HIMYM: 10 Storylines That Were Never Resolved

How I Met Your Mother set up a very elaborate and interwoven tapestry over the course of its run, but like many sitcoms, it left unanswered questions.

Most sitcoms leave the air with all kinds of unanswered questions and unresolved plot holes. After all, it’s a brand-new episode and situation every week. Seldom do sitcoms have major reoccurring storylines and plot lines connecting every season and every episode. Still, How I Met Your Mother set up a very elaborate and interwoven tapestry over the course of its run, almost as in-depth as Lost’s.

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Some people remain divided over how the whole show ended and how it was just one nine-year-long story Ted was telling his kids to get approval to AGAIN go after Robin after his wife Tracy had died, but it was still, more often than not, a pretty fun ride. Here are 10 Storylines That Were Never Resolved from How I Met Your Mother.

10 Barney’s Baby Mama

While all of our heroes had big changes over the years, Barney certainly grew the most. In the finale, we flash-forward to Barney pledging to devote the rest of his entire life to his newborn daughter, Ellie. But we never officially meet her mom.

After revealing that the unnamed woman was a part of Barney’s bracket, it would have been nice to put a name with a face. The woman was revealed to be Emma in a deleted scene, but deleted scenes don’t technically count as canon.

9 What Happened To Tracy?

Considering the finale season and many fans' reactions to it, perhaps Tracy asking for a ticket to Farhampton at the end of season 8 might have been the best way to end the show.

But after meeting and falling in love with her over the course of the final season, we still never learned what specific disease took her life. Considering the entire series was building up to these moments, it was a shame they left that crucial detail out.

8 The Pineapple Incident

In another deleted scene, we do finally learn what happened with the Pineapple, but it doesn’t make a lick of sense and it was far funnier not knowing. Evidently, it’s a sea captain’s tradition to put a pineapple on a porch to show hospitality.

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Basically, Ted has been dealing with the Captain long before he or Zoey actually made their debuts on the show. Ted snagged the Pineapple during his drunken romp with Trudy.

7 What Really Happened On St. Patrick’s Day?

In the episode “No Tomorrow,” Ted gets rip-roaring drunk and lives like Barney. He does just about every unspeakable act you could do without being a criminal. He actually butt-dialed Marshall 17 times to “tell” him about his exploits.

He realizes the error of his ways, heads back to the bar to get his phone, and takes home the yellow umbrella instead. All of this was recounted in the episode. The bigger mystery is: when did this actually happen? When Tracy recalls the party, she says it was April 2008, not March 17, 2008. So who's telling the truth here?

6 Robin’s Girlfriends

In the first episode of the show, Robin is having drinks with her own friends, but by the end of the episode, not only is she going on a date with Ted, she’s ditching all of her friends for the new group of people that she just barely met.

We never even got a fun How I Met Your Mother way of explaining them away—they just disappeared. They were unfortunate victims of a Pilot to Second Episode character shredding.

5 Louis & Tracy

Tracy’s story is pretty heartbreaking for a TV sitcom. She lost her first love, Max, and after finally finding someone she truly loved in Ted, she too dies. In-between all of that, we meet her next boyfriend, Louis.

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For all intents and purposes, he was a good guy. He proposed and they broke up. Tracy just wasn’t ready to give someone her heart. But it would have been nice to learn even more about the show’s eponymous character instead of turning her into the perfect Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

4 Marshall’s Fighting Knowledge

We know Marshall headed to the Far East to learn ancient Slap techniques in the abysmal final slap episode. But how did he learn how to fight in the first place?

Sure, it’s a sitcom and all kinds of strange things can be forgotten, but there has been at least one instance where he said he never fought before and another where he claimed he fought all the time with his brothers. Which one was it, Marshall?

3 Tracy Leaves In The Middle Of Her Wedding Gig

Has anyone ever been to a wedding where the band leaves in the middle of the reception? It’s just completely unheard of!

But, somehow, Tracy up and did just that right in the middle of Robin and Barney’s wedding. It was what led Ted and Tracy meeting, but it was also seriously unprofessional. Not to mention, there's no real explanation given for why she would do it in the first place. Maybe she was on a break, but it's a small detail that would've been easy to toss in.

2 The Womanizer Becomes The Star

The entire show was centered around Ted telling his kids how he met their mom. While Neil Patrick Harris as Barney was a revelation, he was just a supporting character. But somewhere along the way, somehow Barney became the lead star in Ted’s telling of the story.

Did he really love all of his friend’s antics? Sure, backstage, Neil Patrick Harris was trying to work the chemistry he had with Colbie Smulders. But the creators should’ve checked that chemistry at the door and made Ted the star of his own story. 

1 The Gang & Tracy

Yes, the show was called How I Met Your Mother, but it still would have been nice to see the Mother, Tracy, interact with our heroes a little bit more. It was clear Tracy and Lily would have gotten along like clams. Where was their Thelma And Louise-inspired escape?

Where was she on Game Night as Ted’s equalizer against Marshall, or how did she feel about Barney and Robin? Much like Ted’s time with her, fans’ own time with Tracy was fleeting, and we wish we had more.

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