15 Hilarious Buffy Memes Only True Funs Will Understand

Created by Joss Whedon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer has only continued to grow in popularity over the years. In the age of the Internet, this endlessly quotable series had lead to more than a few funny and relatable memes. Buffy tried to live her life like everybody else, despite the responsibilities that she had to deal with. Most people can relate to the pros and cons of trying to have a happy existence, while dealing with the sometimes less-than-pleasant aspects of life.

One of the many ways people do this is by relating to shared experiences through entertainment. Memes allow people to quickly share ideas, quotes, and observations, usually along with a picture or series of pictures that bring it all together nicely.

Even after 20 years, people still find ways that situations on Buffy can apply to everyday life. As with other more recent popular shows, there are things in the series that just fit so well with these ever more bustling times.

We’ve rounded up 15 funny memes incorporating Buffy the Vampire Slayer. All of them are hilarious, though some might be funnier than others. Here to brighten your day are 15 Hilarious Buffy Memes Only True Funs Will Understand

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The Angel/Angelus struggle was akin to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, except instead of science it was magic. Cursed to lose his soul if he experienced a moment of happiness, Angel had Angelus locked firmly away within the recesses of his being. Except for when he didn’t (And there was that time that he locked a roomful of lawyers in with two bloodthirsty vampires. But technically, he still had his soul then, so…). Back to the point. Angel was the good guy and plenty cool in his own right. Angelus, on the other hand, wasn’t so much cool as he was unburdened by what happened to those around him. Because he didn’t have a soul, he only cared about what he wanted to do and that freed him up. Caring about his own needs, though, wasn’t the evil part (as demonstrated by Angel and Spike both finally being unburdened of most of their guilt – Angel through the mind-trip with Faith, and Spike through Robin’s attempt at using the First’s brainwashing).

It was the fact that part of his “needs” involved mentally and physically hurting people before taking them out. However, in his evil state, he was like Freddy Krueger on a one-liner bender, slicing and dicing people’s emotions and watching the carnage fly. As horrifying as Angelus was, he had a way with words and actions that made him stand out as a villain.


To be fair, this isn’t entirely true. Sure, Joss is known for stories where characters experience a lot of heartache and some pass on, but that’s rarely the end of the story. Tara’s life was ended unfairly, it’s true, but Willow continued to grow as a character. Riley left, but there was Buffy and Spike. Spike sacrificed himself to save the Slayers and the world, but he got to have another life on Angel. Fred passed away, but Illyria took her place in the group eventually -- and if you go into the comics, Fred comes back too. What really gets fans about Joss’ work is the heartache isn’t just about death.

Writers end our favorite characters all the time.

But with Whedon, whether it’s an ending of life or ending of a relationship, the way it’s done cuts deep and is lasting, even if the character returns. It’s true that there are other writers and directors who do this – countless shows, movies, and books have left readers and audiences curled up, blubbering messes from the destruction of characters and/or worlds they grew to care about. Maybe it’s just kind of funny to point out that the happiness audiences feel about characters in Joss Whedon’s work can just as quickly turn to devastation and back again to happiness. It certainly gives you something to sing about!


When you’re a fan of something that has only grown in popularity over time, it’s difficult to imagine that there might actually be people in the world who haven’t seen it, or at least heard of it. Naturally, it’s impossible for everyone to have seen every show ever made, even ones that are cultural phenomenon. It's reasonable. It happens. We would just like to say… Who are you people?!?! Why haven’t you watched Buffy?!? What is wrong with you? It’s not like you haven’t had 21 years to get caught up! This is insanity. Everyone in the world should have seen this by now. Even babies. Babies should all be Buffy fans now. Elon Musk is planning on shooting  satellites into space to blanket the world in Wi-Fi (side note – is that a good guy becoming a super villain kind of thing or nah?). Requirement number one should be to beam every episode of Buffy and Angel into everyone’s mind. But, you know. No rush or anything (And just in case it’s not apparent, this is just a bit of fandom fun, even though the series is fantastic. Obviously, the satellites won’t be able to beam shows into our minds. If they can, then we should probably get Buffy’s beeper number).


Brood-y McBrood-y pants. Angel was the king of brooding. But, let’s face it, he had good reason. Saddled with a soul after he turned into a Vampire, he started to feel all of the guilt that Angelus didn’t have, along with the perfect memory of everything Angelus did. Eventually, he did become less broody, turning his focus fully to fighting the good fight, especially where Wolfram and Hart was concerned.

The argument can be made that this was their intention all along. While Jasmine made the claim that she manipulated events so that Angel would end up in Los Angeles and eventually have a son, Connor, it was Wolfram and Hart that had skin in the game from the beginning. They always had their eye on the vampire with a soul, since it was foretold that whichever side he fought on would succeed. This was still true, even though Holland Manners’s claim in “Reprise” also appeared to be true: "See, for us, there is no fight. Which is why winning doesn't enter into it. We go on, no matter what. Our firm has always been here on Earth... in one form or another… we're in the hearts and minds of every single living being. See, the world doesn't work in spite of evil, Angel. It works with us. It works because of us.” Interestingly enough, that speech lead to Angel’s lowest moment, which in turn lead to his epiphany and renewed resolve to fight – and a little less brooding.


This is so accurate. One thing that makes the show stand out is that it doesn’t really seem dated. The styles, the lingo, the situations – they pretty much seem like they can be placed in today’s world without being out of place. But then, bam, you see a computer and it reminds you that the show is actually old enough to go to a bar. In four years, it’ll be old enough to rent a car. They do grow up so fast, don’t they? Luckily, because the focus of the show was magic-based, real-life technology wasn’t always so heavily featured. Even with the Initiative in season 4 and with Willow’s knowledge of computers, it doesn’t detract from anything.

Who need an iPad when you could have a brick? 

At the time, it was probably difficult to imagine that a show about a girl saving the world from demons and vampires would go on to become a cultural phenomenon, inspiring countless people across the world. It changed the landscape of television, spawned college courses, similar stories in all forms of entertainment, and still continues to influence the world of entertainment today. Who knows what will happen in the world in the next 20 years, but for its part Buffy and its spin off Angel have left significant impressions on the history of entertainment thus far, which is quite a feat.


One of the cornerstones of Buffy is the fact that her life was briefly taken by the Master, breaking the Slayer loop, and she was brought back again after giving her life to save Dawn/the World. These facts about her have been a huge part of shaping the whole series. In the comics, it’s revealed that there was a prophecy about a Slayer who would upend everything and it turns out, of course, to be Buffy. She develops God-like powers and chaos more or less ensues. Must be a Tuesday. Of course, Dwight is a fitting character to use for a meme like this, which pokes fun at the popularity of YOLO by pointing out that maybe there are situations where that’s not exactly true. Particularly as far as the Buffyverse is concerned. When you think about it, YOLO is used a lot as a fun, motivational quick-reference, but with advances in technology, this eventually might not be the case anymore. Cryogenics, stem cells, you name it. If the real world was the Buffyverse (or vice versa) they probably could have just uploaded Buffy’s full life memories into the Buffy Bot – then there really would have been two them (oh, wait. Andrew actually did that in the comics). But this is probably taking the meme way out of context. How very Dwight!


This meme features Buffy in season 5, after she becomes distraught and trapped in her head after losing Dawn to Glory. She had given up and Willow had to help her out of it so they could all stop Glorificus. If one thing is for certain, it’s that Buffy never really wanted to be the Slayer. It’s one of those things where, since she was the Slayer she wouldn’t exactly want it taken away. But, if she could have a normal life she wouldn’t mind that either. Kind of a double-edged scythe. Nowhere was this seen more clearly than in season 6 after she returns the second time. Buffy is despondent, she would rather have anyone else take care of the responsibilities, even as she does them herself. We’ve all been there, right? It’s quickly revealed that she was in a place of absolute peace. After that, she simply didn’t want to be in the harsh, cruel world, responsible for saving everyone yet again. While it was a departure from Buffy’s normal fire to fight, it was still in keeping with her desire to not have the responsibilities of the Slayer hoisted upon her. Come to think of it, maybe this meme is only funny out of context, huh?


The Twilight here is not the Angel/Twilight of the comics. Instead, it’s that vampire series that’s totally, honestly, really not a rip-off of Buffy, without the gravitas. Really. At this point, everybody knows that there’s a bit of back-and-forth regarding Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight and Buffy. The similarities are pretty apparent, even though Meyer's initially stated that she never watched Buffy so she wasn’t influenced by it, but also stated that her sister would watch the show and she was familiar with it through hearing it in the background. But back to the meme. Spike alone would decimate a sparkling vampire with all the swiftness of throwing back a shot of whiskey and Buffy would make a few quips about using too much body glitter along with the dispatching.

Move over Twilight vampires, we got some real vampires approaching. 

Apparently, the Twilight vamps have Dracula-like powers, but seeing as how Buffy has gone toe-to-toe against Dracula himself, that wouldn’t be an issue either. Add Angel to the mix, and despite their superpowers, the vamps and werewolves (there were werewolves too, right?) of Twilight wouldn’t stand a chance. Even Selene from Underworld, a super tough vampire in her own right, would turn the Twi-Vamps into extra-crispy toast. Fans of Twilight might beg to differ -- and they would be wrong -- but it’s all good. It’s all fun in the fandoms. Sparkling vampires still make no sense, but tomato, toMAto, right?


There is no Buffy vs. Xena. There’s no way to choose between the two. Sure, the shows were pretty different, but their differences and similarities alike made them great. Xena and Buffy were both tough. Xena started out as a bad guy but quickly became a fighter of the good fight, thanks largely to her friendship with Gabrielle. Both relied on their own toughness to get them through, but they also had the people who cared about them to back them up when needed. Even though some liked to try it, a lot of bad guys recognized their strength. Xena saved the world too, though not in the same ways as Buffy. Like Angel, Xena felt a need for redemption for all the lives she took when she was an evil warlord. In fact, Xena and Buffy would probably just join forces to save the world, right? Though they would have to figure out how to cross the boundaries of time. Sounds like a job for Willow. So, in essence, this funny meme is also wholly accurate. You simply can’t pick between the two. And you don’t just simply walk into Mordor. It all makes perfect sense.


Sure, Buffy had some luck. But, there was a lot of ingenuity and help from her friends. When Buffy had to retrieve Faith, so Angel could heal from the poison the rogue Slayer hit him with, she didn’t have much luck. That resulted in Angel having to drink from her, which temporarily put her in a coma. Things turned out much better with the final plan to stop the mayor from consuming most of Sunnydale High’s graduating class, though. It’s the little things, you know? As with the responsibilities meme, this one points out that it’s not always easy being the Slayer. She had to go to school, fight demons, save the world, protect her friends and family, work and somehow fit in a romantic relationship and general social life, all while keeping herself together emotionally. Her to-do list was a doozy. What’s the plural of Apocalypse, again? But, despite all that, Buffy was definitely luckier than the Slayers before her. The first Slayer probably had it the worst. Implanted with demon powers by a group of men who figured it was better to risk the life of a young girl than battle evil themselves, she apparently had no family or friends to speak of and had to live in uncomfortable conditions. In fact, before Buffy, it was the general rule that the only person the Slayer was supposed to have time for was her Watcher and that was for training and assignments. No wonder Buffy and Willow broke that system.


Remember the “Hey, Girl” meme? Of course you do. The numerous variations mostly feature Ryan Gosling, some with adorable caption additions like, “Hey girl, let's stay in and make Pinterest recipes.” Well, this is its super creepy opposite. Less pleasant and tongue-in-cheek, and more screaming in horror. The Gentlemen from "Hush" were the stuff of nightmares. They were like a time-split cross between Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas and Slenderman. Easily one of the best one-off villains of the series. The episode even received Emmy nominations. One can only imagine that the motivation behind this meme was to poke fun at the original meme by giving it an uber-creepy twist.

Hey gurl, who needs good conversation when you can have a creepy smile instead? 

It works. What's also funny is the fact that the Gentlemen don’t ever speak. That was part of what made them frightening within the context of the show. They didn’t speak and made it impossible for people in Sunnydale to speak while they were there, because the sound of the human voice was fatal to them. That’s how they’re defeated. In a great twist (this is how Riley and Buffy learn about each other’s secret lives) Riley helps Buffy get her voice back and she saves the day by screaming until the villains’ skulls pop. Talk about hey, girl. Hey, girl, yourself!


Oz was always known for his stoic nature, which turned out to be pretty handy when he was bit by a werewolf. Most characters would probably flip out in panic or go power trip (Hey, Veruca. Heeeeeyyyyyyyyy.). Instead, Oz mostly took it in stride, even coming up with a way to protect others from the werewolf. His Zen nature was a great balance at the time to Willow’s less-Zen nature. But things didn’t stay that way, and Oz had to go away to find out how to better control that side of himself. Once he returned, he had almost full control over the werewolf. He was able to turn at will, no longer locked to the full moon. This didn’t turn out to be the best thing, though, as he unwillingly lost control of the werewolf after he learned about Willow and Tara. So he leaves again. Oz and Xander were similar in a few ways at times, particularly when Xander was being more wise than the wise guy, but Oz never really connected with the rest of the group in the same way. In the comics, Oz eventually becomes something of a Zen-like master and is married. He ends up helping the Scooby Gang and the new Slayers, and even after all that time he retained his stoic nature.


Spike makes the claim that Billy Idol stole his look. Given that Spike is over a hundred years old, this is a reasonable theory. Before Spike claimed his spoils of war after ending Principal Wood’s mom, a Slayer, he was punk, sans cool trench coat. But, Spike went through quite a few phases before donning his signature look. He started out as a poet, a polite man in society. His style of dress back then was more on the conservative side, fitting mostly with the styles of the day, even though he still didn’t fit in with the society around him. He went through a 1950s chic phase in Italy with Drusilla. After he got his soul back, there was a while when he didn’t feel as connected to the coat he stole from Nikki, Robin Wood’s mom. Regardless of how he got it, this was Spike’s look, the look. Fittingly, on Angel the original jacket was destroyed, and Wolfram and Hart had another available for him – sort of symbolizing the new Spike. No matter how you look at it, Spike definitely had his own style and it worked. He was undeniably cool – even more so after he started fighting for the good guys and became one himself -- and he knew it.


Twinsies? The Master and Voldemort apparently both went to the School of Evil for Evil Villains and it shows. They both lost more of their humanity in their quests for power and they lost most of what made them appear human. Too bad the same thing doesn’t always happen in real life. Punch mouth, as Buffy called him, was one of the older vampires and was proud of his lack of human qualities. He didn’t like it much when Angelus pointed out the lack of physical appeal. Voldemort also didn’t care much about outside appearances, he was too busy being hung up on “pure blood” vs “mudblood”.

Who needs good looks, when you're flawless? 

Go figure – two evil creatures with a thing about the supposed quality of blood. They had to be long lost brothers. If the Master had succeeded in opening up his people wine-bar, they could have gone into business together. Let’s not forget, both had their evil world-domination plans thwarted by school students and their administrative guardians. They were like peas in a pod. Both of them were powerful and had lasted longer than other villains, but that didn’t do them much good. Maybe if they should have gone the way of Dracula and at least kept up appearances, they could have succeeded? Who knows. Even though they were great villain characters to root against, good riddance to both.


With a new Terminator movie in this works, this meme is funny and timely. Sarah Connor is another woman who prophecy launched from normal life to fighting for humanity. Unlike Buffy, Sarah didn’t try to lead a regular life. In the "Wish" episode, Buffy was more like Connor – sadly having no time for close friendships other than the ones that provided her with weapons. She did soften a smidge towards the end of Terminator 2 though. But as for her world view… seeing yourself being blown to bits by a nuclear blast initiated by an AI would dampen anyone’s sunny outlook. Put that along with having killer robots sent through time to kill you and your child and, well, you get the picture. But if you think about it, this would be an amazing combination. Joss Whedon and James Cameron working together on a Terminator/Buffy crossover (or anything for that matter) would be a dream team. Buffy’s faced terminator-like robots before (Ted, for one).  If demons suddenly became a part of the Terminator world, which would be kind of odd, but stay with us for a sec here – Sarah Connor wouldn’t even blink. Add Willow, and she would make quick work of Skynet too. Does magic time travel beat time machine? We’re going to go with yes in this scenario.


Can you think of any funny Buffy memes? Share them in the comments below!

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