Director Chosen For Hitman 2?

Director found for Hitman 2 movie

Fox is moving forward with a sequel to 2007's awful adaptation of the Hitman video game franchise. Last August it was reported that writer Kyle Ward was chosen by the studio to pen the script for a sequel and now they're looking at a director.

Timothy Olyphant played the title character, known as Agent 47, in the first but there's no word yet on whether or not he'll return.  There may be an option in his contract and when asked about the idea of playing the part again, Olyphant seemed partially interested in Hitman 2.

Deadline has the scoop on Fox's top choice to direct Hitman 2. They're reportedly interested in Spanish commercial director Daniel Benmayor to work the latest script treatment by Daniel Casey.

The story of the Hitman 2 movie will  follow story elements from the unreleased Hitman 5 video game where Agent 47 is beaten and broken and must return to the glory of being the elite assassin he once was.

The original film is just another example of video game adaptions going horribly bad. Sitting at a well-deserved 14% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the feature film missed the boat on what the Hitman games were about and completely mishandled both the main character and the action sequences (i.e. the reasons they wanted to make a movie out of it in the first place). I have little hope for a sequel and would prefer if Olyphant avoids it all together. He can do much better.

Is there any hope for a quality movie in Hitman 2?

Hitman 2 has no release date but is set for a fall production start.

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Source: Deadline

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