15 Hilarious Thor Vs. Loki Memes That Would Even Make Odin Laugh

While there have been plenty of memorable sibling relationships in movies and television, few have been as compelling and fun as Thor and Loki in the string of Thor and Avengers movies over the last seven years. Obviously, there is great source material that has helped set the brothers duo up for success, but what makes the competition between Thor and Loki so endearing is the actors behind the characters. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston play off each other well and seem to have both captivated the essence of the character they play on screen.

Naturally, when there is good chemistry between characters in a show or movie, fans are quick to build off the relationship. In fact, it seems a character, movie, or situation has truly become legend once it’s been turned into a meme. And the Thor and Loki rivalry and relationship has certainly spawned its fair share of memes.

One doesn’t have to look far before they are enveloped in the strange world of Thor versus Loki memes online. While some are silly or painfully unfunny, others are downright hilarious and capture the personalities of both the Thor and Loki characters, and the actors that play them. Our team scoured for the best Thor vs. Loki memes online and pulled together the top picks.

Here are 15 Hilarious Loki vs. Thor Memes.

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Low Key Loki
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15 Low-Key

Low Key Loki

Since the release of Thor in 2011, many fans of the characters have been quick to point out the play on words that can be made with Loki’s name. In fact, considering Loki’s prevalence for working in the shadows and doing things in secret, his name seems to fit how “low-key” he often is with his wicked efforts. In Norse mythology, the name Loki doesn’t actually have a meaning, though Loki himself is known as the God of Mischief. That moniker fits well with the character in the Thor and Avengers movies.

Interestingly, it seems the name Loki hasn’t taken on the same popularity that some other superhero and villain names have garnered since the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked off with Iron Man a decade ago.

Maybe it’s the fact that Loki has been a bad guy for most of his presence in the MCU or maybe it’s the ease by which his name can be used as a pun. Either way, there has only been a slight uptick in the number of newborn boys named Loki in the last few years.

After the events of Avengers: Infinity War, it’ll be interesting to see if the name Loki gains a new round of popularity among Marvel fans, or if the name will continue to remain low-key.

14 Take Your Child to Work Day

Take Child to Work Day

One subject that seems to continually frustrate Loki is his adoption status among the royal family on Asgard. And unfortunately for the God of Mischief, he seems to constantly be reminded of the fact that he isn’t a blood relative to Thor or Odin. Maybe that’s why he has embraced the idea of being the God of Mischief: being an outsider to his own family means having to fight for attention. And what better way to get attention than to do things against a parent’s wishes or cause a little trouble. After all, as nearly any parent will tell you, to children, any attention is good attention. It’s possible Loki never really grew out of it.

While Asgardian holidays must be a challenge for Loki, the most painful day is undoubtedly the take-your-child-to-work day. For that day, it’s Thor that gets to attend the boring meetings and do paperwork with Odin, not Loki. Of course, just being in the palace is a benefit for Loki, considering Odin didn’t originally intend to keep the child. For those who may not be familiar with the history of Odin’s adoption of Loki, the King of Asgard originally took the child with the intent of using him as a bargaining chip in the war with the Jotuns. However, when the war ended, Odin adopted the boy and brought him into the royal house. Still, Loki never felt at home among the Asgardians.

13 Stolen Thunder

Loki Stole Thunder

When Chris Hemsworth was first announced as Thor, people around the world swooned at the thought of the blonde-hair, blue-eyed star playing the Norse God. However, when Thor released, it was Loki, not Thor, that seemed to get the most attention. While Thor certainly has the physique of a God, it was Tom Hiddleston’s impressive portrayal of Loki that garnered fans and effectively stole Thor’s thunder right out from under him.

Despite the latest iterations to the Thor story, it continues to be Loki that maintains a healthy fanbase. Granted, Thor isn’t without his share of fans and supporters, but it’s been pretty evident who has the greater following. Maybe it’s Loki’s bad-boy ways, or maybe he just seems more down to earth and approachable. Whatever it is, Hiddleston’s Marvel persona has built a healthy fanbase.

As one thinks about it, it’s actually a sort of sweet justice that Loki seems to have a bigger love-group. Considering the Marvel lore has him as the outcast that doesn’t fit in, the mischief-causing adopted brother that has to prove himself to Odin and Thor at every crossroads, it’s nice to see the young Asgardian prince get some kind of recognition and appreciation.

12 New Movie Name

Loki Has a Brother

Considering the impressive following Loki has garnered over the last few years, some have pointed out that the God of Mischief should have his own spin-off movie. It could focus on his early days on Asgard or the challenges he faced that led him to become the deviant everyone now knows. Others have simply pointed out that the MCU should just be more accurate with their naming of new movies that include Thor and Loki. They shouldn’t be Thor movies, they should be “Loki has a brother” movies, since Loki has become such a star in the Avengers universe.

Of course, the idea of a spin-off Loki movie isn’t necessarily out of the picture.

Disney has shown with the Star Wars universe that it’s open to small spin-off movies that don’t have to fit perfectly in with the universe they are creating with other films (i.e. the release of Rogue One and Solo, neither of which has a large effect on the ongoing numbered Star Wars films). At one point, a petition on was started for a Loki film, which amassed over 27,000 signatures.

However, when asked about the potential for a Loki-focused movie in an interview with MTV, Tom Hiddleston was pretty adamant that there’s no Loki without Thor. As Hiddleston says, “there’s something in their particular chemistry that makes it complete.” Still, there could be a film that focuses on the life of the Asgardian princes from Loki’s point-of-view, rather than Thor’s. Time will tell if such a film is ever created.

11 God-Like Hair

Thor Loki Hair

While there are plenty of differences between Thor and Loki, they have one thing in common (at least for a while) that most fans seems to appreciate: incredible hair. In fact, it’s not surprising to see fans make shampoo and hair product advertisements for the two Asgardian princes. And in all honesty, their hair is pretty fantastic.

But, like most things with Thor and Loki, there are plenty of debates happening on social media and in online forums about which of the two men has the more impressive locks. And with the above meme as a guide, it’s a difficult choice for sure.

Sadly, Thor loses his long, lustrous hair in Thor: Ragnarok, so it’s not quite the same to compare the two now. That said, it’s always possible that Thor could grow back his hair. Much of that may depend on how fans have reacted to the shorter hair of the Asgardian. Of course, it always depends on how long Disney and Marvel plan to continue the current running MCU. Considering the numerous broken records for sales at the box office and massive revenue stream the MCU has become for Disney, it’s likely the MCU will continue for the foreseeable future. It’ll be interesting to see how long the actors stick with the characters, though, or if Disney decides to continue on with new actors in the various roles. If they do, the new actors better have magnificent hair.

10 Mufasa and Scar

Mufasa and Scar

Thor and Loki aren’t the first brothers to face challenges on the big screen, nor are they the first that have threatened and even attempted to hurt each other. Many fans of the duo have pointed out how closely they match another popular set of Disney brothers: Mufasa and Scar.

As one compares the two stories, there are plenty of similarities that are hard to overlook between the two. Thor and Mufasa are both the rightful heirs to large kingdoms, and both have shown their propensity to lead for good. While they aren’t perfect, they’ve built up their character with physical strength, leadership ability, and a desire to benefit those within their realms and stewardships.

On the flip side, Loki and Scar line up pretty well. Both are the younger brother to the king (or next in line to be king), and are both full of jealousy at their place in the pecking order. Both seek for opportunities to overthrow their brother and take over, and are willing to sacrifice anyone and anything they need to in order to capture the throne.

Fortunately, Loki has yet to take out Thor, and likely never will. While the Mufasa-Thor comparison is very close, it’s at least different enough in how powerful the two characters are. It’s basically impossible for Loki to eliminate Thor, which is good news for the heir to Asgard’s throne.

9 Miguel and Tulio

Miguel and Tulio

Another common comparison fans of Thor and Loki make is to the main characters in the 2000 DreamWorks film, The Road to El Dorado. In that movie, two con artists, Miguel and Tulio, set out to find treasure using a treasure map they win in a dice gambling game. As the two progress through the film, they have to work together to overcome the challenges they encounter in order to achieve their ultimate dream of wealth.

While Thor and Loki aren’t the perfect match to Miguel and Tulio, it’s hard to ignore the similarities in their looks.

Thor, like Miguel, has long blonde hair and is great with the ladies. Tulio, like Loki, has long dark hair and tends to be the mischievous one. There’s also the similarity that’s developed in later films as Loki has slowly shed his bad-guy ways and has become a greater compatriot with Thor. While the two still have a healthy rivalry, Loki doesn’t seem as dead-set on taking out Thor as he did before. Rather, the two face bigger challenges and demons that require them to work together, rather than against each other, to achieve their goals (which lately has been to simply stay alive).

However, one major similarity between the two sets of duos is the fact that they lose the treasure they love. In the case of Miguel and Tulio, in the end they lose the treasure they were searching for, but gain new friends to adventure with. In the case of Thor and Loki, Thor loses his hammer but gains greater strength from the experience, and Loki loses his chance at the throne with the destruction of Asgard, but gains a place in the life of Thor and the rest of the Avengers.

8 Loki is Adopted

Numerous characters in Loki’s life have made it a point to remind the Asgardian prince that he was adopted by Odin and isn’t a true heir to the throne of Asgard. While that hasn’t stopped Loki from seeking the throne, or Odin and Thor’s approval, it has had an effect on the relationship that Loki has with those around him.

That said, Thor has done his best to include Loki in his life and has worked to convert the God of Mischief away from causing mayhem and into a good citizen that is worthy of being an Asgardian prince. That, however, has proved to be much harder than Thor likely anticipated. As is shown by the above meme, Thor does his best to bring his brother into his life and make him good, but Loki has been defiant for quite a while. And while the MCU doesn’t always provide the sad and painful details of the devastation Loki has brought upon the world, it’s still good to be mindful of it. It’s also a good reminder that yes, Loki is adopted and the blood that runs through his veins is that of warriors and war-mongers.

Still, it’s nice to see that as the MCU has progressed over the last decade, Thor’s persistence seems to be paying off. Loki has moved away from causing destruction and has even been known to aid Thor and the Avengers on a couple occasions. Depending on the final outcome of the Infinity War storyline, it’ll be interesting to see if Loki will ever fully convert to hero or if he’ll remain his mischievous self going forward.

7 You Sure Thor’s Not the Adopted One?

That said, it’s hard to ignore how different Thor is from his blood relatives and how similar Loki looks to those of his adopted family. As the above meme points out, Loki seems to abide much more by the family style than Thor. Long, black hair, thorny helmet, green suit; all things worn by both Loki and Thor’s sister, Hela. Granted, it could simply be that these are the colors and designs chosen by the wicked of Asgard, but the actors chosen for Loki and Hela also look much more alike than Hela and Thor. In fact, others have pointed out that while Odin has light hair as an old man, a younger version of Anthony Hopkins looks a lot more like Cate Blanchett and Tom Hiddleston than Chris Hemsworth.

Additionally, it seems Thor is the odd man out when it comes to the intents of Odin’s children. While Thor is certainly a great warrior, it was Hela who was by her father’s side when the great Asgardian King took over numerous realms. While there isn’t much said about Odin’s conquests, it’s obvious the man was at one point power hungry and eager to rule over numerous worlds and realms. That certainly lines up with the desires of both Hela and Loki, who have both taken shots at overthrowing the king of Asgard and taking over the world.

On the other hand, Thor’s endeavors early on to cause mayhem were simply for fun, not to cause the downfall of entire worlds and rule over the people. Instead, he seems more intent on finding love and helping the Avengers protect a world that isn’t even his own. Granted, he does spend time protecting Asgard, but he also seems much more focused on Earth than Asgard.

6 Up All Night

Up All Night

Speaking of what Thor does with his life, it seems the Asgardian prince spends an inordinate amount of time trying to stop his brother’s attempts at taking over different worlds, including both Asgard and Earth. Loki seems hell-bent on being king or leader of a world in some form, and won’t give up until he’s completed that task. So far, he’s attempted to take over Asgard from Odin, take down the Earth starting at New York City, and conceal himself as Odin and rule Asgard as an imposter, among other efforts.

That constant effort to stop Loki led someone to create the above meme that makes a play on the Daft Punk song, Get Lucky.

In that song, Pharrell Williams says the phrase, “I’m up all night to get lucky.” For the above meme, the creator takes that and flips it to “Up all night to get Loki.” It’s a funny pun, but one that makes sense considering the lengths Thor has had to go to in order to stop Loki’s efforts to cause mischief and take over worlds.

It’ll be interesting to see how Thor and Loki’s relationship continues to progress as the two face greater enemies together, rather than fighting each other. Hopefully Marvel fans will continue to enjoy the Thor-Loki rivalry at some level.

5 Thor Subject

Thor Subject

As mentioned previously, Loki’s name lends itself well to puns about being low-key. Naturally, with a name that easy to pun, it must happen a lot to the adopted Asgardian prince. As anyone with a unique name would know, once someone figures out a pun or funny use of a name, it never ends. And when it’s a sibling, the verbal torture can at times be unbearable. Knowing Thor’s history of causing a little mayhem himself and his desire to tease those who are less powerful than him, there’s little doubt Thor used the low-key pun on Loki constantly as kids.

Fortunately, Thor’s name can be used as a pun as well, at least enough for Loki to use it against his brother in some instances. As this meme shows, Loki uses the name Thor in place of “sore.” It’s a silly pun and meme, but it shows a deeper relationship that is easily understood by anyone with older siblings. To finally have a moment to take on the older sibling with a come-back that fits within the older sibling’s own method of teasing is immensely satisfying. So even though “Thor subject” is silly, it’s relevant to anyone who’s been in Loki’s younger brother situation.

4 High Strung

High Strung Thor Low Key Loki

Another great tactic against those who seeks to tease is to go along with the teasing and turn it around. For instance, in this meme, Loki takes his low-key pun and uses it to his advantage. He can make himself look positive by calling himself low-key and calling Thor high-strung. Again, this is something that is quickly understood and appreciated by anyone who was teased by an older sibling, family member, or friend.

Of course, it isn’t too surprising to see Loki use a meme created by another for his own benefit. As the God of Mischief, Loki’s goal is to use the strengths of others against them. Over the course of the Thor and Avengers movies, Loki has done just that. With Thor, Loki has used the Asgardian Prince’s trust and belief in the good of people against him. Using the knowledge that he has of Thor, Loki was able to get Thor kicked out of Asgard and sent away as punishment. Loki also used that knowledge and ability to get a hold of the Tesseract on multiple occasions.

Fortunately for Thor, the heir to Asgard has become aware of Loki’s tricks and has found ways to recognize and combat them. For instance, it didn’t take long for Thor to realize that it wasn’t his father on Asgard in Thor: Ragnarok, but instead was Loki impersonating the Asgardian king for his own gain.

3 Hat Trick

Thor Ringer

When older siblings fail at teasing their younger brothers and sisters in one way, they often have plenty of backup methods they can rely on. In the case of Thor and Loki, one Marvel fan created a fun meme that shows Thor throwing rings on Loki’s helmet. Granted, Loki’s helmet is a little over-the-top and is just begging to be made fun of (something plenty of Marvel fans did after the first Thor movie), but leave it to an older brother to find a silly way to make fun of such an accessory.

Maybe this is the reason Loki has refrained from wearing his helmet too often around Thor since the first couple movies he appeared in.

What makes this meme ever better is the whole “hat trick” joke, which easily takes it to the next level. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, a hat trick is when someone scores three goals in a single game of soccer or hockey. In these sports, getting even a single goal can be difficult, so it’s a big deal when the same player gets multiple goals in a single game. Thus, a hat trick is something to be coveted and earned through great skill and ability. In the case of this meme, it’s a great play on Loki’s helmet.

2 Thor Plus Loki

Thor Plus Loki

While the idea is certainly absurd, one has to wonder: what would happen if these two beautiful people (Thor and Loki) had a child. Wouldn’t that child be even more attractive than the two people that created them? Well, if this meme has anything to say about it, that’s certainly not the case with Thor and Loki.

That said, the selection of the character that best resembles crossing Thor and Loki is a great example considering the character’s background and fate. The character at the bottom of the meme is Viserys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. In that show, Viserys believes he is the true heir of the iron throne. Unfortunately, Viserys doesn’t have an army big enough to retake the throne, so he essentially sells his sister, Daenerys, off to a warrior king in order to build an alliance and gain an army. While this is a good idea in theory, the plan backfires for Viserys, who crosses the warrior king and gets himself taken out, leaving his sister to press forward to claim the iron throne.

Interestingly, Visery’s story is very similar to Loki’s, in that both are seeking to take over a throne they believe belongs to them, but doesn’t have an army to claim it. Both essentially sell themselves to a more powerful ruler who can provide them with an army. But in the end, each sees a sad fate due to their weaknesses.

1 Taylor Swift

As a great finale to this list, it goes without saying that Thor and Loki don’t include each other in their personal lives, especially when it comes to who they are dating. For Thor, he kept his relationship with Jane secluded to Earth and worked to keep his brother as far from that part of his life as possible.

For Loki, it’s never revealed that he has a love interest in the movies, but that hasn’t stopped Tom Hiddleston from seeking his own romantic relationships in the real world, including one stindt with famous pop singer, Taylor Swift. The relationship didn’t last long, but there were certainly numerous girls and women who were jealous of Swift’s relationship with Hiddleston.

That said, what makes this meme so great is Thor’s great dread in Hiddleston (Loki) dating Taylor Swift. Considering the number of relationships Swift has been in and the endless string of songs about bad relationships and breakups, it seems Thor could see what was coming from the outside before Loki could. Granted, the two broke up after just a few months, which made many around them happy, including Sebastian Stan who plays Winter Soldier in the MCU, so it seems Loki wasn’t lost in a relationship for too long before he went back to trying to take over worlds.


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