Hiro Promises That 'Heroes' Is Going To Get Good Again

In a recent interview, Masi Oka, better known as Heroes' time-hopping lovable geek Hiro, assured fans (what few of us are left) that the Heroes' fourth volume "Fugitives," which premieres on February 2nd, is going to bring the show back to the first season roots that made it a hit with fans and critics alike.

(Wait, didn't they promise the same thing about "Villains?")

According to Masi Oka:

“Volume four, “Fugitives,” is another completely [new arc]...We’re going back to the grounded characters and the central characters, [and] people trying to live their ordinary lives being hunted now. And that’s a completely different story than we’ve been trying to tell. So it might take a while to get us accustomed to the “usual heroes,” but it still has the core ensemble drama. So I’m not sure if it’s lost its way, it’s just always different. Some people will respond to the way the story is told in the one volume and maybe not to another."

He makes a good point. Despite the general consensus that season one was the best, there have been some Heroes fans who were totally into the second volume, "Generations," and other fans who were psyched about the super-powered, time-travel madness of "Villains." (I thought both turned out less than good, but that's just me.)

So can "Fugitives" really hope to reclaim a lot of the Heroes fans that have strayed away from the show, or will this latest volume once again split the base? In Masi Oka's assessment:

Not to be mean, Masi, but at this point you would have to time-hop back a year or two ago when thirty-million people still cared about Heroes to get that kind of leeway. After the "Villains," debacle, Heroes has a shrinking pool of fans left; depending on how "Fugitives" goes, our word of mouth is either going to be the saving grace or the death knell for Heroes (IMHO, of course).

At the end of the interview, Oka let fans in on some of the things they can expect from "Fugitives":

“In the beginning, Hiro’s powerless, and Ando has a kind of supercharger power, so Hiro is trying to nudge him on...He becomes Alfred in many ways. He’s trying to make a Batman out of Ando, but Ando is reluctant, and he only cares about girls right now. So Hiro is trying to make him use those powers for good, to save other people. And of course, Hiro ends up getting in trouble, and Ando ends up helping him. But then, you know, then it’s about them trying to work together and find new ways to get [Hiro’s] power back.”

Sounds awesome...

Are you going to give "Fugitives" a chance? Or did "Villains" put you off of Heroes forever? Let us know what you think.

Source: Slice of Sci Fi

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