The Hobbit Updates: Bridge Film & Bilbo Baggins

“I’m doing only two movies because I felt that that was the best way to service the book... I’m not saying the other notion was not discussed. We discussed it a large degree. But I felt that for me, the two films were the way to go.”

This isn’t very surprising as there was nothing confirmed on a movie of that sort happening anyway. We only knew for sure that there would be two Hobbit movies.

Pending the success of these films and the interest of the key actors of the LOTR trilogy, I wonder if it is still plausible for them to make another film? The two main issues are that they’d be making an entirely original story that may or may not work well with the established storylines (especially since most characters didn't meet until The Fellowship of the Ring) and 2) the actors and filmmakers may be too busy to work on it.

Guillermo del Toro has nearly a decade’s worth of projects in planning and Jackson similarly busy for the long term while also intimately involved across several mediums of entertainment.

Following that, the writer/director hinted at where the first film will end in terms of the novel:

“When you read the book, there is only one place to break it really… And everybody knows it. It’s been discussed in forums and there’s a lot of people that are right. That’s where it’s going to break. So it’s very simple.”

Who do you think might be cast as Bilbo and where do you think the first film will conclude?

The first of The Hobbit films is due out in December, 2011 and the second in December, 2012.

Source: MTV

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