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Hold on to your black flame candles and broomsticks because the Sanderson Sisters are looking to return for a Hocus Pocus 2, set to premiere on Disney+It's the latest news regarding the long-awaited sequel to the family friendly Halloween film, and the latest news regarding the Mouse House's content plans for its upcoming streaming service, which launches on November 12.

The original Hocus Pocus, directed by Kenny Ortega, premiered in 1993 and told the story of Winnie (Bette Midler), Mary (Kathy Najimy), and Sarah (Sarah Jessica Parker) Sanderson. After terrorized teen Max Dennison (Omri Katz) unwittingly resurrects the witchy Sanderson sisters 300 years after they were hung for witchcraft, the women run amuck and terrorize the town of Salem, attempting to drain the life from the town's children in order to gain the gift of immortality. With its all-star cast and fun and friendly vibe, the original movie has since gone on to gain cult Halloween film status.

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According to UK Daily MailParker set Hocus Pocus fans hearts ablaze when she confirmed that she, Bette Midler, and Kathy Najimy were "up for round 2" and that they, "await instructions," when asked if the three actresses would be returning to their respective roles.

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The original Hocus Pocus ended with the Sanderson Sisters crumbling away to dust while attempting to drain the life force from the children of present day Salem. Their plan to achieve immortality was thwarted by Max, his younger sister Dani (Thora Birch), Max's crush Alison (Vinessa Shaw), a cursed black cat Thackery Binx (Sean Murray), and Winnie Sanderson's jilted zombified lover, Billy (Doug Jones.) Rumors and speculation have surrounded the sequel since it was announced back in 2014, but so far the project has failed to materialize.

With Parker's confirmation, fans will likely wonder if others from the original cast will return as well. For his part, Jones stated last year that he'd love to reprise the role of Billy. Although there has been no official announcement from other cast members as of yet, it's a good bet Disney will want to get as many of the original cast back together as possible. Since the film is a Halloween staple for many '90s kids, there's a good amount of pressure to make sure any potential sequel casts the right kind of spell on Disney+ subscribers. Regardless what's in store for the sequel, the movie's enduring popularity proves the Sanderson Sisters did ultimately achieve their goal of achieving immortality.

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Source: Daily Mail UK

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