Game Of Thrones: Was Hizdahr zo Loraq A Spy?

Hizdahr zo Loraq game of thrones

Game Of Thrones never really gave a clear answer but was Hizdahr zo Loraq a spy for the Sons of the Harpy? It's doubtful anyone involved with Game Of Thrones expected the series to explode in the way it did. Fantasy shows were typically something of a hard sell to audiences prior to Game Of Thrones, and while George R. R. Martin's book series was critically praised, the success of the show was far from a given. Thanks to a great cast, production design, and shocking twists, the series soon became a phenomenon.

The show also survived a famously bad, unaired pilot episode, which was directed by Academy Award winner Tom McCarthy (Spotlight). The Game Of Thrones pilot was laden with dreary exposition and dull characters, with key plot beats like Cersei and Jaime being siblings left unclear. Around 90% of this episode was reshot, with Emilia Clarke replacing Daenery's original performer Tamzin Merchant (Supergirl). This reworking saved the show with Game Of Thrones only seeming to grow in popularity with each new season.

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The show recently came to a close with season 8 though a prequel show is in development. Game Of Thrones season 4 remains a fan favorite series, from iconic battles like The Viper Vs The Mountain or the Battle of Castle Black to scenes like the long-awaited death of Joffrey or Tyrion's trial. The fourth season also found Daenery's forces marching on Meereen to liberate it from the Great Masters. This is where she meets Hizdahr zo Loraq (Joel Fry), a former slave trader from the House of Loraq, who plays an important role throughout season 4 and 5.

Hizdahr Zo Loraq in Game of Thrones

Considering his lineage, Daenerys doesn't warm to Hizdahr, though she allows him to bury his father, a Great Master, after she had him crucified. Meereen soon finds itself under attack from within by the Sons of the Harpy, a masked group of insurgents opposed to Daenery's rule. This group is funded by the Great Masters and they are later responsible for killing Ser Barristan Selmy. What's never made entirely clear is who is leading or coordinating the group. While he was never the most popular character, audiences never quite figured out Hizdahr zo Loraq's goal either. On the surface, he appeared to be cooperating with Daenery's plan and negotiating on her behalf, but never she nor anyone in her circle completely trusted him. While he doesn't have much say in her marriage proposal - since he'll be executed if he refuses - she suggests they marry as a sign of her respect to the families of Slaver's Bay.

The Sons of the Harpy attacks stop following their engagement, suggesting maybe Hizdahr could have been involved. During Game Of Thrones season 5 episode "The Dance Of Dragons" the Sons of The Harpy attack Daenerys during a fighting pit battle, with Hizdahr himself attempting to keep her safe before the group kills him. While this suggests he might not have been a spy and was genuinely loyal to Daenerys, it could also mean the group turned on him following his engagement.

One of the strengths of the series was subverting expectations of characters, such as Jaime Lannister or The Hound. The show never revealed one way or another if Hizdahr zo Loraq was involved with the Sons of the Harpy, but it speaks to the quality of the writing on Game Of Thrones that even a supporting player like Hizdahr is drawn with more than one dimension.

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