10 Hilarious Kevin Hart Memes We Can All Relate To

Kevin Hart is a comedian who can bring laughs out of the stoniest of hearts. He is well known for his knockout roles in movies such as Jumanji and Ride Along, as well as producing Real Husbands of Hollywood. He never fails to give us enjoyment on our worst days, with his crazy antics and hilarious facial expressions.

May memes have been created with him as the star, poking fun at the little man who is capable of producing laughs. We can relate to these memes on a personal level, connecting to them within our own lives as we strive to make it through each and every day. Keep reading to see ten hilarious Kevin Hart memes you can relate to!

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10 When People Mistake You For A Child

Anyone who struggles with a baby face can relate to this meme, as Kevin Hart was featured on the kid's cam. Baby-faced adults understand as they are handed the kids menu at elegant restaurants or, even in their thirties, still have to show an ID to buy a simple lighter.

Kevin knows what this feels like and they understand his situation, mentally celebrating that it wasn't them who appeared on the screen instead of him. This meme gives them hope that they are not alone in the world and others are out there who look just as young as they do and face the same daily struggles.

9 Hate For A Person Runs Deep

This meme couldn't be more true, because when we dislike someone our hate runs deep. We nitpick every little detail and scrutinize everything they do, fueling the fire of our dislike. It doesn't matter if they eat the same foods or perform the same activities as you because you have a deep-rooted hatred for them.

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They will never have a place in your heart and as long as you live it will continue to be an internal battle against them and their normal quirks.

8 When Your In-Laws Try To Give You Parenting Advice

Once children start to enter the picture your in-laws might think it's acceptable to train you on how to parent your own children. This is fine from time to time, but you have been living with their untrained son or daughter.

Your children seem like a breeze compared to what you had to go through as you still continue to work on improving your partner. You want to point out the flaws in your significant other to their parents, but you know you can't because they are now a part of your family.

7 That One Friend With Everything Who Claims To Be Poor

We all have that one friend who has everything you could have ever wanted and still claim to be poor. They might try to bum money off of you from time to time or constantly whine about the state of their finances.

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No matter the case, the face Kevin Hart makes in this meme is all of us. We want them to stop their antics and understand how much of what they are saying is false. You might even be tempted to whip out your finance book and show them the negative numbers lined up beside your paychecks as you struggle to provide for your basic needs.

6 When They Don't Text You Back But You Know They Are on Their Phone

The texting game has changed with the creation of the internet, because now when someone doesn't respond we can see if they are online. Most people use their phones for the internet, like Instagram or Facebook, which is the same place the person you texted had received your message.

You see them online, doing their own thing, as they refuse to respond to your simple question or continue the conversation. It can be frustrating and Kevin Hart is all of us when this turn of events happens.

5 Forgetting To Plug In Your Phone Charger

This has happened to all of us at one time or an0ther where we plug the wire into our phone but forget the last step of plugging the port into the wall. It is frustrating, to say the least because you are then stuck for the entirety of the day with minimal or zero battery.

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It might even cause you issues in the morning if you set your alarms on your phone, as it fails to wake you in time for school or work.

4 Weddings Aren't Just For The Brides

Kevin Hart proves in this meme that the grooms are just as important as the brides on their wedding day. Everyone wants to see the bride's dress and make sure she looks flawless for the pictures, but who cares about the groom?

This also applies to wedding planning because most people leave the decisions up to the bride, but it is a partnership and should be decided by both parties involved. Kevin understands the grooms are left out from time to time, but this meme shows us we need to remedy that fact and make it a family affair.

3 Young Teens Need To Realize They Don't Need A Man

There are a ton of young teenage girls all over the internet posing seductively for cameras in order to find themselves a man. They are still in high school, or maybe even grade school, and they should be focusing on their grades instead of a nonexistent love life.

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We want them to stop spamming our feeds with inappropriate photos and instead show us pictures of their perfect report cards. It might even be nice to see them helping the community from time to time or finishing up their college application letters.

2 When Your Dad and Stepdad Set Aside Their Differences

It is common knowledge that divorces can be messy, especially when one of the parents remarries. The important thing is that they come together and set aside their differences for their son.

This meme portrays Hart as the happy kid with two dads who are struggling to tolerate each other, but Lebron and Dwayne Wade are actually friends in real life. It creates a beautiful moment and keeps the child out of the arguments between parents, giving the child everything he could have hoped for during his big moment.

1 Dreaming of What It Would Be Like To Be Taller

Shaq is a giant at 7'1" and Kevin Hart is remarkably smaller at 5'4" creating a large gap in their heights. Many people who are this short tend to wish they were taller, and it is clear Hart is no different in his way of thinking.

He traded faces with Shaq to live his dream of being a human giant, looking over the world from his new height above the clouds. Shorter people crave Shaq's height as the top shelf always seems to be just out of their reach.

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