What We Know About Hideo Kojima's Ambitious New Game

Hideo Kojima talks about his ambitious new game to be released as a PlayStation 4 exclusive in partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment.

Hideo Kojima Ambitious New Game

Players who were eagerly awaiting the release of acclaimed video game designer Hideo Kojima's Silent Hills, which was being produced alongside the equally celebrated genre filmmaker Guillermo del Toro with The Walking Dead  star Norman Reedus in the lead role, are no doubt well aware of Kojima's recent departure from Japanese developer Konami, the company of which he was the former vice president. Despite the studio's efforts to deny the acclaimed director's abrupt departure, their related actions in removing his studio's name from all retail copies of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain only served to finalize the separation of the two parties for good.

Since then, Kojima has been talking up a big game in regards to his next creative venture under the umbrella of his own studio, Kojima Productions, though the Japanese auteur of the video game medium has been rather tight-lipped in regards to the explicit content and nature of what players can expect him to produce next. However, the latest word from the man himself might just give some clue as to what kind of game is currently under development.

In a conversation with GameSpot, Kojima was willing to talk about his forthcoming title exclusive to the PlayStation 4, citing his working relationship with Sony Computer Entertainment moving forward, the vast breadth of his new game, and the possibility of expansion for the new property outside of the video game format. Regarding the scope and flexibility that will be afforded to players, Kojima stated:

"I want to do something that gives a lot of freedom and interactivity. Like I did in the past, I want to make something that has a very strong, dramatic story. Sony is supporting us to make a big game that’s edgy with a strong story that gives the player a lot of freedom, with new elements, and I don’t know if that’s possible. But we’ll see."

Kojima Productions New Game

The possibility of an even larger sandbox style game is certainly something to think about, especially considering the vast, lush open-world so recently explored in Metal Gear Solid V. But the infamous designer was also quick to cite his intention to stay under budget and on schedule with the new project, despite what some have acclaimed about him in the past, as he remarked:

"A lot of people say that I spend too much money or take too much time, but that’s a misconception. My last project was late about five or six months, but I’ve always kept my word on timelines and budgets. Japanese creators are famous for being loose with schedules, and I think people put me in that category, but it’s not reality. In my case, I’m a director and a producer, so I have to stay aware of production and the budget."

On that note, Kojima was rather enthusiastic in regards to the potential inherent to his new production, and stated his hopes for the property being, "Big enough impact to become a series, [and] lead into something outside of games, such as anime, manga, figures." Subsequently, Kojima confirmed that Sony is giving him enough room to maintain the integrity of his personal vision, without exerting any undue creative control over the new project, and have been, "Very respectful towards me and what I do."

It still remains to be seen just what kind of game Kojima and Sony are currently in the midst of planning, though it does sound like the new game will be something to look forward to whenever it is finally released. Outside of the domineering watch of former partner Konami, it would appear as though Kojima Productions is gearing up for a new game unlike anything that its figurehead has approached before, though his recent facial hair configuration might not be around for long, as it presents an unflattering image to Japanese sensibilities and his kids, "Definitely don't like it."

Source: GameSpot

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