Hitman 2 Has a Writer in its Crosshairs

It would seem that video games, classic toys, board games, sequels and reboots are all the rage in Hollywood right now. They are also the subject of much malcontent among audiences and bloggers. I even wrote an article recently discussing some of the video games-to-movie ideas being pitched by the studios as of late.

Well, 20th Century Fox is killing two birds with one stone with Hitman 2, which will be both a video game AND a movie sequel. 20th Century recently announced the hiring of Kyle Ward to write the script for Hitman 2.  A sequel to this video game movie may not be a bad thing. 2007's Hitman was, by all financial marks, a huge success.  It only took $30 million to produce Hitman but it eclipsed the $100 million mark worldwide, and that doesn't include DVD sales. Anytime a movie brings in three times what it took to make it, we can always expect a sequel.

No word yet on whether Timothy Olyphant will return to play Agent 47 but unless there is a big contract dispute or scheduling conflict, I don't see any reason why he wouldn't. Adrian Askarieh, Daniel Alter and Chuck Gordon, however, are already confirmed to return as co-producers.

Kyle Ward may turn out to be a very good choice as a writer. He has two other scripts currently in project development: Liongate's Kane and Lynch starring Bruce Willis and the Universal/Platinum Dunes project, Fiasco Heights.

The only exposure I had to Hitman the video game before seeing the movie was watching the occasional video game trailer online and seeing the box on the shelf at Best Buy. I think the limited exposure helped me enjoy the movie a bit more than others. My friend is a diehard fan of the game series and his comments seemed to echo those of critics at the time. People seemed to think that the movie did not follow the game precisely, and in the video game/comic world that is a BIG no-no! Occasionally though, creative liberties are a necessary evil that can't be avoided to make the movie flow better.

Personally, I enjoyed Hitman the movie although Screen Rant's Vic Holtreman was a tad miffed at 20th Century Fox removing a lot of the violence that made the game so popular. Olyphant had the look of Agent 47 down and Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) was beautiful and alluring as Nika Boronina. I thought the movie was very well paced, the action was fun and in some places very original.

If Kyle Ward can deliver the same thing this time around, then Hitman 2 should still do well at the box office.

Did you enjoy Hitman and do you think a sequel is warranted?

Hitman 2 currently has no release date.

Source: IESB

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