10 Marvel Logic Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

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We’re at the endgame of Avengers: Endgame being available for viewing at cinemas, and in order to hold onto interest for the film, memes have increased in great levels to keep us constantly reminded of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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As the main story of the series is over now, and a wait lasting of a year until Black Widow is presumably released, do you really have any option other than to peruse through these 10 hilarious memes and be happily amused at all the laughs the series has given us? Even if you do have another option, you still need to check these out.

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10 That's One Way To Look At It

The ending of Thor: Ragnarok was basically a reason to have the God of Thunder featured in Avengers: Infinity War, as the nomadic Asgardians were attacked by Thanos, thereby resulting in Thor getting Stormbreaker and everything else that ensued.

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Before all that, Thor invoked this logic by orchestrating the destruction of Asgard in order to defeat Hela. It certainly worked, but only because there were hardly any Asgardians left alive for overcrowding to be a problem. Had there still been quite a few alive, then this trick of Thor wouldn’t have done anything to resolve the problem.

9 Who Are You?

This is like the version of Thanos we’d have if he was a hipster who used the internet. Still, the meaning behind this is the same as it was in the film, with Thanos having no idea who Scarlet Witch was.

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The older Thanos had died by Thor’s hands in 2018, and the one at the end of the film was only from 2014, at a time where Scarlet Witch never even got her powers. We don’t know if Thanos’ “I don’t even know who you are” was supposed to be a joke, but it still leaves us in stitches.

8 Didn't Think We'd Notice?

This joke is hanging by its last few threads because of how long it’s been since Don Cheadle’s taken on the role of War Machine, but we do remember how it was Terence Howard who originally had the part.

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In Avengers: Endgame, Nebula was rather embarrassed when War Machine saw her mostly cybernetic functions and tried to justify she was originally organic, but Rhodey was sympathetic as he pointed toward his own lack of function in legs. However, someone who only watched Iron Man will have had the same thought as this meme; in this way, Nebula’s got nothing on Rhodey’s transformation.

7 Should've Thought About That, Tony

Every MCU trilogy has ended with the main character letting go of a part of themselves and moving on. Iron Man was the first of such to undergo this change, and his took the form of him undergoing surgery in order to no longer require the arc reactor to power his heart.

That sounds great and all, but it doesn’t make any sense when considering the fact that Iron Man was on his last days just the previous movie. He had to do some scientific wizardry and come up with a new element, and Iron Man 3 threw all this out by informing us Tony could have easily just had an operation and avoided death.

6 Get it?

The one bad thing from having every superhero revived from the Snap is that we won’t be seeing anymore new memes about them all dusting away. Avengers: Infinity War had shown them evaporating into the air, which had then ignited a flurry of memes where people claimed a different color pertained to a different character.

Using that logic, it seems as if Tony had it figured out which dirt was supposed to be Peter Parker’s remains, as he looks livid at Jack Sparrow. This scene from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest had Sparrow yelling about having a jar of dirt; it looks like it was Peter all along.

5 Professor X-tra Dumb

Every single time that Wolverine has even been in the vicinity of Magneto, the latter has trounced him completely. After all, how could Wolverine possibly have any chance against the guy who controls metal?

It turns out that Professor X really wasn’t as smart as we thought he was, because it never occurred to him that one of his main X-Men was an easy victory ticket for Magneto. For that matter, even the Professor shouldn’t go anywhere near Magneto, not when he’s relying on a metal wheelchair for mobility himself. What exactly was Charles Xavier a professor of, by the way?

4 Of Course, Of Course

Since Thor 4 has been announced, we’re rather disappointed that it most likely means he won’t be featured in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, because it would’ve been a riot to see him featured within this team.

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The ending of Avengers: Endgame made it obvious that Star-Lord saw Thor as a rival, and the rest of the team were very taken with the God of Thunder, who was so much more powerful and cooler. There’s no better meme to illustrate how the situation of this scene was, and we’re still holding out hope to see Thor with these bunch of losers in the third film.

3 Bad Star-Lord

Fan theories had us believing that Star-Lord would somehow be responsible for bringing everyone back in Avengers: Endgame, considering he was the one because of whom everyone died in the first place.

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Despite having Thanos incapacitated, Star-Lord figured that would be the best time to give Thanos a piece of his mind for killing Gamora, resulting in all the heroes on Titan getting beaten and giving Thanos the opportunity to complete the Snap. In the one year after Avengers: Infinity War’s release, the fanbase was convinced that Star-Lord was the true villain of the series.

2 T'Challa Has Had Enough Of THis

Captain America would’ve been captured by Thaddeus Ross and his team a long time ago had it not been for Black Panther providing the Captain with resources to survive in the outer world. 

T’Challa would again be invaluable to Captain America when he opened his home to bringing in Vision so that the Infinity Stone could be removed from him and destroyed. All this took a whole lot of arguing, though, something that has brought this picture context, as you can’t help but wonder if T’Challa is angry they’re all wasting time in romantic drama between Vision and Scarlet Witch - it’s not like that couldn’t have been resolved back in New York.

1 Wrong Move

We’re not letting Black Panther off the hook just yet, because you have to believe a small part of him did think just this when the bad guys arrived in Wakanda. Previously, nobody had known anything about the country, and had this remained, then Thanos’ army would never have arrived there. 

At the end of Black Panther, the titular protagonist had decided to open Wakanda up for everyone to visit, a decision he was very proud. Fast forward to Infinity War, and this depressed look on T’Challa’s face says it all. Then again, who would have anticipated a purple guy arriving with Infinity Stones?

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