10 Hilarious IT Memes That'll Make Pennywise Seem Hilarious

Pennywise from Stephen King's IT may seem scary, but if you really take a look at him through the lens of memes, then this horror monster is hilarious

There are two generations of kids who will be fond of It – the ones growing up in the 1990s, and the ones from the 2010s. Since we’re still in 2019, fanfare for It is still through the roof, and with It – Chapter Two about to come out this year, the hype is definitely still red hot.

With this level of interest for It comes a number of memes from the fanbase itself, and these are funny enough to even make the antagonist Pennywise look like an actual clown. For this list, we’ve considered both versions of Pennywise from the 1990 TV series and 2017's It.

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10 That Handsome Devil

Make-up is a thing of magic when it comes to Hollywood. There have been numerous actors who are actually really good-looking, but have been turned into the stuff of nightmares thanks to incredible make-up jobs.

The same goes for Bill Skarsgard, who’s a pretty good-looking guy in real-life. As the person behind this meme will attest, there are women out there who are perfectly willing to let Pennywise the Clown do whatever the heck he wants them to just because Bill Skarsgard is the one behind the make-up. Imagine how different the sewer scene would’ve gone had one of these girls been the one on the receiving end.

9 Mom And Dad?

Whenever one looks at Pennywise, they just can’t quite place who he looks like. There’s something about the clown that makes him reminiscent of someone. Well, here’s something to clear up that confusion that’s been knocking you on the head.

Funnily enough, the resemblance is uncanny between Pennywise and these two characters. One of them is the Queen from Alice in Wonderland, and the other is the famous Ace Ventura. More than just appearances, it’s pretty appropriate to think of these two as the parents considering the number of times Jim Carrey and Helena Bonham Carter have played cuckoos onscreen.

8 Pennywise Has You Covered

On the internet, nothing beats memes. These are like the life source of many internet visitors, and it revitalizes their day to run through the number of insane picturized jokes. So, when Pennywise asks a meme fanatic if they want to join him for a meme overload, then who could resist?

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It doesn’t matter if a killer clown is poking his head from a sewer grate, because this guy’s promising you memes galore, and for that reason alone Pennywise is a true friend. After all, can you claim to have a buddy who’s got you covered for all your meme-ing needs?

7 Enough Terrorizing For Today

The children who grew up with the 1990 It developed a level of immunity toward being scared by Pennywise as they became adults, and this meme (from before 2017’s It) very perfectly shows how these people perceived Pennywise now.

In the 1990 version, the clown was exclusively made through make-up, and the actor was dressed up as Pennywise the whole time. That’s why this clown here looks like a disgruntled Pennywise who’s had his fill of terrorizing kids for the day. You might think that It has nothing better to do than scaring children, but even that character needs to relax once in a while, you know.

6 Ronald Is Not Happy

Going back to the 1990’s It, that version also drew comparisons to one Ronald McDonald back in the day. The developers of 2017’s It paid their money’s worth on the CGI to make It appear scary when needed the most – although nothing should be taken away from Bill Skarsgard’s performance.

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But back in the day, Ronald McDonald had some real competition with Pennywise over who was the more iconic clown. A lot of the kids will agree that the McDonald’s mascot is pretty scary to look at, so it’s not a surprise people would think he tried to branch out and snag the role of titular character for himself. Unfortunately for Ronald, Pennywise beat him to it.

5 A Look of True Love

Despite Pennywise wanting to eat the children through the whole movie, a little part of us thinks it was fond of those kids at the same time. Think it through, Pennywise rarely ever attacked them straight-up, and would give them enough time to escape as well.

Maybe he had a soft spot for them, and the way he looked at the kids wasn’t particularly scary; one might even call it love. Then again, people do love what they eat, too, so Pennywise might just be staring at the kids as the meal he’s going to enjoy the most. And who doesn’t love a good meal?

4 Even Pennywise Fears Him

All jokes are off when the almighty Chuck Norris is involved. Pennywise has got nothing on Chuck himself, and there’s no doubt at all the clown hides whenever Chuck Norris appears. In the above picture, you can even see Pennywise trying to conceal himself while Chuck’s boot appears in the frame.

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Unfortunately for Pennywise, there’s no way Chuck didn’t know he was right there, and the next picture should be of Chuck literally chucking the clown back to hell. Even when you stop kidding about this, it doesn’t seem realistic for Pennywise to ever be able to beat Chuck Norris in a fight.

3 Sam's Worst Nightmare

Those who’ve watched Supernatural will bawl with laughter at how appropriate this meme is. You see, Sam Winchester – one of the two protagonists of Supernatural, and the man who single-handedly ended the Apocalypse – is deathly afraid of clowns.

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This means that Pennywise is Sam’s worst nightmare come true. Sam is a hunter of all things supernatural, and it’s his job to end ghosts and demons, but Pennywise is one enemy Sammy’s going to be running far, far away from. It’s not all bad, though, you can bet Sam’s big brother Dean is definitely going to end Pennywise, and then sit down to enjoy some pie.

2 McDonald's New Mascot

In an alternate universe, Ronald McDonald really did get Pennywise’s gig as the antagonist of It and Pennywise himself ended up becoming the mascot of McDonald’s. Now that would be one freaky universe to be a part of, seeing as Pennywise would probably forget about taking anybody’s orders and eat them instead.

This is actually not a bad idea for Pennywise to follow through in the It universe either, as posing as a McDonald’s employee will mean he gets endless supplies of people to lure and chow down. It looks like the creator of this meme unknowingly gave us an alternate ending to It.

1 Wordplay

It wouldn’t be a meme-based list if we didn’t have some wordplay coming your way, and Pennywise gives us some awesome wordplay in the form of Penny from The Big Bang Theory. For those who don’t know, Penny’s supposed to have an IQ below 100, which means at least on that basis she isn’t considered to be too smart.

On the other hand, the way Pennywise planned his attacks were pretty smart and calculating, which means that of the two “Pennys”, it’s the clown who takes the spot as the “wise” one. It’s not too bad for Penny, though, because we’d all rather hang out with her than a killer clown from hell.

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