Hitman 2 Beginner's Guide: Tips & Tricks to Know Before You Play

Hitman 2 Guide

Hitman 2 is now available, and fans of the series are in for a treat. Managing to hone what its 2016 predecessor attempted to master, Hitman 2 brings the series back to its roots with aplomb. As such, the consensus is that Hitman 2 is a very satisfying Hitman game.

That said, those who have never played the series before, or who perhaps haven't been involved in Hitman for some time, may find Hitman 2 tricky to get on board with at first. The game is much less action-heavy than some of the other games in the series, and failing to make good use of stealth mechanics is likely to be punished. At the very least, a full-on firefight is not the way that Hitman 2 is meant to be played.

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Instead, however, there are some good foundations that players can build on to start their Hitman 2 adventure. After all, there's plenty of fun and experimentation to be had within Hitman 2 when its mechanics are understood. So, read on for a guide on how to get started with Hitman 2.

Take Your Time in Hitman 2

Hitman 2 Jungle

It's all too easy to rush through games, but Hitman 2 is one that requires patience. Keeping an eye on surroundings, learning the lay of the land, and scouting perimeters is required, particularly at the higher difficulty levels. This is especially true on the first time playing a map, where a rash decision without learning more about enemy movements and potential assassination spots could lead to a messy kill or two.

Instead, it's much better to take some time, to ensure that Agent 47 has a good overview of what is available. Where possible, following a target at a safe distance is always an important undertaking, allowing the player to learn more about the target's movements, and to see where they are most vulnerable.

Beyond this, having a bit of patience and keeping an eye to the map and an ear to the ground is recommended for other matters. It allows the player to overhear conversations of those around them, meaning that not only could they learn a little more about their target, but also pick up Mission Stories to give a bit of guidance in how to complete a job in a unique way.

Check Out Hitman 2's Mission Stories

Hitman 2 Race

The Mission Stories offer Hitman 2 players a bit of a starting point for how to complete a smooth assassination. When first starting out, or when new to a map, these stories can prove integral to allowing Agent 47 to see some of the opportunities that the mission provides, and also a little bit of a helping hand if a player is feeling lost.

For those fresh to the Hitman series, or who haven't played in a little while, these stories are a great way to learn more about the map in question, and also about some of the game's mechanics. On top of that, the unique deaths that they provide are among the best, and the guidance given on where to go is extremely helpful.

As such, when learning the ropes these Mission Stories are a useful thing to have, and from that players can springboard into finding their own path. One of the joys of Hitman 2 is coming up with how kill a target in an interesting or unique way, yet having this more scripted path to follow can help open the creative floodgates.

Use The Tools At Your Disposal in Hitman 2

Hitman 2 Bust

A lot has been made of the variety and absurdity of Hitman 2's weapons, and with good reason. There's always an option to pick up a random object, and put it to either lethal or non-lethal use, and this creates plenty of opportunities for fun and creative assassinations in their own right. However, rather than just a novelty, these objects can be extremely handy.

In particular, the items of the common tool kit are things to be cherished. Wrenches are handy for creating diversions by loosening valves, and a crowbar is good to have if Agent 47 hasn't had any luck finding a key. Meanwhile, screwdrivers are really useful in a pinch in a fight, or even if the player manages to find one of their targets in an isolated place with a quick opportunity to strike.

On top of that, remember that the use of items doesn't always have to be destructive. In particular, it's always worth having coins on hand to create a distraction, and some may be surprised at how many guards will fall for investigating the throwing of a coin.

Learn Hitman 2's Stealth Mechanics

Hitman 2 Crowd

It's not all throwing coins or exposing live wires, though, and an important early step for Hitman 2 players is to learn how stealth works in the game. Although a rudimentary knowledge is fine - crouch behind cover, duck in bushes, and hide bodies in cupboards that thankfully no-one ever checks - it's always best to be a master of how the game operates.

In particular, players will want to learn about what disguises work on a case-by-case basis. An understanding of where a particular disguise will get Agent 47 will allow them to then move freely to find the next disguise along, and it's worth bearing in mind that some disguise switches might make the player more obviously an impostor.

Beyond that, players will also want to blend into crowds, either by moving into a group of people to avoid detection, or making use of their disguise to blend in through specific tasks. Either way, it's extremely important to use the environment to the player's advantage, whether becoming an innocent bystander, making distractions, or creating elaborate assassination attempts out of unique elements in a map.

Replay Hitman 2 Missions

Hitman 2 Mumbai

Hitman 2 is one of those games that very much has a view on replayability. Although it might go against a player's better instincts, replaying missions - particularly early on in the game - is not only a lot of fun, but can do a world of good. That's beyond getting the player's score up and ticking off the boxes for different kill types, too.

Replaying missions is important because it's the perfect place to learn more about the game's mechanics, and learning about what works and what doesn't in a more relaxed position - after all, the player has already confirmed the kill once, and every other attempt is just a bonus. What Agent 47 learns through these replays can then be taken to the end game.

With this in mind, Hitman 2's occasionally intimidating challenge will feel much more manageable. Before long, players will be experts at how the game works, but just remember the roots of the game to make its more difficult moments a breeze. And, of course, remember to have fun with it - and Hitman 2 provides plenty of chances for that.

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