10 Hilarious Bee Movie Memes

Barry and Vanessa in Bee Movie

Bee Movie is probably one of the most famous movies on the Internet. That's not because it's particularly good or bad either way. Instead, the premise alone was enough to get a lot of people talking about it in a joking manner. As such, it has created a wave of Internet memes that just about everyone seems to recognize. For a while, it seemed they were going to never end.

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With the Bee Movie memes having since died down, we're going to take a look back at some of the best ones. Here are 10 hilarious Bee Movie memes that just might convince you to watch the movie again.

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When the iPhone X was first revealed, people were awestruck at how cellphones could now cost more than most laptops. That device started at $1000. Since then, the iPhone XS has been released, and that phone is even more expensive.

However, some smart people on the internet have pointed out that for just a few dollars less than the iPhone X, you can buy 203 DVD copies of Bee Movie. When you want to get your money's worth, it's important to pick something that's going to last you longer. Having that many copies of Bee Movie seems like a no-brainer!



There have been a lot of YouTube videos that take Bee Movie and change it in some form. Whether it be making it go faster every time someone says "bee" or even replacing the word "bee" with another vowel, you'll come across a lot of these videos.

With this video, it seems that the Bee Movie jokes have come full circle. Someone uploaded the entire Bee Movie with no edits or changes and encouraged people to watch it until it got taken down (or the channel got taken down). It seems that the jokes have nowhere else to go after this one.


Bee Movie is far from the best film Dreamworks has to offer, but its meme status has convinced a lot of people to give it a rewatch. In the case of one person in the UK, it was enough to get them to watch it 357 times in the year 2017.

With only 365 days in a year, that person would've watched the movie almost once a day for an entire year. At the very least, they're getting the most out of their Netflix subscription, but that's a crazy amount of times to watch the same movie. It's stunts like these that separate the children from the adults.


It's no secret that Bee Movie memes have died down a lot in the past few years. However, people tend to latch onto jokes they find funny, just like the Bee Movie memes. Many of us have probably been in a situation where we know that an old meme won't be funny, but we choose to post it anyway.

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There's just something so entertaining about a recurring joke, regardless of how unfunny or overused it is. For many years to come, everyone on the Internet will know the name of Barry B. Benson and everything he did for the bees of the world.


There's a certain stereotype when it comes to guys who "have a chance of stealing your girl." They usually have some sort of modern hairstyle, but that's not the only type of guy that can steal your girl. Recall from Bee Movie that Vanessa had a decent relationship with Ken, but the introduction of Barry and the plight of the bees caused them to go their separate ways.

The movie doesn't state that Vanessa and Barry begin their own relationship, but Barry directly had an impact in Vanessa leaving Ken, which counts in our book. Keep an eye out the next time you see a bee.


There's a certain type of humor when a meme is accepted so heavily. People begin to use heavy sarcasm in reference to those characters by stating how they're sacred (see Shrek memes if you're not sure what we're talking about). This meme takes that concept and applies it to Barry from Bee Movie.

With just a goofy picture of Barry, it more than gets the job done. What makes the meme funnier is how the other person seems to harmlessly go along with it, accepting the fact that their friend has a strange connection to a kids' movie. The Internet is a strange place.


In Bee Movie, Ken is supposed to be the character that everybody dislikes. While Vanessa takes pity on the bees, Ken is essentially the opposite, treating bees like most of us tend to. In hindsight, Ken is actually the most normal character in the whole movie.

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Not only does Vanessa talk to and spend time with a bee, but she also agrees to help him sue the human race. In real life, any of us would react the same way that Ken did. It makes no sense to try and sue the human race with Jerry Seinfeld as a bee.


A lot of people are, unfortunately, faced with a limited amount of time left in this world. That's when they make decisions about how they want to spend that time. As such, the Internet has taken that concept and turned it into a meme, joking about how people would spend their final few minutes if given the time.

Any proper Bee Movie fan would spend it by watching "The entire bee movie but every time they say bee it gets faster." This way, someone can say goodbye to this world having just watched a sped up version of Bee Movie from start to finish.


In context, Bee Movie doesn't seem that ridiculous. After all, it was a movie intended for kids and families, right? Once you try to apply it to real life, though, things become much less believable.

One of the bees was placed in a hospital bed. While this was a gesture to show how humans were starting to understand bees, it's the kind of thing that would never make sense in real life. Someone could be injured, but they can't get a bed because a bee is taking up their spot. Hindsight is 20/20, and Bee Movie only gets more laughable with age.


The type of humor that comes when the Internet takes a movie so seriously is funny. Some people would happily take Bee Movie so seriously that they would keep a copy in their pockets at all times (you know, just for emergencies). We all know the feeling of digging in your pockets, only to find that your phone or wallet is missing.

Now, imagine if you had some limited edition of Bee Movie in your pockets and it suddenly disappeared. That would be one of the worst feelings, right next to losing your significant other to a bee. Sadly, no elite version of Bee Movie exists.

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