Saoirse Ronan Unconfirmed for 'The Hobbit'; Wants to Play an Elf

We had the opportunity to speak with Saoirse Ronan at WonderCon today about her upcoming teen-assassin action film Hanna.

In the course of the conversation, the young actress was asked about her involvement with Peter Jackson's The Hobbit, which is currently in production in New Zealand.

It was rumored in January that Ronan had been offered a role in the film, which began a frenzy of speculation about which character she would play. When asked if she was actually attached she replied:

"No, I’m not actually attached. I’m not confirmed. But they are introducing new characters. I know that, a few new characters."

In terms of what kind of character Ronan might potentially portray in the film, should she end up taking on a role, the actress answered somewhat teasingly with:

"Well, IMDb says one thing. I think I could pass for an elf. I think if I had the right ears. I wouldn’t want to be a Hobbit. Certainly not. I don't like harry feet."

The Hobbit movie still
Peter Jackson takes a smoke break

Clearly this is not a confirmation, or denial, of her participation in the project, but it does indicate that she is at least in talks for the role. It'd be hard for her to know that characters were being added to the film - if she had not been approached in some manner. In any event, we clearly expect to hear more in the way of casting news for the The Hobbit in the coming weeks.

Leave your best guess as to the role that Ronan might play in the comments section below!

Look forward to our interview coverage of Hanna with Saoirse Ronan and Joe Wright in the coming days.

The Hobbit is in production now, and is scheduled for release on December 19th, 2012

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