10 Hilarious Skyrim Memes That Will Make You Want To Jump Back In The Game

Released all the way back in 2011, Skyrim is a masterpiece. It was a massive game at the time and it still holds up. Looking back at Skyrim brings back nostalgia and a desire to play the game even more. Most gamers have sunk countless hours into the game and could tell you all about its more crazy aspects. Everyone understands that the game is not perfect, but sometimes its flaws make it even more enjoyable. With the special edition that was released sucking everyone back into the game, Skyrim lives on.

Skyrim is such a good game because it gives you so much freedom. There is almost no limit to what you can do in the game, and there is a huge world to explore, Bethesda went all out to make it feel like you really were living in another world. The amount of freedom and the massive world to explore means that there are all sorts of insane parts of the game. Skyrim has huge potential for creating memes, as we can all relate to experiences such as going for a stealth archer specialization yet again. Here are some of the most hilarious Skyrim memes.

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10 All Caves Lead To Blackreach

Blackreach is a giant dwarven dungeon hidden deep within the ancient dwarven ruins. To find this hidden wonder you must battle your way through hordes of Falmer and prove you are worthy, or you can just follow a tiny hidden cave. Playing Skyrim is an amazing experience because you can explore and travel all over the massive world, but it is surprising how often you end up back in Blackreach.

9 Delphine's Plan

Early on in the game there is a stealth mission into the heart of the Thalmor embassy to uncover their secrets. Naturally the Blades need someone who can blend in seamlessly with the high elves and run some espionage. There is no better choice than the Dragonborn. By this point in the game, especially if you're going with a more two-handed warrior path, stealth and spying is not a particularly strong point.

8 Don't Mess With The Chickens

Anyone who has played Skyrim knows that guards do not mess around with any crimes. Any crime that you commit will add a bounty to your head and you will become wanted in the city, with guards chasing you down.

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There is no crime more evil than messing with a poor chicken. If you so much as look at a chicken the wrong way you'll have the entire city guard out for the bounty on your head. Pickpocket and steal all you want, just don't touch the poor poultry.

7 Horses Are Superheroes

Sure there are roads in Skyrim that will take you across the entire map in an easy manner, but that wouldn't be near as fun as trying to go the direct route. Those pesky mountains will try to stop you from going as the crow flies, but experienced Skyrim players will know that mountains are nothing to be afraid of. Horses are the ideal method of rock climbing in Skyrim, because they are physics defying animals.

6 Oblivious Guards

Making convincing AI in a video game can be an extremely hard thing to do, especially when you add elements like stealth into the game. With Skyrim being released in 2011, the AI was incredible for the time.

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There are obviously some issues though. With the ability to sneak around undetected means that guards sometimes look like complete idiots.

5 Trying To Rob The Dragonborn

Along with oblivious guards comes extremely overconfident bandits. When you're low level the bandits in Skyrim can seem intimidating and offer a thrilling fight. It doesn't seem too outrageous that they would try to attack you, with your puny iron sword and armor.

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Later in the game, when you're killing dragons like they're nothing and wearing their bones for armor, the bandits must have a death wish to be taking you on.

4 Bandits Moving In

Even after all these years Skyrim is a beautiful game, there are mountains and forests and ancient castles all over the map. The massive fortresses that cover the area have been entirely taken over by Bandits, who have decided that they make great hideouts. Seriously, it's surprising that the fortresses have just been given over completely.

3 Abusing The Thu'um

One of the biggest parts of being the Dragonborn is being able to use your shout. Speaking in the ancient language of the dragons is an ancient power, and there is no better use for it then sending random objects flying.

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Sending a goat flying off the side of a mountain may not be a task suited to the Dragonborn, but is undeniably hilarious. With all of the freedom in Skyrim, there really is no limit to what you can send shooting across the screen.

2 Skyrim's Morality

Skyrim is a game that lets you play how you want to play. You can be a heroic adventurer, a stealthy rogue, or an evil villain. No matter what role you choose to play, or with what intentions you start the game, eventually the temptation gets to everyone.

There's just no replacing the thrill of stealing things right from under their owner's noses. Skyrim makes it better by letting you steal EVERYTHING, who cares if you'll actually use it later?

1 Who Needs Potions?

When facing a tough enemy, you have to keep a careful eye on your health. Normally health potions are more than enough to get you back into fighting shape, but sometimes you run out. Thankfully, in Skyrim food also restores your health. If you're ever feeling like things might be getting dangerous you can always just eat gargantuan amounts of raw potatoes in the middle of a fight.

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