All Hobbs & Shaw After-Credits Scenes Explained: What They Mean For Fast & Furious

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Hobbs & Shaw

The many post-credits scenes for Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw sets up how the spinoff series can continue. The Fast & Furious franchise is finally evolving and growing with the help of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. After four appearances in the main series of films, Johnson finally gets the spinoff he's been hoping for in Hobbs & Shaw. The movie sees Johnson's Luke Hobbs paired back up with former franchise villain Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) as they try to save the world once again.

Hobbs & Shaw's plot revolves around protecting a deadly virus created by Eteon that Shaw's sister Hattie (Vanessa Kirby) injects into herself to keep it from Brixton (Idris Elba). The mission takes the titular characters across the world with the final showdown between Hobbs and Shaw taking on Brixton taking place in Samoa. Once Hobbs and Shaw put their differences aside and learn to fight together, they are able to defeat the cybernetically enhanced Brixton and thwart the plans of Eteon and its mysterious Director. Since this is a Fast & Furious movie, it all comes back to family, as Hobbs and Shaw then go their separate ways to repair their broken families.

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But, this globetrotting adventure is just the beginning of the Hobbs & Shaw corner of the Fast & Furious universe. Beyond the set up of Eteon and its Director as the franchise's main villains moving forward, it also introduces a handful of new characters that could return in the future. In addition to Hattie, who will hopefully get an even bigger role in the sequel, Hobbs & Shaw introduces Eiza González as weapons supplier Madame M, Kevin Hart as air marshall Dinkley, Ryan Reynolds as Agent Locke, and Rob Delaney as Agent Loeb.

With a lot of worldbuilding and an interest in separating the Hobbs & Shaw storyline from the main series of films from the Fast & Furious cinematic universe, the movie closes out with three credits scenes setting up the future. Here's what each of the scenes contained and what they mean for the franchise going forward.

Hobbs & Shaw Have Another Virus To Destroy

Fast and Furious Presents Hobbs and Shaw poster review

The first after-credits scene features the return Reynolds' Agent Locke and shows that he's more than just a handler for Hobbs. The scene shows a hallway full of bodies and Locke at the end of it in a room dismantling the last one standing. It's reminiscent of the scene earlier in the movie where Hobbs and Shaw make their way through separate rooms of bad guys, where Shaw has to take on almost a dozen opponents while Hobbs only has one. But, this after-credits scene indicates that Locke may be the deadliest one of the bunch with the body count he's left behind him.

Once he secures the room, Locke calls Hobbs to tell him about a brand new virus. Hobbs and Shaw just dealt with a virus that melts your insides, and now Locke is calling to warn them about one that is the opposite of it. Instead of the virus melting the insides of people, this one melts the outsides. In typical Reynolds fashion, Locke makes a joke about it being like trying to wear a silk kimono during a storm.

This scene is significant for Hobbs & Shaw 2 in a few ways. The obvious implication is that a sequel will see Hobbs and Shaw team back up to stop this new virus from spreading. However, this may also be a tease that Locke will be involved in saving the day next time. Johnson teased on Twitter that the after-credits scenes on Hobbs & Shaw will give some insight into the "future team." So, Locke's history with Hobbs and his clear ability in combat could make him the third person the movie repeatedly jokes about that Hobbs and Shaw need to balance them out. Or, he could be Hobbs' new partner based on what came next.

Hobbs & Shaw's Bromance Continues

The second post-credits scene on Hobbs & Shaw highlights the continued bromance between the alpha-males. While preparing for a workout, Hobbs calls Shaw for what appears to be a friendly chat. But, it is quickly revealed that Hobbs is up to something else and called his frenemy at this specific time for a reason. Hobbs wants to hear what happens as sirens begin to sound and police surround the pub Shaw is at to arrest him.

The scene cuts before showing what happens next, so it isn't clear what Shaw does. He could go quietly with the cops only to escape prison like he's done in the past. This could set the stage for Shaw to be behind bars when Hobbs & Shaw 2 begins. There's also the chance that Shaw doesn't want to go back to prison or give Hobbs the satisfaction of getting the better of him so he'd fight his way out of this scenario. In either case, this scene's primary purpose is to show that even though Hobbs and Shaw are once again friendly with each other, their competitive, bromance relationship is still going to continue.

Locke's Near-Death Experience

The final after-credits scene for Hobbs & Shaw returns audiences to the same setting and conversation of the first one. We pick back up with Locke and Hobbs, with the purpose of the scene being a comedy showcase for Reynolds to get a few more jokes in. After the events that brought him to this room, he's worried that he is bleeding out. Hobbs ensures him that he'll be okay and help is on the way, which is when Locke wants to make sure he knows what his blood type is. Locke says that it is B-positive, just like his outlook on life.

But, once Locke realizes that the blood on his suit isn't his and he's totally fine, he then returns to a much earlier conversation with Hobbs about Game of Thrones. Locke begins ripping apart the season 8 finale of the series in full spoiler fashion. Hopefully, both Hobbs and everyone in the audience is up to date on the HBO hit series, as they'll otherwise learn about some of the biggest reveals from the finale. Just like plenty of viewers, Locke clearly is not happy with how the ending of Game of Thrones was handled.

These three after-credits scenes help pave the way for the eventual sequel to Hobbs & Shaw. The movie is expected to have one of the lower franchise opening weekends domestically, but it could still be a box office success. It is the last blockbuster to come out this summer and should have decent legs throughout August. There's also great international appeal that The Rock and the Fast & Furious name bring with them, and a mostly positive critical consensus could help. As long as Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw proves to be a hit financially, then the announcement of Hobbs & Shaw 2 should come and guarantee that the teases in these post-credits scenes won't go to waste.

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