Hitman 2 Trailer Makes Anything A Deadly Weapon

Hitman 2 is making a big impression at E3 2018, and the game's second trailer of the expo is no exception. The game is the follow-up to 2016's Hitman, which helped reinvigorate the assassination-based franchise with an episodic focus and a return to what made the series so well loved in the first place.

So far, Hitman 2 has been shaping up rather well. The game was initially teased as a big announcement by publisher WB Games and developer IO Interactive, before the title then received its first official trailer just ahead of E3 2018. The pre-E3 trailer for Hitman 2 finally confirmed one of the worst kept secrets of the expo, and also pointed towards more of the same impressive gameplay that helped make the 2016 release such a phenomenon.

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The latest trailer for the game, meanwhile, ups the ante in terms of the ridiculous flexibility to be found within Hitman 2's missions. Appearing during the PC-specific press conference at the event, the trailer definitely brings back the feel of the Hitman days of old. The trailer itself can be seen above.

Hitman 2 Miami Trailer

The footage shows Agent 47 taking on what could potentially have been a very tricky contract. Tasked with assassinating a high profile duo at a motorsports race in Miami, first the trailer shows the more efficient way to complete the mission, by posing as a bodyguard and taking out one of the two targets. However, before long it descends into the more outlandish methods of assassination, including the use of weapons such as fresh fish and frying pans to take out non-essential targets on the way.

If this new Miami level is an example of what the new Hitman game has planned for players, then fans of the series are going to be in for a treat. There are reportedly over 2000 NPCs within the Miami level on its own, and taking on the challenge of taking down targets with nothing but a flamingo suit and a coconut for company sounds like the kind of challenge that gamers would relish in.

It's always good to see a developer with an understanding of what makes a game tick, and this trailer for Hitman 2 definitely suggests that IO Interactive has that clearly in mind. Part of the allure of the earlier Hitman games was not just pulling off efficient assassinations, but instead seeing how inventive the missions can be, and it certainly seems as though Hitman 2 has that kind of creativity in spades.

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