NBC Buys Comedy 'The High Life' from '50/50' Writer Will Reiser

With several vacancies assumed to be opening up in NBC's comedy line-up, it's only appropriate that the network began scooping up as many hot commodities as they can. One of their most recent acquisitions is the comedy The High Life from writer Will Reiser and his sister Robin.

The High Life, contrary to what the name suggests, will chronicle the exploits of a young mother/wife who has taken up sobriety.

Entertainment Weekly writes that the majority of the show's plot with focus on how the main character will deal with many of life's stresses - without the added relaxation of a few (dozen) drinks. While we don't expect Reiser's script to have as much personal experience as his last, there should be a healthy dose of familial realism injected into the series. Since Reiser is working closely with his sister as co-writer on the series it wouldn't be surprising to learn that certain elements were pulled from both of their lives.

The success of The High Life will largely rely on the casting of the mother role, but there are currently no announcements to be made. The series could have a Grace Under Fire feel to it, but the sitcom nature of that show doesn't necessarily speak to Reiser's sensibilities as a writer. Finding a successful and compelling female comedian will certainly help send this project in the right direction.

Behind the camera, serving as Executive Producers on the show will be Jake Kasdan (Bad Teacher), Willie Mercer (Reiser's manager), and J.J. Philbin (New Girl).

Will Reiser and close friend Seth Rogen, who starred in '50/50'

The High Life's script most likely gained notoriety soon after Reiser's semi-autobiographical 50/50 began garnering awards show buzz. With performances by Seth Rogen, Anna Kendrick, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 50/50 brought a sense of humor to a very serious issue, one that is equally capable of affecting older people as it is younger ones. Some parallels could be drawn between 50/50 and The High Life in that it deals with a serious social issue and its impact on a younger generation.

Many of today's TV series glamorize the consumption of alcohol, while The High Life has the potential of focusing on the real world implications of a crippling addiction, only with a comedic slant. Or it could be 20 minutes of alcohol-induced humor followed by 10 minutes of struggling with a hangover – but we doubt that.


Source: Entertainment Weekly

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