15 Hilarious Arrowverse Memes That Will Split Your Sides

With Crisis On Earth X fast approaching and the 2017 television season well underway, it cannot be denied that The Arrowverse (the name given to the shared multiverse of worlds making up Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Vixen, and Constantine) is stronger than ever. The CW's grand experiment in crafting a shared continuity between several active series has created something never been seen before on network television.

Despite this amazing accomplishment, fans still find ways to argue about how terrible it all is. They argue about whether the current seasons are better than earlier seasons, what characters are annoying and need to go away, what characters were removed from the show too soon, what plot twists are lamer than other plot twists, and all other manner of minutia. One of the main weapons used to make their points in the battle of on-line trivia supremacy are memes.

Thankfully, most of these memes are as entertaining as they are informative. And some of these fan-made memes are just plain fun! With that in mind, for your higher education and amusement, we have gathered 15 Hilarious Arrowverse Memes That Will Split Your Sides!

(Disclaimer: is not medically or legally liable if any of the following memes actually do split your sides.)

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Arrow - Teach Me How To Diggle
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15 Diggle Can Wiggle

Arrow - Teach Me How To Diggle

Actor David Ramsey, who plays the role of John Diggle on Arrow, is known for many things: his cool demeanor, his smooth voice, being as awesome as the character he plays, and being an accomplished boxer and martial artist with a black belt in Jeet Kune Do.

He's also, to the surprise of many, quite the dancer.

A photo of David Ramsey busting a move and getting down with his cast mates - Felicity Smoak actress Emily Bett Rickards  and Laurel Lance actress Katie Cassidy - inspired the above meme. With a nod to the song "Teach Me How To Dougie" by American hip hop group Cali Swag District, the picture shows that The Diggle can wiggle... and the ladies love to wiggle with him.

14 How I Killed Your Mother

Arrow - Slade Wilson Kills Moira Queen

"Last Forever" - the series finale for the CBS situation comedy How I Met Your Mother - aired on March 31, 2014. The response from critics and fans alike was overwhelmingly negative. This was partially due to the unsatisfying way in which Barney and Robin's long awaited wedding was handled and partially due to dissatisfaction with the final fate of the titular mother, who died off-camera of some unspecified medical issue.

That pain was clearly still fresh in the mind of the maker of this meme less than a month later, when the second season Arrow episode "Seeing Red" aired. Slade Wilson, as part of his vendetta against Oliver Queen, holds both Oliver's mother and sister hostage, demanding he choose which one of them should die. Taking the choice from Oliver, Moira Queen chooses to sacrifice herself so that both her children can survive the night as penance for her own villainous actions.

13 Al Sah-Him & Al Sah-Her

The League Of Assassins on Arrow has a long tradition of giving its members new names that suit their personalities or training. The League's leader is always addressed by the name Ra's al Ghul - "The Demon's Head" in Arabic. Sara Lance was dubbed Taer Al-Asfar or "The Canary" (literally, "the yellow bird") for her musical laugh. And for his actions in performing slight-of-hand tricks in order to amuse a young girl while trying to gain entry to The League's stronghold, Malcolm Merlyn was dubbed "The Magician"- Al Sa-Her.

When Oliver Queen joined The League in Arrow's third season, he was given the name of Al Sah-Him - "The Arrow". This meme made a rather amusing pun based around Oliver's later forced wedding to Nyssa al Ghul, daughter of the current Ra's al Ghul, who curiously never received a name of her own beyond her relation to her father.

12 Who Is The Doctor Now?

When it was announced that English actor Arthur Darvill would be playing the role of Rip Hunter on The CW's time-travel focused Legends Of Tomorrow, the fan jokes were fast and furious. Though a brilliant actor with a long and varied resume, Darvill is most famous in America for playing the role of companion Rory Williams on Doctor Who.

When Legends of Tomorrow finally aired, fans - including the maker of this meme - couldn't help but draw comparisons between Rip Hunter and The Doctor. Ignoring the conceit of an apparent English gentleman with advanced technology traveling through space and time, Rip had a similar habit of not telling the people who traveled with him the whole truth about everything.

There's also a visual similarity between Rip Hunter's duster and the long, brown coats favored by several of The Doctor's incarnations!

11 The Inevitable Skyrim Reference

The Flash - Reverse Flash Arrow To The Knee Skyrim Meme

The first season of The Flash focused on Barry Allen's development of his newfound super-speed powers and his life-long mission to find The Man In Yellow who killed his mother and framed his father for the crime. Near the end of the season, Barry discovered The Man In Yellow's identity and sought to bring him to justice... with a little help from his friends, The Arrow, The Atom, and Firestorm.

Some fans were disappointed that Barry's quest ended with him not being able to fight The Reverse Flash on his own. Others found it hard to believe that an archer - albeit one of the best of the world - could possibly be a threat to an experienced villain with super-speed. That mutual upset was expressed in this meme, which paid tribute to a classic line from the video game Skyrim, which has itself inspired an entire sub-genre of memes.

10 Mean Girls And Lauliver

Arrow - Mean Girls Black Siren Laurel Lance

Arrow fans who favor Oliver Queen and Laurel Lance as a couple compared to other pairings have had a rather rough time of it. With Laurel and Oliver not having had anything close to a romantic relationship since the first season of Arrow coupled with Laurel's death in season four, their "ship" seemed sunk.

But little things like logic have never stopped shippers before and now many "Lauliver" fans are pushing the Arrow show-runners for the heroic redemption of Black Siren - Laurel's evil metahuman counterpart from Earth Two - so that Oliver and "Laurel" can be together again.

With a nod to the classic comedy Mean Girls, this meme expresses the attitude of all the other Arrow fans who don't think the show needs to go out of its way to push a classic Green Arrow/Black Canary romance from straight out of the comics.

9 Cosplay Or Not Cosplay?

Arrow - Futurama Fry Felicity Smoak Cosplay Meme

The shows that make up The Arrowverse each possess an incredibly devout fandom. Given that, it's unsurprising hoe many members of those fandoms have developed costumes based on their favorite characters. Indeed, it's virtually impossible to attend any comic book convention or fan gathering without seeing at least one Green Arrow or Flash.

Cosplaying supporting characters from these shows presents certain challenges. When most of the characters don't wear traditional superhero garb, it's hard to stand out or be recognized unless you're walking alongside a friend dressed as a flashier character. Even with a STAR LABS shirt, your Cisco Ramon will blend in with the rest of the excitable fanboys in attendance.

This meme acknowledges this problem and how difficult it is to visually distinguish between a dedicated Felicity Smoak cosplayer and some random fan who just happens to have blonde hair and glasses, and is looking at her phone.

8 Maybe He's Born With It

Arrow - Oliver Queen Stephen Amell With Long Hair

The ever changing hairstyles of Oliver Queen have been something of a running gag among both the fans and the cast of Arrow. A quick Google search will bring up numerous videos, articles and Tweets on the subject. It was a logical consequence of the show's flashbacks and the necessity of showing the savage nature of Oliver's "five years in Hell." There aren't any barbers on Lian Yu, after all!

The original picture that inspired this meme first appeared on actor Stephen Amell's Facebook page. It was taken as he was being fitted for what would be his final flashback wig - the one right before Oliver Queen was officially rescued. Of course the wig would need to be dirtied up a bit first, but for one brief shining moment we got a glimpse at an alternate universe where Stephen Amell fronted a hair-metal band.

7 Marvel Vs. DC

Agents Of Shield Vs. Arrowverse Marvel Vs. DC Comics Meme

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.Dtook a lot of heat from Marvel Comics fans during its first season. With the show being designed to tie into the events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, hopes were as high, as were fan expectations of epic super-powered battles every Tuesday night.

Showrunners Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon were quick to respond to critics, saying that it was unrealistic for people to expect a television series to live up to the same standards as a full-length feature film. "We didn't to want to bombard them with a superhero week after week," said Tancharoen.

One meme maker, who was apparently a DC Comics fan, took the showrunners' words and pointed out that for all of Whedon and Tancharoen's complaints of unrealistic expectations, The CW seemed to be doing just fine in bombarding people with a superhero week after week and indeed bringing the likes of King Shark and Gorilla Grodd to life with CGI on a television budget.

6 Grand Theft Auto: Star City

Arrow - Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak Stole A Car Meme

Arrow's third season came to a conclusion with something of a happy ending. Having saved his city from The League of Assassins and now having a team of qualified people to protect it in his absence, Oliver Queen rode off into the sunset with Felicity Smoak, ready to enjoy some much-earned rest and relaxation before settling into a normal life together.

There was just one small technical problem with this ending, as the maker of these meme pointed out: where the heck did Oliver and Felicity get that sweet ride from?

The events of Arrow's second season left Oliver Queen destitute, cut off from his family fortune. As the third season opened, he was apparently living out of his "Arrow Cave", sleeping on a cot in the secret sub-basement of his former nightclub, Verdant. So how else could he have acquired his new car than by "borrowing" it?

5 The Four Stages Of Cosplay

Arrow - Four Stages of Cosplay

Costume Players and Cosplayers - people who dress as fictional characters in the real world - do so for a number of reasons. Some do it for the sheer fun of it, dressing as their favorite characters at conventions. Some do it to take part in competitions. Some do it for charity, visiting sick children in hospitals or appearing at various events. A lucky few are able to do it for a living.

Regardless of the reasons, some of these cosplayers put so much work into their chosen craft that one might think they really were a superhero! This meme reflects that reality, taking images from Arrow that show Oliver Queen at various stages and applying them to the cosplayer's process of creation, dressing, acting the part, and the post-cosplay crash.

4 Death Becomes Her

Arrowverse - Sara Lance Harry Potter Buffy Death Meme

When handled properly, a hero's resurrection can be a truly epic moment in a work of fiction. Even though we know, on some logical level, that a story is unlikely to end with the villain triumphant and the hero's struggles ultimately proving pointless, there is still something thrilling about that sense of hope being restored as the hero emerges in the darkest hour when all seems lost. These meme draws upon that sensation while politely poking fun of the fact that Sara Lance has topped both Harry Potter and Buffy when it comes to coming back from the dead.

Technically, Sara has only been properly resurrected once, but it still counts since she was presumed legally dead twice and survived even worse than Oliver Queen did during in her six years in Hell.

3 Leonard Snart Lets It Go

The Flash - Captain Cold Frozen Meme

The 2013 animated film Frozen proved a critical and commercial success for Walt Disney Animation Studios. The film won two Academy Awards (Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song), ultimately earning $1.3 billion worldwide and becoming the highest grossing animated feature film of all time. The two princesses at the heart of the story - Elsa and Anna - have numbered among the most popular Halloween costumes for girls ever since.

Frozen fever was still going strong when The Flash premiered in the fall of 2014. The above meme, quoting a line from the song "Let It Go", alludes to a similar sentiment stated by Leonard Snart - the cold gun-toting career criminal known as Captain Cold, who always has a chilly reception ready for The Flash.

2 Pot, Meet Kettle

Supergirl - Agents Of SHIELD colorful costume meme

When the first picture of Melissa Benoist in her Supergirl costume hit the Internet, Marvel Comics fans were quick to comment derisively on how dark and drab her costume looked. This echoed criticisms of the movie Man of Steel, which, like many movies directed by Zack Snyder, used certain video filters that left the basic primary colors looking less vibrant.

As a rebuttal, the maker of this meme pointed out the hypocrisy of many of these Marvel fans, given that they had embraced Agents of SHIELD - a show that was nominally set in the Marvel Comics universe yet hardly seemed to embrace the superheroic aesthetics of its source material, with characters who favor dark jumpsuits and black business suits over colorful tights. Similar comments could be made even now about the gritty, more realistic Netflix series based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

1 Irony Is A Harsh Mistress

Arrow - Oliver Queen Wild Dog Casey Jones Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Meme

When Arrow's fifth season opened in the fall of 2016, Green Arrow began tracking down some of the vigilantes who had followed in his footsteps in trying to defend Star City with the goal of forming an organized force. One of these vigilantes was a man named Rene Ramirez - a former Navy Seal whose costume consisted of a hockey goalie's mask and hockey jersey. When the two crossed paths, Green Arrow criticized both Ramirez's over-violent methods and his costume.

This line was a bit of an in-joke on the part of the Arrow writers, made clear by the above meme. Earlier that year, actor Stephen Amell - who plays the part of Green Arrow - also played the part of the vigilante Casey Jones in the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. Jones' costume - such as it is - prominently features a hockey goalie's mask.


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