• 10 DC Logic Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

    When a media franchise gets popular to ridiculous lengths, even its own fans begin questioning stuff that doesn’t make sense. The poster child for DC Universe is a guy in a red cape who protects the Earth while not even being from Earth, with his best friend being a guy who wears a tight black costume and likes to play with bats, so you can see what we’re dealing with here.

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    The memes on this list poke fun on DC’s invoked tropes, as if these are seen from the eyes of someone who isn’t familiar with its universe, these people will find the stuff found in this franchise to be too funny for words.

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    That's How You Save Money

    The Christopher Nolan Batman series is the most well-received superhero franchise of all time. The only criticism that we can find about these movies, though, is why the heck Batman chose to growl when he could have easily installed a voice manipulator. 

    The Arrow TV series fixes this by having the main character make use of a device that alters his voice, and people claim Nolan probably never even thought of this little problem. But we think Bruce Wayne might have been onto something here, and chose to growl in order to save some money off the Batman budget.

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    The Third Option

    Batman’s popularity has taken off after The Dark Knight trilogy made him a must-see superhero, which has had the effect of fans placing him in the same breath as Superman in terms of power. 

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    There were many rival arguments in the lead up to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice over which character would walk away with the win, but the Dragon Ball Z fans weren’t going to back away quietly. In case you don’t know, there’s an age old argument over whether Superman or Goku is the more powerful character, and here it seems Donkey might secretly be a Goku fanboy.

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    Disguising Done Right

    Hipsters these days don glasses in order to make their Instagram pictures look different than usual, but it were the DC Universe heroes who first started this trend by shoving glasses onto their faces in the hopes of blending in.

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    The most obvious example is Clark Kent, whom nobody has been able to figure out as Superman despite Clark having the job of a reporter that places him in situations of notoriety. The same way, several other superheroes have figured that putting glasses on will give them the same level of anonymity that Superman has enjoyed.

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    Gordon Is Not Happy

    Only those aware of Batman’s plan in Justice League will understand what’s going on in this meme. In said movie, Batman had a suicidal plan of heading for Steppenwolf’s tower to sacrifice himself and allow the other League members to penetrate through the walls. 

    Unfortunately (or actually fortunately), the rest of the team arrived to save him and went in together; however, Gordon is quick to point out to Batman of his failure to get the Batmobile to the destination in time. To this end, Gordon’s channeling his inner Whiplash to scream at Batman whether he was “rushing or dragging” because of which he couldn’t be on his time at the tower.

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    That's Pretty Much It

    The reason why Justice League didn’t work out was because most of the team hadn’t had the required characterization to make them appealing. This meme perfectly illustrates what the audience was thinking upon the film’s release.

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    Batman was easily the most recognizable to anyone and so didn’t need any explanation; Wonder Woman had had her well received film by then; the other three only had one or two character traits that people could identify with - you can’t expect to make a blockbuster movie out of a formula like this. At least the success of Aquaman has made that character a star in his own right.

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    Change Of Pace

    Around the release of Aquaman, DC finally understood what it had to do to make its universe a success, and that was to appeal to different demographics based on its characters. Now, you won’t find needless grit in films that are clearly not that type, and Shazam! is a wonderful film to illustrate this point. 

    Kids were delighted in watching this film, which gave us rounded humor that could appeal to children who only wanted to see the fun part of being a hero rather than excessively dark and traumatic experiences that didn’t flow very well.

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  • 4 / 10

    The rule of Batman not using a gun is pretty wonky, since the superhero has used a variety of other weapons instead; this sums up about the same as using a gun, so we’re not clear on why that particular weapon is off limits for him. 

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    In this scene, you can see him carrying an enormous Battle Ax, whose hit would be way deadlier and brutal than a simple gun. In general circumstances, the way Batman doles out punishment is accepted by criminals to be a fate worse than death. Compared to all this, a gun really doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

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    Think Of The Dress Code

    You can give us all the rants you want about how empowering Wonder Woman’s dress sense is, but the fact of the matter is it’s not acceptable to wear in normal life. Even more so, women these days riding high on the whole empowerment thing might get the sense they could get away with dressing up as a superhero; let his meme be your warning.

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    Of course, nobody’s stupid enough to actually show up to the office as Wonder Woman, but wouldn’t that be the best? Although, we do wonder if any employee in the DC Universe might be up for a disciplinary hearing over their dressing choice, considering an actual person does dress up like that in their world.

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    Nice Guy Villain

    Scratch that part about what we said where people don’t have criticisms for The Dark Knight trilogy, because The Dark Knight Rises was riddled with plot holes galore. Seriously, why would a guy like Bane leave Batman in such a well mannered prison?

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    He was not only left with a doctor, but everybody in that prison was super supportive; he also had access to the TV and was never malnourished. Even after Bruce escaped, he somehow found a way into Gotham despite being stranded in what was implied to be China. Did Bane also give him free tickets back to USA?

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    It's about time

    Not only does Superman wear his underwear on the outside, he chooses to wear it in a completely different shade than his leggings, putting more focus on his weird fashion choice. Thankfully, DC came to their sense by Man of Steel, and the current Superman looks so much cooler than his other counterparts.

    However, since people consider DC to be one entity rather than the machinations of different people across different generations, the idea in everyone’s minds is that it has taken Superman so very long to finally understand that you wear your underwear on the inside.

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