'28 Weeks Later' Helmer In Talks To Direct 'Highlander' Remake [Updated]

highlander christopher lambert connor mcleod

[UPDATE: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has been confirmed to direct the Highlander remake. Scroll down for the details.]

"There can be only one" may be the mantra of the Highlander franchise, but it apparently doesn't apply to how many reboots/remakes a filmmaker can be attached to.

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo signed up to helm the Crow reboot earlier this year and is now reportedly the top choice to direct another re-fashioning of a cult title: Summit's Highlander remake, which Fast Five helmer Justin Lin is no longer attached to (he officially left the project about a month ago).

Deadline has learned that Fresnadillo is currently in discussions to sign on as director for the Highlander remake, which Summit is co-financing with RCR Media Group. While he has previously helmed a couple of shorts - and the well-received thriller Intact - most film buffs are likely familiar with Fresnadillo solely for his work on 28 Weeks Later. Longtime Screen Rant readers might also recall that he was up to direct the Bioshock movie at one point, before that project fell into development limbo.

UPDATE: Summit and RCR have confirmed that Fresnadillo will helm the Highlander remake. According to the official press release, production is slated to begin by Spring 2012.

Highlander hit theaters back in 1986 and introduced the world to semi-immortal Scotsman, Connor MacLeod (then played by Christopher Lambert), a warrior who spends centuries battling other members of his race - who all desire to receive the legendary power granted to the last of their kind. It was a cult hit that spawned several sequels, along with both a live-action and animated TV series.

The Highlander franchise ran out of gas (both in terms of creativity and financial profits) a while ago - which, in Hollywood, means it's time for a reboot.

highlander christopher lambert connor mcleod
Christopher Lambert as Connor McLeod

28 Weeks Later isn't as well-regarded as its predecessor, 28 Days Later, but most fans seem to agree: it proved that Fresnadillo is competent when it comes to the art of contemporary action (shaky cam, frantic editing, etc.). Plus, he seems to have a knack for handling both bloody violence and ingenious set pieces - see: this NSFW helicopter sequence from 28 Weeks Later - which is definitely something that bodes well for his potential work on a Highlander remake.

The new Highlander is currently being scripted by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway (Punisher: War Zone, Iron Man) - with Twilight's Melissa Rosenberg doing a polish. So, all things considered, the project has potential based on the writing and (possible) directing talent involved. Now we just have to wait and see who is eventually brought on to fill Lambert's boots as MacLeod (let's just hope it's not someone like Sam Worthington or Channing Tatum, yes?).

We will keep you posted on the status of the Highlander remake as more information is released.

Source: Deadline

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