New Hitman Trailer Wants You To Kill Gary Busey or Gary Cole

The latest Hitman game finally released earlier this month, well, at least part of it was. It’s become a heated debate about the title’s last minute switch to an episodic release, with only the game's Prologue and first mission based in Paris available right now. There will eventually be seven episodes in total, spread out over the coming months and fans wanting it all on one disc have to wait until 2017.

Developer IO Interactive maintains that this method is how the game should be played and that it allows significant improvements to be made to the game as well as new content and features added to enhance the experience. This includes new missions becoming available, and judging by the latest promotional trailer, there’s going to be a unique twist when it comes to your target. Fans get to decide whether they want to assassinate Gary Busey or Gary Cole.

Yes, it seems that a new Hitman contract will soon become available and the target will be one of Hollywood’s most wicked looking actors. The Choose Your Hit campaign offers a choice of two Garys: Busey and Cole. Both have extensive acting careers and according to the trailer, they both deserve to die (at least in the game). In the trailer, both Garys explain horrible things they have done that make them such terrible people worthy of Agent 47’s attention. Apparently Busey kidnaps vegetarian kids and raises them on meat and Cole makes funny faces to blind people.  Judging by the comments on the video, Gary Busey looks like he is an early front runner but if you want to change that, you can cast your vote over at the Choose Your Hit website. The site also lists a couple of upcoming additional videos titled ‘Why Busey Is Best’ and ‘Why Cole Sucks’.

Hitman - Gary Busey vs Gary Cole
Kill Gary Busey or Kill Gary Cole?

It’s an interesting marketing tactic, reminiscent of Peter Stormare's 'Replacer' character from the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and 3 marketing campaigns, and one that fans should keep an eye on to see if it continues as each episode is announced. Will the feature be implemented in future episodes? What other famous faces could be featured in-game? More importantly, is this mission actually the ‘Elusive Target’ mode that has been delayed? In its absence IO Interactive will be releasing what is being called Escalation Contracts called The Osterman Mosaic and The Gemini Fiasco. Each mission will force the players to figure out a different approach to take out their target and make use of different items like a sabre and the Helmut Kruger. In addition, there will also be a Vampire Magician Challenge Pack made available, which offers ten new challenges ‘inspired by community activity’ and requires the player to wear an unusual outfit. The Escalation Contracts will be released across two weeks, leading up to the April release of Hitman’s second episode, Sapienza.

The episodic structure and online components of the latest Hitman installment remain a hot topic. Many fans still feel that they are not receiving a finished game but this unique promotional approach does have its benefits in providing additional content. As long as quality matches quantity, the full Hitman experience could yet provide significant value.

Hitman Intro Pack is available now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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