10 Most Hilarious 'Only Villains Do That' Memes

In 2017, a meme was birthed when the character known as “All Might” from My Hero Academia was exploited into an image where he branded something desirable as the “always” option, while the less-than-desirable option was deemed as something “only villains do.” The meme picked up steam late last year, and has surprisingly seen a surge in 2019.

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If you’re already a fan of this meme, then you’ll have a great time seeing the ones we have on the list; if you don’t know about the meme already, then you’re in for a treat, as we bring you 10 of the best “only villains do that” memes to enjoy.

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10 Don't Be That Guy

Let’s start out with the original. Here, the meme points at the toilet paper roll setting by the toilet bowl. This is a debate that’s been going on for, well, as long as proper sanitation has been there. It looks like the creator of this meme is laying things to rest, and the popularity of the meme just might ensure people follow through.

We agree with it, too, because you know how the paper rips off a certain place? Well, if you weren’t an evil person, you’d know that placing the paper how it is in the first panel allows everyone to rip up the adequate amount without having to reach under it as it is in the bottom panel.

9 Who Can't You See?

If you’re a mainstream movie fan, then you might think Drax from Avengers: Infinity War was the true invisible man; however, the first invisible guy was John Cena. Everybody knows you can’t see Cena, and he completes that about him by waving his hand in front of his face.

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Kids these days think Drax having the ability to stand incredibly still makes him the unchallenged master of becoming invisible, but we know what’s really up. John Cena and Batista even had a match at WrestleMania XXVI, with Cena coming out the winner; we’ll use that match as the deciding factor over who gets to remain the invisible guy.

8 The Better Option

The internet has allowed people to make fake profiles and go on hate tirades, acting as if those fake profiles are separate people in order to gang up on somebody. Alternatively, people make fake profiles in order to like their own pictures (or give points to themselves on Reddit) to come across as big shots.

The meme plays the good guy in this instance, and reminds us that making people smile is more important that wasting your time with fake profiles. If you can be the nice person on the internet and make it your mission to make people happy, then you won’t need fake profiles to have a semblance of validation.

7 That's How Drawers Play

You remember when you were a kid and you’d play Tic Tac Toe until someone was the winner? And then you grew up a little more and everyone began placing the ‘O’ in the middle to ensure they wouldn’t lose? This meme looks to favor the “Drawer” way, by advising people to place the ‘O’ in the easy zone.

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To be honest, we don’t agree with the meme, since the middle ‘O’ method means no one comes out satisfied. It’s almost 100% a draw, or could go in the favor of the person who played that hand because the other player wanted a different game.

6 Have A Break?

If you’re old enough to remember those Kit-Kat ads that used to air on TV, you’ll remember how they focused heavily on “having a break” and then having the Kit-Kat. We’ve grown accustomed to eating these bars this way, which makes us scoff at anyone who chomps at the bars at the same time.

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Even this meme is left flabbergasted with what’s on display on the third panel, though, as we see the bars mysteriously chomped off from the middle portion. Who on Earth eats Kit-Kat that way? A monster, that’s who; not even a villain.

5 Dip 'Em, Don't Spread 'Em

Maybe we’re just too set in our ways, because anything out of what’s ordinary for us feels unnatural. Case in point is here, where we see the classic way of eating fries displayed in the first panel; the second one is something that only villains are likely to do.

It’s not all bad to lather your fries and then eat them, but you’d be lying to yourself if you said that dipping them isn’t as satisfying as spreading the ketchup all over the fries. You don’t get the full taste of ketchup if the fries are on the side, do you?

4 Old Is Gold

You might scoff at the ‘80s versions of the Avengers, but those guys were actually way more impressive since they had to convince people of their powers without the use of special effects. While the films were cheesy back then, at least they were authentic in some way.

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The person who made this meme definitely feels this way, as he deems The Avengers version of Thor and the Hulk as something only villains prefer. In all honesty, only a fool would like the ‘80s version over the MCU one, but we do get the sentiment that is attached to the older film.

3 Can't Improve On Perfection

The Sonic games that were genuinely good were the ones that were released way back in their original days. Since then, Sega has tried and failed miserably to bring back the charm that the first Sonic releases had. We’ve had so many variations of Sonic that we really can’t even remember which was which.

This is why this meme hits close to him, as the first panel shows us the classic iteration of the character, with the lower panel being the newer, lamer version that nobody wants to play. Seriously, ask anyone which Sonic is better, and they’ll go with the originals.

2 Let's Forget It Ever Happened

Godzilla is inherently a Japanese franchise. No matter how many incarnations we see done by the Americans, everyone still associates the monster with the Japanese. Those who wanted to give Godzilla a chance with the US market gave up when they saw the godawful 1998 film.

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This movie was a mockery of the franchise, and gave us goofy Matthew Broderick jokes and out of place feel-good moments over scares that fans wanted to see. That’s why, no matter how better the effects were in the 1998 version, we still prefer the fake-looking older films, which at least felt like their own thing.

1 Nobody Likes You, Sonic

Really, though, what were the developers thinking when they came up with the design of Sonic for the upcoming (now delayed) movie? The character looked like a middle-aged short, blue man rather than the hedgehog that was cool as heck in his video game and TV versions.

If you want your childhood nostalgia to be done justice, then you need to opt into Pokémon Detective Pikachu, where the titular character looked just as cute as we wanted him to. If anybody still had any doubts whether to pick Nintendo over Sega, then we now know for sure which one is better.

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