Hogwarts Houses Of Derry Girls Characters

Derry Girls has a loyal following in the U.K., and thanks to Netflix, its fanbase is now all over the world. Set in the 90s, the series follows a group of friends in Derry, Ireland as their country engages in civil war.

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If the Derry Girls characters had attended Hogwarts, the teenagers would have been there at the same time as Harry Potter himself. Fans could likely imagine Claire excelling in Potions, Orla finding a kindred spirit in Luna Lovegood, Erin using a quick-quotes-quill to journal her experiences, and Michelle doing her best to break every rule in the school. Here are the Derry Girls characters sorted into their Hogwarts houses.

10 Orla: Hufflepuff

Orla might remind Harry Potter fans of Luna Lovegood with her eccentric interests, but the sorting hat probably wouldn’t place her in Luna’s house. Ravenclaw would be a nice option for Orla, but Hufflepuff is where she fits.

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Despite Erin’s frequent annoyance with how clingy Orla is, Orla is clearly all about loyalty and family. She constantly surrounds herself with family and friends. Even though her interests aren’t their interests, that doesn’t stop Orla from making sure her friends are safe from bears in the country or lamenting that she forgot her plunger when her cousin needs one. She also never understands that one person might want an advantage over another, believing in life as an even playing field.

9 Claire: Ravenclaw

Claire In Derry Girls Ravenclaw

Claire’s tendency to sell her friends out when she’s in trouble leans toward Slytherin, but Ravenclaw is a better fit for her. Of the Derry Girls, Claire is certainly the most studious.

She’s the kind of student who prides herself on learning everything as the teacher lays it out, completing assignments on time, and studying down to the tiniest details. Claire is the study partner who will drive her friends crazy because she believes they have to know everything. She’ll likely never stop wanting to learn more.

8 Mae: Slytherin

Mae In Derry Girls Slytherin

Season two of Derry Girls introduced new student Mae. In Derry just in time for the school dance, the girls wanted her to join their friend group. She agreed to attend the dance with Claire, and even went shopping with Claire, Erin, Michelle, James and Orla.

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While all of that sounds good, Mae wasn’t really interested in being one of the group. Instead, Mae was interested in being in charge. She also didn’t take kindly to anyone telling her no, demonstrated by her plan to cover Jenny Joyce in tomato sauce. Her sneaky inclinations and ambition make her a Slytherin.

7 Father Peter: Gryffindor

Derry Girls focuses largely on its main cast of five and Erin’s family. There are only a handful of characters who appear on the series repeatedly. Father Peter is one character that pops up repeatedly.

A priest brought in to investigate a supposed miracle in Derry, Father Peter temporarily leaves the priesthood when he falls in love with a hairdresser. His decision to leave his position and follow his heart is a brave one. Braver is his decision to return to the priesthood when he realizes he really does have a calling. That leans his sorting toward Gryffindor. His need to be the leader compared to those school officials around him, and his belief that his ideals are always correct solidify the sorting.

6 Sister Michael: Slytherin

Sister Michael In Derry Girls Slytherin

Sister Michael runs the show at school. Don’t let the fact that she’s a nun fool you. She is as sneaky as they come. That’s why she’s a Slytherin.

While the audience doesn’t know much about Sister Michael’s ambitions outside of running an all girls school, we do know how tricky she can be while teaching them. Sister Michael understands teenagers, despite seeming like she doesn’t really want to. When President Clinton makes a visit to Derry, Sister Michael orders the students to show up for classes instead of attending the historic speech. The pride on her face when she realizes nearly the entire school broke the rules tells the audience her cunning plan to get her students to be independent thinkers is working.

5 Jenny: Gryffindor

Jenny Joyce In Derry Girls Gryffindor

Jenny Joyce, surprisingly, might be one of the hardest characters to sort. Her ambition could make her a Slytherin, and her need for fairness at school could make her a Hufflepuff. The sorting hat, however, makes the surprising pick of Gryffindor for her.

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Jenny isn’t a rule breaker who laughs in the face of authority. In fact, she shows up to class when everyone else doesn’t. There’s no rebellious Gryffindor in her. When everyone your age is a rebel though, being the one who follows the rules and standing firm in who you are is brave. Jenny makes no apologies for wanting to be the center of attention or wanting the clearly defined rules followed exactly. She’s a different kind of Gryffindor than Harry Potter fans are used to.

4 Aisling: Hufflepuff

Aisling In Derry Girls Hufflepuff

Aisling is Jenny Joyce’s best friend, or most loyal follower, depending on how their relationship is viewed. It’s rare to see Aisling on the series unless she’s glued to Jenny’s side.

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Because of how close she is to Jenny, Aisling never goes against her. That loyalty makes her a Hufflepuff, but there’s more to Aisling than just loyalty. Aisling also appears to be even harder working than Jenny. Jenny might be singing on the mic, but it’s Aisling playing the music, singing backup, and helping Jenny write the lyrics. There’s no one harder working than a Hufflepuff.

3 Michelle: Slytherin

Michelle In Derry Girls Slytherin

If anyone on the series is a textbook Slytherin, it’s Michelle. There’s not a single time Michelle isn’t going to try to find a creative way to get out of a situation or break a rule.

Michelle craves excitement and attention, like any Gryffindor would. Her way of achieving it, however, isn’t through hard work or heroics. Instead, it’s through deception. She’ll smuggle a suitcase of vodka to a concert or tell students she’s an anonymous lesbian writer if it’ll get her to the top of the social food chain. It’ll be interesting to see if Michelle starts using her creative takes on truth and rules for good instead of self-interest in season three.

2 James: Hufflepuff

James In Derry Girls Hufflepuff

Like Orla, James is a little more eccentric than the rest of his friend group. The only teenage boy to attend the girls’ Catholic school in Derry, James never quite feels like he fits in. Depite that, he’s got unflinching loyalty to his cousin Michelle and her friends, making him quite the Hufflepuff.

Of course, James also tends to develop a sense of loyalty for nearly anyone who treats him decently, likely a product of repeatedly being abandoned by his mother. That doesn’t stop him from nearly deciding to return to London with his mother when she claims she needs him. James ultimately decides to stay in Derry with Michelle’s family, proclaiming himself “a Derry Girl,” proving that he does value the friendships he’s made there above all else.

1 Erin: Ravenclaw

Like Jenny Joyce, Erin is a difficult character to sort. She embodies traits from all of the Hogwarts houses nearly equally. Her important motivating factor in the series though is her desire to have something to write about. 

She isn’t the most book smart of her friends (that honor easily goes to Claire), but when Erin is interested in something, she’s all in. Her desire to write about her experiences during the Troubles causes her to soak up every bit of literary training she can get from temporary teacher Ms. De Bruin. She also takes over the school paper, though a severe bout of writer’s block makes her panic. Erin’s love of writing, and her head often being in the clouds as a result, makes her a Ravenclaw. 

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