The Angel/Angelus struggle was akin to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, except instead of science it was magic. Cursed to lose his soul if he experienced a moment of happiness, Angel had Angelus locked firmly away within the recesses of his being. Except for when he didn’t (And there was

that time that he locked a roomful of lawyers in with two bloodthirsty vampires. But technically, he still had his soul then, so…). Back to the point. Angel was the good guy and plenty cool in his own right. Angelus, on the other hand, wasn’t so much cool as he was unburdened by what happened to those around him. Because he didn’t have a soul, he only cared about what he wanted to do and that freed him up. Caring about his own needs, though, wasn’t the evil part (as demonstrated by Angel and Spike both finally being unburdened of most of their guilt – Angel through the mind-trip with Faith, and Spike through Robin’s attempt at using the First’s brainwashing).

It was the fact that part of his “needs” involved mentally and physically hurting people before taking them out. However, in his evil state, he was like Freddy Krueger on a one-liner bender, slicing and dicing people’s emotions and watching the carnage fly. As horrifying as Angelus was, he had a way with words and actions that made him stand out as a villain.


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