Harry Potter: 10 Ways To Show Off Your Love Of Hogwarts

If you've had more than a few dreams about boarding the Harry Potter's Hogwarts Express at Platform 9 3/4, armed with school supplies and a thirst for adventure, you are not alone. Attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a fantasy for many, with its rich history, dynamic professors and beautiful corridors. The castle stands tall in imaginations across the world, and you can show off your love for the magical school with these 10 items.

Whether having a picnic in the park, hosting a dinner party with your favorite guests or sitting in a painfully ordinary classroom, keep Hogwarts close by at all times.

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10 Manual-Drying Muggle Hogwarts Tea Towel

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This tea towel is built for Muggles just like yourself, with manual drying action so you don't have to ring up the nearest wizard with a moisture-eliminating spell. It measures 45 by 65 cm, about average size in the Muggle world. The towel is 100% cotton, a piece of breathable fabric to keep your kitchen space free of germs and speed up the drying process.

It features the Hogwarts crest, complete with the school motto, which translates loosely to, "Never tickle a sleeping dragon". The borders feature gold and scarlet stripes, for Gryffindor pride. Keep your goblets firey and fresh with this towel handy in your kitchen.

9 Sorting Hat Mug

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During your time at Hogwarts, no anticipatory moment will ever quite compare to the feelings you experience while sitting down to your Sorting Hat ceremony, ready for the hat to be placed on your head and determine your fate.

This mug is sculpted into the shape of the sorting hat, with a lid to keep beverages inside piping hot. It holds 300 ml of liquid, about the average amount found in a regular coffee mug. It is ceramic and highly detailed, depicting the heavy folds of the material on the sorting hat, sitting in a subtle frown, ready to be used for filing students into the correct categories.

8 Hogwarts Express Backpack

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This is for anyone brave enough to make a break for it at King's Cross Station and run directly into the wall at just the right location, to embark on the study abroad experience of their life.

The bag features two front pockets for chocolate frogs, a large storage compartment in the main area of the bag and magnetic closures with a flap over the top for security. The straps are adjustable and padded for comfort. The bag features a Platform 9 3/4 logo on the front and the words, 'HOGWARTS EXPRESS' emblazoned across the top, with the Hogwarts logo appearing beneath.

7 Hogwarts Apron

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When hosting your next barbecue, dinner party or Harry Potter-themed arts and crafts night, this apron will come in handy to show where your loyalties lie. The apron is 100% cotton, easy to wash and comfortable to wear over your clothing in hot or cold weather.

The straps reach around the waist and are gold and scarlet colored in Gryffindor fashion, with a similar strap around the neck that is adjustable for any size or height on the chest. The Hogwarts crest appears on the chest, protecting you from splatters and spilled potions. This apron will allow you to fully focus on your spells and concoctions without worrying that you will stain your quidditch sweater.

6 Hogwarts Alumni Blanket

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This throw is the best way to casually announce your alumni status to guests and friends. It features a regal black and white pattern, with the Hogwarts crest displayed in the centre, featuring the mascots of all four houses. The blanket reads, 'HOGWARTS ALUMNI' in bold varsity print. It is jacquard knit, weaving patterns out of yarn, to give it a similar feel to a cosy varsity sweater.

This is a great souvenir from your time at Hogwarts to keep around, even if you never went there to begin with. The material is 100% polyester, durable for washes and many, many uses during epic 8-film marathons.

5 Sorting Hat Heat Changing Coasters

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These coasters are fun for guests when you serve them hot tea or coffee, and a great little amusement for yourself in the morning as well. The coasters feature the four house mascots in their house colors, depicted surrounding a circle in the middle of the coaster.

By placing a hot mug on top of the coaster, the sorting hat is activated and will reveal which house you have received, with the mascot appearing inside of the circle, surrounded by three qualities characteristic of that house. These will protect you from the dark marks of water rings, while also giving you a little fun surprise of what Hogwarts house you belong to today.

4 Patronus Penpals Hogwarts Letter Writing Set

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The overwhelm of letters from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, that arrives at Harry Potter's residence in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is an unforgettable image and fantasy. For old-fashioned letter writing, this set is beautiful and shows your Hogwarts love in charming stationery.

The set comes with sheets resembling aged paper, complete with the Hogwarts crest appearing in the background of your words to a loved one. The accompanying envelopes are also done in an aged style, with the crest on the flap at the back. Stickers that resemble red wax seals add a touch of refinement without the trouble of melting your own wax and burning your wand hand.

3 Tessomancy Teaset

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Reading leaves has never been so stylish. For those who gravitate towards Divination when choosing their elective courses at Hogwarts, this tea set allows you to practice your tessomancy skills in the comfort of your own home. The teapot is stacked on top of a big, large-brimmed cup, for peering into the future revealed in your oolong or earl grey leaves. The front of the pot features a Hogwarts divination class design, with the school crest on the opposite side.

The teacup features a pattern of crystal balls, wands, sparkles and lightning bolts. Not short on detail, the bottom of the cup has a permanent tea leaf design, in the shape of the Grim, the terrible omen of death that Hermione confidently scoffs at.

2 Hogwarts Picnic Blanket

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For a hike or park hang, this blanket is portable and convenient, sporting the Hogwarts crest in a big and bold design against a dark backdrop. The blanket is printed fleece for maximum comfort and measures 140 x 163 cm. It rolls up easily to be transported in a shoulder strap, for spontaneous rollouts under seemingly peaceful willows.

This is a great accessory to have when stretching out on your school grounds, imagining that your school is a little bit more of an enchanted castle. The material is washable for spills and will provide a soft surface for naps and picnics in the sun or shade.

1 Marauder's Map Sequin Notebook

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For fans who sit in classrooms wondering why nothing is levitating, a few Hogwarts-themed school supplies can ice the burn a little bit. This trendy sequin notebook changes with the brush of a hand, between the words, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good," and "Mischief managed" (complete with footprints), the unlocking and locking phrases for the Marauder's Map of Hogwarts.

The cover is cushioned and Marauder's Map artwork appears on the inside, with a color-changing lightning bolt image on the back cover. This is 160 pages of Hogwarts love for all of your enchanted note-taking needs.

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