Hitman Season Premiere Trailer Features High Praise From Critics

Fans of the popular action-adventure property Hitman, from video game developer IO Interactive and publisher Square Enix, are no doubt well aware of the impending release of the new episodic series that will serve as the sixth installment in the franchise proper. After the release of an initial batch of beta content, which is set to feature a prologue story detailing protagonist Agent 47's rise within the International Contract Agency as a gun for hire, players can expect to see six more episodic installments.

Ahead of the new game's release, Square Enix has teased fans of the fifteen year-old series with a lovingly constructed opening cinematic detailing each of the prior chapters in the franchise so far, and the latest official trailer delivers more of the same in spades along with footage from the upcoming season.

In the video featured above, viewers can see some of the first few level maps from the first three episodes of the new game, with featured sequences set in the forthcoming prologue, Paris, Italy, and Morocco locations due out in March, April, and May 2016 respectively. What's more, IO Interactive has announced that players who pre-order the entire series run will be met with the added bonus of weekly challenges and contracts to complete, with each new episode releasing once a month.

If all of the hype and hyperbole provided by the new trailer's accolades from various publications is to be believed, then fans of the original series run of Hitman games are sure to be in for a real return to form from the Square Enix property. Touted as the true spiritual successor to Hitman: Blood Money from 2006, the new game from IO Interactive should be nothing short of the Agent 47 adventure that will put all past iterations of the character and franchise to bed, and could very well become the defining title in the series as a whole.

Following the success that Hitman: Absolution was last met with, the episodic Hitman game should be something new and far better than anything that has come before from the series. The only question that remains is whether or not releasing the new game in an episodic format will gel positively with players, or if they will quickly become restless between episodes and lament the lack of a proper retail copy - regardless of any added daily challenges and contracts.

Hitman will be available to purchase from all participating retailers for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC starting on March 11th, 2016.

Source: IO Interactive

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