10 Hilarious Two And A Half Men Memes Only True Fans Understand

Love it or hate it, Two and a Half Men did something right. Not only did it last 12 seasons, but it also secured several Primetime Emmys. At its peak, it was one of the hottest sitcoms on TV and pummeled every competitor that stepped up to the plate.

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As such, the show built up a zealous fanbase who still harbor a glimmer of hope that it'll make a comeback. While a revival is more than likely considering the series' massive commercial success, nothing is confirmed as of writing. In the meantime, though, we can sit back, relax and appreciate all the memes that'll have Two and a Half Men fans in stitches.

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Rose in Two and a Half Men Meme
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10 Overly Attached Rose

Rose in Two and a Half Men Meme

One of the best memes on the internet is overly attached girlfriend. There have been different variations of it, with hilarious results and varying messaging. This version, however, might be the best -- and most accurate -- of the lot.

On Two and a Half Men, Rose was the scorned ex-girlfriend who refused to leave Charlie alone. She stalked him, broke into his home, and generally sprinkled chaos wherever she went. While Charlie's feelings towards her softened in later seasons and they got back together, it proved to be his downfall in the end as she kept him hostage and made everyone believe he'd met his demise.

9 No One Can Hang With Charlie Harper

Charlie Harper Beer Meme

This sitcom turned Charlie Harper into the poster boy of hedonism. He didn't seem to have a care in the world as he bedded a bevy of beauties, took afternoon naps, and sipped cold beverages on his deck. In fact, one of the show's running gags was how Charlie was never sober.

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Many fans claimed that Charlie was their role model, but the truth is, they couldn't hang with him. His self-destructive ways would've destroyed any mere mortal, as actor Charlie Sheen confirmed in his now-infamous "tiger blood" speech. There was only one Charlie and no one could repeat his escapades and live to tell the tale.


Two and a Half Avengers Meme

With a name like Two and a Half Men, many jokes have been made using it for other purposes. Heck, nearly every fanbase has utilized it to describe characters from their favorite franchise at some point or the other. Some of them are pretty funny puns, while others are eye rollers of note.

Of course, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans had their fun with it as well. After Avengers: Infinity War and the banter between Tony Stark, Doctor Strange and Peter Parker, many labeled it as the MCU's version of Two and a Half Men. Is it accurate? Well, that's up to you to decide.

7 Alan's T-Rex Arms

Alan Harper Meme

Oh, boy! Alan Harper didn't like spending any of his own money, did he? Whenever there was a time for him to pick up the check, he miraculously lost his wallet or didn't have cash on him. Of course, his brother caught him out on more than one occasion, as Alan tried to live his best freeloader life.

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It's reminiscent of that one friend we all have who develops T-rex arms when the check comes. They sort of reach for it but really don't, secretly hoping that someone will pick it up and pay. If that's a description of you, shame on you, but know that your time is coming!

6 Winning

Two and a Half Men Winning Meme

Charlie Sheen's rant after his firing from Two and a Half Men has become part of Hollywood folklore. His claims that he was "winning" weren't lost on anyone, nor were the memes that did the rounds afterwards. In fact, "winning" still remains a popular buzzword in the internet's vocabulary.

Of course, it's debatable if his firing was truly "winning" -- for Sheen or anyone else involved in the making of the sitcom. No matter what freshness Ashton Kutcher brought to the show, there was still the feeling that something was lacking after Sheen's firing. It never felt quite the same again.

5 I Will Find You

Two and a Half Men Taken Meme

As mentioned before, Charlie Sheen's firing shook up Two and a Half Men. Ashton Kutcher might've changed the dynamic of the show, but it was still the combination of Sheen, Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones that made the sitcom as magical as it was.

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Even though Sheen and series creator, Chuck Lorre, had a very public falling out, many fans hoped they'd mend fences and Sheen would triumphantly return to the show. Unfortunately, it never happened, but it does seem like the two are on friendlier terms nowadays. Maybe a reunion or revival could still happen in the future?

4 Men, Men, Men

Two and a Half Men Lyric Meme

One thing that Chuck Lorre is really good at, is creating jingles. If you didn't know, he was the mastermind behind 1987's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song that captivated children around the world. Expectedly, Two and a Half Men had an equally memorable -- if not infuriating -- title track.

The lyrics were a repetition of "men, men, men, men, manly, men, men, men" with a prolonged "men" at the end. It's the easiest theme song to remember but also the hardest to shake from your head. Seriously, you're probably singing along to it right now as you read this.

3 The Good Ol' Days

Two and a Half Men Meme

While Two and a Half Men is remembered as being one of the most memorable sitcoms of all time, there is a large portion of the audience that felt it outstayed its welcome by a few seasons. Naturally, it reflected in the poor ratings of the latter seasons and the general apathy towards the storylines.

At the end of the day, the show is no different from others, as many series struggle to maintain the same consistency and quality over a sustained period of time. Yes, it might've not been up to the standard of the earlier seasons, but it was far from a train wreck that some claimed.

2 Here To Stay

Alan Harper Meme

You know, that Malibu beach house was something. We can't promise that we'd want to move out either. That said, Alan was the cockroach that refused to leave, no matter how many times he was sprayed with pesticide. He was living the life, on someone else's expense, and refused to trade it in for middle-class comfort.

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It's a running gag among the fanbase that Alan will still be living in the beach house decades from now. In all likelihood, he'll need to be restrained and removed from the premises, because it's not like he'll do it out of his own free will.

1 The Worst Luck

Alan Harper Meme

While Alan gets a bad rap for not wanting to move out and being as tight as a clam, he also suffered his fair share of setbacks on the show. Every time he made an attempt to put his life in order, it backfired on him. Sure, nine times out of ten it was his own fault, but still…

Moreover, he had zero luck with the ladies. Whenever he met a woman whom he thought was the one, it didn't work out for him. Though it was mostly his fault as well. Actually, scrap everything said because all his bad luck was self-inflicted.

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