Exclusive Preview: High Level #5 Reveals 'The Silver City'

High Level DC Vertigo Comic

The DC/Vertigo comic series may be built around a journey from the wastelands to the promised land, but in High Level #5, our heroines are getting their first look at their final destination. In the process, realizing it may be harder to reach than expected.

Since its debut, the title of the comic series--High Level--has come to refer to both a literal place, a technological mecca, and the desire in humans to ascend, evolve, and otherwise have... more. It was those desires that likely played a role in the devastation that turned North America into a scattered wasteland in High Level's post-post-apocalypse, but in our preview of High Level #5, it's given new meaning. Before Thirteen can make it to High Level, she'll have to pass through its lower dangers.

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After the first four issues of the series, it's hard to believe that Thirteen and Minnow can run into any threat powerful enough to truly end their mission. Rob Sheridan, Barnaby Bagenda, and Romula Fajardo, Jr. have sent the duo (one an unlikely guardian, the other the potential savior of mankind) up against mutant crimelords, child traffickers, cyborg killers, and more. Thankfully they picked up a third member of their squadron after a trip through Pleasure Island--a 'city of sin' where all manner of satisfaction can be had, regardless of appearance or status.

Valentina, likely the city's most respectable dominatrix, sought out a home like Pleasure Island after being raised in the shadow of High Level, the silver city held up as a Heaven on Earth... while off-limits to anyone born with a mutation like Val's. Nevertheless, she has returned to guide her new friends on the next stage of their journey. Now they'll be able to keep High Level in their sights, as they pick their way through the Low Level before them. Take a look at the preview pages below:

High Level Comic 5 Cover
High Level 5 Comic Preview 1
High Level 5 Comic Preview 2
High Level 5 Comic Preview 3
High Level 5 Comic Preview 4

The new twist regarding General Barron is intriguing, adding a new layer to his hunt for the young Minnow. And the glimpse of just how much warfare is still taking place every day reminds readers that Thirteen, Minnow, and Val are getting closer to danger as they approach this supposed paradise. But it's the first look at High Level from the exterior, hundreds of feet below--likely how its makers and masters want it to be seen--that will keep readers hooked until the full issue arrives this Wednesday. Until then, read on for the full solicitation information for High Level #5 below:

  • Published: June 26th, 2019
  • Writer: Rob Sheridan
  • Art: Barnaby Bagenda, Romula Fajardo, Jr.
  • Religious cults, terrorist cells, witch tribes, mutants, mafias, sunken cities, drug dens, false prophets, real prophets, fetish camps, cybernetic enhancement junkies…Thirteen and Minnow have survived them all just to get to this moment. At last, our heroes arrive at High Level. But will the legends prove true? The answers will shock you.

High Level #5 will be available at your local comic book shop on June 26th, or direct from DC/Vertigo.

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