Highlander Remake Story & Script Still in The Works

Director Justin Lin provides an update on the status of his 'Highlander' remake, explaining that the script and story are still being worked on.

There can only be one! The Highlander franchise tagline couldn't have been more wrong.

After a series of films featuring  Christopher Lambert as the immortal Connor MacLeod a successful Highlander TV series starring Adrian Paul was launched, with Paul playing another member of the Clan MacLeod. Eventually, both immortals met for the film Highlander: Endgame and that was the end of the main franchise until Summit Entertainment announced a reboot in 2008, with Justin Lin (Fast Five) signing on to direct back in 2009, with Neil Moritz producing.

Although Lin is busy planning Terminator 5 with Arnold Schwarzenegger attached, as well as the obligatory Fast & Furious 6 movie, he's still on board with Highlander and the script is being worked on.

Next week will mark the three-year anniversary to when we first reported about the Highlander remake and the latest news on the subject comes from an MTV interview last week with Justin Lin where the growing-in-demand director explains that he's working with Iron Man writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway on the script and that he wants to ensure the story is exactly where he wants it before proceeding, assuming his busy schedule allows for it.

"I've been working with ['Iron Man' writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway] on the script. That's one where Summit has been really good [about letting it develop], and for me, it's about making sure that we can take it to the place where I feel comfortable and great about making it. I feel like I have a very good studio and team and we're working on it."

"I have different projects at different stages. You work on so many projects all at once, and at some point, you have to make the call. I feel like right now, 'Highlander' is in pretty good shape, but I still have to see all the other things come together for us to go make it."

The last we heard in Highlander was that Summit was bringing in Melissa Rosenberg (Twilight) to pen the reboot's screenplay so it's interesting to hear Lin refer to the previous writers. At the same time, it sounds like Lin is rather willing to drop this project in favor of his others so it's unclear where the project really stands at this point.

On the casting front, Lin and the studio will need a younger growing star to headline the franchise relaunch and it's a safe assumption that those who didn't make the cut for Thor or the Conan the Barbarian remake will be lining up to audition.

Sean Connery played the key supporting role in the original Highlander so don't be surprised if Lin brings in a veteran A-list actor in a similar mentor role for the remake to help make the film more bankable for Summit.

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Source: MTV

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