Hitman Backstory In 5 Minutes

If like me, you don't know anything about the backstory of the lead character in Hitman then this is for you.

Below you will find two short comic book-style animated clips which give the background of "47," the mysterious genetically engineered assassin who is the star of the upcoming film based on a popular video game.

Hitman hasn't been without it's share of controversy: The original director was supposedly fired from the film only a couple of months before it's release date and then there was a rumor that Fox was trying to scrub the movie down to a PG-13 rating from it's original R. The studio denied the PG-13 story but apparently director Xavier Gens was booted from the director's chair.

These sorts of things usually don't bode well for a movie, but I guess the proof will be on the big screen when the film is released this month.

Personally I haven't been too fired up about this one. It just looks like a typical hyper-stylish, over the top action flick. I'd rather see John "Die Hard" McLane tear things up than some guy I've never heard of, but I guess there are folks out there who know this guy due to the game.

One other thing: Although these are supposed to be related to the movie, some of what's in these episodes doesn't seem to jive with what was shown in the trailer, so maybe one of you who is more familiar with this can clear up any confusion.

Anyway, here are the two clips:

If you want to see the trailer head on over to Yahoo! Movies.

Hitman opens on November 21st.

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