Hitman's Bodyguard: Salma Hayek Explains 'Liberating' Role

Salma Hayek is an actress who is most known for her roles in films like Desperado, From Dusk ‘Til Dawn, Dogma, and Wild Wild West. She acquired critical acclaim with her role as Frida Kahlo in the biopic, receiving numerous nominations for the role. She has since gone on to appear in Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2, Puss In Boots, and Tale of Tales. Now she will be taking on the role of Sonia Kincaid in The Hitman’s Bodyguard.

Screen Rant got a chance to talk to Salma Hayek on Press Day, where we discussed how fun it was to play Sonia Kincaid, what the backstory was behind Sonia punking her cellmates, and how much involvement Salma had with the development of her character.

There are a lot of badass folks in this film, but Sonia Kincaid might be the most badass.

Salma Hayek: The Queen of Badassery.

The Queen of Badassery. How fun and liberating was it to play a role like this?

Salma Hayek: Ah, it was so lovely and freeing. I really have to say I didn’t get enough because my part isn’t big enough and I loved being inside of her skin. I loved kicking some ass in that bar where people tried to disrespect me and I punched them all and kicked them. I loved saying all of the bad words that would come out of my mouth like a machine gun in English and in Spanish and I loved my Cucaracha, which is what I call my husband Samuel L. Jackson in the film. I call him Cucaracha because it means roach and he just won’t die.

That’s true. You know, maybe someday we’ll get the Sonia Kincaid the prequel or the sequel.

Salma Hayek: Oh, please!

One thing that I was curious about though was just a little bit of backstory. How do you think she punked out her cellmates so hard? What is it that got her on lockdown like that?

Salma Hayek: You know, I actually asked for her. She wasn’t written in the script.

Oh, really?

Salma Hayek: Oh, no. I was Irish. They gave me this part and they encouraged me to create it into a character. When I said to the director I need a cellmate.  He goes, “Are you going to start writing her lines?” So I said, no. She won’t talk. “But what for?” It’s just funny. Just trust me. And so I needed to show in a couple of scenes a whole life and who she was. And so, she was a pain in the neck for everyone that crossed her path and it was so good to have someone in there that you would feel sorry that they got locked up with me.

Yeah. That’s very true. Speaking of which, this movie is a lot of fun. With films like this, how much do you get to bring that isn’t necessarily on the page?

Salma Hayek: With this particular role, everything.


Salma Hayek: It was brilliantly written. The whole movie. But there really needed, the whole movie revolves around this marriage and she is not onscreen a lot. So, if that didn’t work, it could have put the film, maybe not because it’s so good, but it would have been problematic for the film. So I was hired to come and do that, so in this particular case I had the producers and the director really wanting to take out of me as much as they could.

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