The Hills: New Beginnings’ Heidi Montag Wants a Second Child with Spencer Pratt

Heidi Montag- The Hills

The Hills: New Beginnings’ Heidi Montag wants a second child with Spencer Pratt. The TV couple has outlasted most of the naysayers and already celebrated their diamond anniversary by renewing thier vows this past summer on the MTV reboot.

The couple has been married ten years which comes as a shock since the odd couple got their start as the thugs on the hit MTV show The Hills. The contentious couple may be best known for blowing 10 million dollars of their fortune within two years, believing that crystal therapy would be the next big thing. While Montag was originally a fashion student from Colorado who never argued and kept to herself, Pratt at the time was an Los Angeles producer when they met in the second season of The Hills. The two quickly teamed up and became a household name when they began dating and became the villains of the show, are known for starting a sex tape rumor that included Lauren Conrad and having ten plastic surgeries in one day.

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The 33-year-old reality TV star told People magazine that she had been thinking about having another baby with her husband Spencer Pratt. The couple already has a son Gunner Stone. The Hills: New Beginnings star took to her Twitter account on Tuesday and cryptically wrote that she was thinking about baby number two; leaving fans to speculate if the TV star could already be pregnant. Montag’s fans quickly responded to her post by saying it would be a wonderful idea to add to her family. While there was still the odd troll who said that the Laguna Beach alum was probably talking about a second music album rather than a human being.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt The Hills_ New Beginnings

Both Montag and Pratt have been very open about the yearning to expand their family over the years. Only this past July did Pratt say that they were seriously thinking of adding to their brood in the upcoming year. Montag gushed about how she would be happy to have a boy or a girl, but if they happened to have another boy then they would probably try for baby number three. The couple even hinted that twins run in their family, so the possibilities are endless. If it were up to Montag, she would be pregnant when her show was done filming which according to MTV would be January.

While the blonde bombshell may have babies on her mind right now, she has her hands full with Gunner. The famous couple recently celebrated his second birthday. In a sweet throwback shot, Montag posted to her Instagram a black a white picture saying that their son was the miracle baby she had always hoped for. Fans will most likely be the first to know when the star becomes pregnant as she loves to share her intimate detail on social media. Fans will have to see if the baby journey will be on the second season of The Hills: New Beginnings.

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Source: People

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