Preview: DC's HIGH LEVEL Sets Up Its Biggest Twist Yet

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Warning: SPOILERS for High Level #5

The story of High Level has left readers on the hook since the last issue changed everything we thought we knew about the story being told. But after our preview of High Level #6... the suspense may be downright torture.

After setting the stage and building out the world of High Level, the heroine Thirteen and the 'chosen one' Minnow seemed to be building up momentum, finally reaching the lowest levels of the titular paradise. Until their presumed friends were revealed to be enemies, villains became potential heroes, and both of the book's leads were caught in a trap they couldn't hope to escape. All things considered, one heck of a way to leave readers hanging. So, will Thirteen and Minnow find a way to escape? Or will the tale of High Level end in a heartbreaking surprise?

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As fair warning, the first pages of High Level's next issue actually contain TWO potential twists readers will need some time to process. As we alluded to above, the situation facing the book's heroines is only getting more dire, so prepare yourselves for the worst. But even more tantalizing is the marked hand silently moving pieces across the board--just as surprised to see Thirteen and Minnow end up in their current dilemma. Given all this uncertain scheming, it's hard to even know just what the issue's title, "Chapter Six: Ascension" really means...

The full issue promises plenty of shocks and revelations, but readers can check out the first preview pages from High Level #6 arriving in stores this Wednesday, September 18th.

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Readers who have been following along with High Level this far won't be surprised to see the tension and stakes reaching critical mass, now that the chosen one and her fearless protector have returned 'home' to High Level. But if readers have missed out on the story thus far, now seems the perfect time to catch up. We can't guess how this chapter will end, but when you're dealing with utopias, prophecies, and the future of humanity... anything is possible. Readers will need to pick up the full issue when it arrives this Wednesday, but for now read on below for the full credits and plot synopsis while "Ascension" awaits:

  • HIGH LEVEL #6 (2019)
  • Released on: September 18th, 2019
  • Written by: Rob Sheridan
  • Art by: Barnaby Bagenda, Omar Francia
  • Colors by: Romula Fajardo, Jr.
  • Truth, lies, myth and mystery collide with shocking consequences when Thirteen and Minnow’s harrowing journey to High Level comes to its shocking conclusion at the steps of the fabled silver city, where ancient secrets are laid bare and a hidden adversary finally makes himself known!

High Level #6 will be available at your local comic book shop on September 18th, for direct from DC Comics.

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