved at first, but as Buddy gets to know him it’s clear that he’s very creative, caring, and curious. He has a more calm nature overall, and he seems like someone who is rather analytical which would make him great as a Ravenclaw. He’s also rather smart and independent, and these are more traits that make him good for this house. He definitely grows into many of the positive traits of the Ravenclaw house as the movie goes along.


Will Ferrell and Ed Asner in Elf

While you wouldn’t normally think to sort Santa Claus into Ravenclaw house, in many ways this is the house that makes the most sense. While Santa might seem like a figure who should be in Hufflepuff, Santa from Elf is actually a lot more analytical and removed. While he's a good person, he has a more introverted nature and seems more independent and observant than super warm and engaging. On top of that, he’s also a wise figure which means he would do good in Ravenclaw.


Walter is Buddy’s dad, and he’s definitely a Slytherin. However, this doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy. He might be a bit of a selfish jerk at the beginning of the movie, and he’s also on the naughty list, but he learns to be a better person. He’s someone who cares mostly about his career, and so traits such as ambition, cunning, and resourcefulness are important to him. He’s someone who cares mostly about himself and his achievements, but he does learn to tap into his more sensitive side.


Buddy sits on Papa Elf's lap in Elf

Papa Elf is a character that’s hard to place, as he could go well in quite a few of the houses. He’s not particularly outgoing or reckless like a Gryffindor, nor is he super ambitious or cunning like a Slytherin. Papa Elf has a more calm nature, and he seems very level-headed and intelligent.

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But, on the other hand, he’s also caring and someone who cares about doing the right thing. The fact that he took Buddy in and raised him says a lot about the more sensitive and dedicated side of his nature.


Jovie is one of the main characters in Elf, and she makes the most sense as a Ravenclaw. She is a kind-hearted person, but she’s also rather reserved. She’s definitely someone who is creative and intelligent, and she is also more introverted and observant. As someone who marches to the beat of her own drum somewhat, she’s also independent and original. All of these traits make her a great example of a Ravenclaw.


Buddy is the main character, and he makes the most sense as a Hufflepuff. While Buddy also has many Gryffindor traits of being courageous and brave, he has more Hufflepuff traits overall. He’s someone who has a good heart and is very loyal and patient. Also, he’s extremely dedicated and hard-working as is clear when he tries so hard to be good at making toys even when he’s not great at it.

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