Hitman 2 Live-Action Trailer Spotlights Unusual Weapons

Hitman 2 guns and briefcase

A new live-action trailer for Hitman 2 has been released online, spotlighting some unique weapon choices. Instead of relying on classic options like silenced pistols, the trailer opts for a list of unexpected objects like rubber duckies and toilets to get the job done.

Developed by IO Interactive in collaboration with Warner Bros., Hitman 2 will serve as a follow-up to 2016's Hitman, in which players will have to utilize all manner of skills and stealth in order to hunt down the mysterious "Shadow Client" and discover the truth regarding his past. In the latest live-action trailer for the game, Sean Bean walks audiences through Hitman 2's creative exploration into the world of assassins, highlighting the fact that "the world is always your best weapon." Unlike its predecessor, however, the latest installment will be less episodic, opting for a more traditional release, though the "Elusive Targets" side missions will still be available.

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In the new trailer, Sean Bean walks viewers through the new Hitman 2 landscape, highlighting the game's new features, while also calling attention to the creative tools players will have a shot at experimenting with when they play. As it so happens, Bean will be featured in the sequel itself as the first "Elusive Target," a high profile target whose kill offers exclusive rewards in the available side missions, replacing Gary Busey's cameo in the first Hitman. In this game, however, the executions promise to be more over-the-top than normal. Judging by the trailer, the gameplay emphasizes the idea that players must "master misdirection" and "get creative" with the use of elaborate disguises.

The first "Elusive Target" mission will be titled "The Undying," with Bean's character, Mark Faba, said to have "expert surveillance, infiltration, and demolition skills." As such, he'll be a worthy and challenging adversary. This mission will have Agent 47 attempting to stop Faba in Miami from utilizing his skillset during a Global Innovation Race event.

It remains to be seen whether or not these unique weapons will be an option outside of the main game. Equally, it's still unknown whether such freedom of choice will be specifically available when hunting down Bean's character (which would be a missed opportunity, assuming that doesn't turn out to be the case). The added variety will not only contribute to the replay potential of the game and its increasingly tongue-in-cheek tone, but can potentially be a major talking point upon its release. After all, if spontaneously combusting horses can go viral, then GIFs of Sean Bean being eliminated by bags of sugar (as hinted at in the trailer) definitely have a shot.

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Hitman 2 will be available for PC, PS4, and X-Box One on November 13. "The Undying" will release one week later, on November 20.

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