'Hitman: Agent 47' Featurette Highlights Hero as Icon

With numerous TV Spots and feature trailers released so far for the new film in the Hitman franchise, the latest featurette to be released regarding the production of Hitman: Agent 47 highlights the history and inherent iconography of the character. The new film based on the hit video game series is set to star Rupert Friend and Zachary Quinto, and has already promised that its titular protagonist will be portrayed as a super assassin.

Little more is discussed regarding the dramatic content of the forthcoming reboot beyond what we already know, but the new featurette does depict its Homeland star in a state of presumed excitement, and promises a blockbuster action romp to revitalize the 'Agent 47' character on film.

In the latest footage released by 20th Century Fox, producers Adrian Askarieh and Alex Young, director Alexsander Bach, and actor Rupert Friend all harp on the 'Agent' character's uniquely iconic status as an archetypical figure in their new film. In a short sequence of interviews with said cast and crew, juxtaposed against a number of aesthetically magnified sequences of action-adventure freneticism, Hitman: Agent 47 promises fans of the character more of the same methodical intelligence from their favorite puppet master and chief protagonist.

The new reboot of the Hitman franchise and intellectual property on film comes in the wake of 2007's misguided critical and financial flop, which previously cast Timothy Olyphant in the title role. But from the very start of this new segment on the film, the producers, director, and star stress their intense interest in the emotional intrigue (or, rather, a lack thereof) of the 'Agent' character, and plead the case for the franchise's continued relevance eight years after the last attempt at bringing the video game series to the big screen.

Hitman Agent 47 Featurette

Hitman: Agent 47 has yet to truly distinguish itself from any past iterations of the character, however, and in the cast and crew's failure to prove otherwise they appear to be merely repeating catch phrases and buzz words, instead of engaging with an audience that should already be intrigued by this point. Instead, Rupert Friend looks bored throughout, and producers Adrian Askarieh and Alex Young appear disinterested in director Alexsander Bach's reboot, at best.

Then again, maybe we've yet to see what the film is truly about, and fans of the series still have something to look forward to later this summer.

Hitman: Agent 47 will see a theatrical release on August 28th, 2015.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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