The 10 Highest Rated TV Shows on Netflix

Planet Earth II

Netflix has so much amazing content these days, it can be hard to know what to watch. Especially since they did away with a true rating system, any title that comes on your screen could be an unexpected flop. What do you do when you’re looking for a TV show you know you can count on, without rewatching The Office for the millionth time? Lucky for you, we’ve scoured the Internet to bring you the highest rated movies according to IMDb that are available on Netflix right now.

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10 Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks may be one of the most notable mystery shows of all time. The '90s series is dark and unsettling, which is one of the reasons people liked it so much in the first place. It follows FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper as he investigates the death of a local young woman named Laura Palmer. The cast of eccentric characters was topped off by the setting itself, the town of Twin Peaks, which takes on a life of its own. The show only ran originally for two seasons but later inspired a movie. It later came back in 2017 on Showtime due to its huge following. That following earned it an 8.8 on IMDb.

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9 House of Cards

The first Netflix Original comes in the form of House of Cards. The fourth-wall-breaking series follows Frank Underwood, a Democrat from South Carolina, as he and his cunning wife, Claire claw their way to the top of the political food chain. It kicks off with Frank being snubbed the position of Secretary of State. Of course, it becomes the Underwood's mission to destroy every single one of their enemies and gain power that way. You know, just your average day on Capitol Hill. The show’s biting dark humor and pessimistic view of American politics has appealed to a lot of audiences and driven an IMDb rating of 8.8.

8 Arrested Development

Arrested Development is one of the driest comedies in American pop culture. Filed with deadpan delivery and dark humor, it was often considered too weird for most. But that didn’t stop it from skyrocketing into popularity as a cult classic. Netflix even took the opportunity a few years ago to reboot the series for two more seasons.

The show follows Michael Bluth as he tries to keep his family and their business afloat after his father is arrested for a variety of fraudulent crimes. The cast of characters is as wild as it is endearing, and Jason Bateman’s performance is really second to none. It’s also an 8.9 rating on IMDb, which some may even say is far too low.

7 Black Mirror

Unsurprisingly, another Netflix Original makes the list in Black Mirror.  A reimagining of the sci-fi classic Twilight Zone, the anthology posits one unique futuristic scenario in each episode. Typically, they all have to do with some sort of technology gone wrong. Since its premiere in 2011, it’s been one of Netflix’s staple owned content series. It’s dark and unsettling, and many audiences find themselves glued to the TV unable to look away (which is a little ironic, of course). Of course, Black Mirror made huge waves this year with Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, a choose-your-own-adventure style cinematic experience. Unsurprisingly, viewers have given the series an 8.9.

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6 Stranger Things

Stranger Things is yet another Netflix Original Series that took the world by storm. No one really expected it, but the Duffer Brothers came out of nowhere with this smash hit. Capturing '80s nostalgia perfectly, Stranger Things tells the story of five nerdy friends in a small town, an unseen evil, and a government conspiracy. It’s doing a lot. However, it had managed to ride the line between doing a lot and doing way too much. The fact that the kid actors (especially Dustin) are undeniably charming only adds to the appeal of Stranger Things. Typically, these types of shows only work for one type of audience, but with a rating of 8.9, Stranger Things proves to be the exception to the rule.

5 Friends

If you find yourself drawn to the oldie-but-a-goodie types, Friends is probably already one of your favorites. The late '90s sitcom about six friends who live in way too nice of apartments in New York City will likely be a classic for years to come. Ross and Rachel basically defined shipping as we know it today. Plus, even if you’re not overly familiar with the show, you probably have made the “PIVOT” joke at least once. Friends is one of those shows that’s just ingrained in pop culture. Forget the haters and pop on that episode you’ve seen a thousand times. Television is meant to be enjoyed, after all. So many people have continued to enjoy this show that Friends has kept a rating of 8.9 on IMDb.

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4 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

It’s no surprise that Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is one to rise above. The second in this immensely popular anime series has a huge following all over the world. As does the original manga, of course. It follows two brothers on the quest for the Philosopher’s Stone (oh, hey Harry Potter). Despite focusing on two teenagers, it has a serious dark side, dealing with themes of the exchange of human life for power. Violating the laws of alchemy has severe consequences, and the series doesn’t shy away from that aspect of the lore. Fullmetal Alchemist has earned itself a solid nine rating.

3 Sherlock

Another point for the BBC! This time, however, it's in the form of a modern-day spin on a British classic. Sherlock is one of those shows where the following and fanfare around it make it larger than life. Sometimes that ends up being all we remember about them. Lest we forget, Sherlock was a really great retelling of a story that so many of us love. Each of the long-form episodes took on one of Arthur Conan Doyle’s books and was examined in a new light. In particular, Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance as the iconic detective drew him a lot of praise, for good reason. The series has gotten itself a rating of 9.2.

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2 Breaking Bad

This entry shouldn’t surprise anyone at all, Breaking Bad was one of the most well-acclaimed TV shows in recent memory. When it first debuted on AMC, it was regarded as a watershed moment for television. There had never been anything quite like it before. It tells the story of Walter White, a brilliant but unsatisfied chemistry teacher who finds out he has cancer and turns to cooking drugs to pay his medical bills. It debuted in 2008 but its themes are still so relevant and its biting dark humor is only more at home with today’s TV. Breaking Bad earned a cool 9.5 on IMDb.

1 Planet Earth & Planet Earth II

Both seasons of the Planet Earth series top the highest rated charts. The BBC show is a stunning nature documentary, and the most expensive ever commissioned at that. Reviewers raved in both 2006 and 2016 at the beautifully shot and mesmerizing look at the planet we call home. If you’ve had enough of all the true-crime documentaries and want something to transport you (as well as being some serious eye candy), turn to Planet Earth or Planet Earth II. The original has an IMDb rating of 9.4 and the sequel has a rating of 9.5, so the consensus is that both are home runs.

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