The Hills: Perez Hilton's Reaction to Mischa Barton’s Demand for an Apology

Mischa Barton The Hills New Beginnings

Famous celebrity gossip columnist Perez Hilton reacted to Mischa Barton's demand for an apology on the latest episode of The Hills: New Beginnings. Find out what happens when Mischa decides Stephanie Pratt's welcome home party was a good place to confront Hilton.

MTV's The Hills originally premiered in May 2006 as a spinoff of MTV's Laguna Beach, which followed the lives of wealthy teens in southern California. However, the original inspiration for Laguna Beach was The O.C., a successful fictionalized teen drama also set in Southern California and starring Barton. This is just one of the reasons the actress was called in to star in the show's latest spinoffThe Hills: New Beginnings. She's also an L.A. socialite who runs in the same circles as The Hills crew, and she's been known to handle drama well. In the years since The O.C. went off the air, Barton has been the subject of tabloid fodder for her issues with drugs and alcohol, including a DUI in 2007. In particular, Hilton featured her frequently on his celebrity gossip blog for years to bully her about her weight. Now, after Stephanie Pratt decided to invite Hilton to her welcome home party, Barton could have the opportunity to confront the celebrity blogger about the harassment face-to-face.

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In an episode of The Hills: New Beginnings, Barton told Hilton that she finds the “bullying that [he] did for so long to so many young girls ... hard to let go.” She went on to say that she didn't feel she could forgive him for the "body-shaming" or "outing peoplewho aren't ready to come out of the closet. When she said she wasn't able to accept an apology from him, Hilton seemed truly remorseful, telling her that if he could go back in time, he swore on his "kid's life" he would "do things differently." But that answer didn't appear good enough for Barton, who struck back, saying, "You would actually go back in time and change all of those people’s careers you messed with, all of the people you outed?” That's when Hilton said, “I just swore on my kid’s life and you’re sh*tting on me now?”  Then, he proceeded to storm off.

Perez Hilton and Mischa Barton The Hills- New beginnings

Despite the interaction not going exactly as planned, Barton doesn't seem like she has any regrets about what went down. Following the episode, Barton told BuzzFeed News that she really "let him have it," in reference to her argument with Hilton, and that it "felt good." However, she still felt there was a lot "left unsaid for other people," adding she was surprised by Hilton's reaction and that she expected him to "shy away" from the situation more, rather than speak his mind. She doesn't feel personally attacked, however, and is more concerned with addressing "that whole culture" of celebrity blogs and tabloids in general. She added that she wanted to go on The Hills: New Beginnings to be able to control her narrative - and it looks like she's doing just that.

This MTV revamp is all about squashing old drama and rumors that seeded back from the times of the original The Hills, nearly ten years ago. Since the cast has gone their own separate ways since then, there hasn't really been a chance to bring up problems from the past. The Hills: New Beginnings is that perfect opportunity for confrontation or possibly reconciliation, for which Spencer Pratt and sister, Stephanie Pratt have opened the door. However, it is The Hills after all, and fans know these attempts to reconcile could go either way.

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New episodes of The Hills: New Beginnings air Mondays at 10pm EST on MTV.

Source: BuzzFeed News

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