10 Hidden Details Behind Legally Blonde Only Superfans Know

Legally Blonde is one of the best girl-power films of all time. Let's take a moment to appreciate all of the hard work that went into this film.

Since the film Legally Blonde came out eighteen years ago, it has become so popular that fans have many of the lines memorized. Lots of moviegoers have probably quoted Elle Woods a time or two, or acted out the classic “bend and snap” scene.

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There are lots of interesting facts about this film that really are not that obvious, and it’s actually kind of hard to figure them out by just watching the series a time or two. Fans are probably thinking “what? Like it’s hard?” But, it really is pretty difficult, since some of these details are very well-hidden. Here are some of the intriguing details about the first film in the Legally Blonde series.

10 Warner Appears To Celebrate Dumping Elle

When Elle’s boyfriend breaks up with her, it looks as though he is celebrating. One of the biggest scenes in the first Legally Blonde movie is the one where Elle and Warner call it quits on their relationship.

She kind of freaks out (which is understandable) and gets the attention of almost everyone else who is in the restaurant at that time. But before that big moment occurs, he seems to be in a great mood, and he and Elle even have some champagne, which does not help the fact that she believes he brought her there to propose to her.

9 The Sorority She’s In Is Real

Fans of the film can actually enjoy being a part of the sorority that Elle is involved with in the movie. Those who are huge fans of Legally Blonde probably remember the fact that Elle was a member of the sorority Delta Nu.

While lots of movies have made up fake sororities, that is not the case with this movie. Fans of the movie can be just like their favorite fictional college student, Elle, and join the sorority themselves since it actually exists in real life. But fans should know that in reality, this is a non-national chapter, and it’s pretty different from the one in the film.

8 The Credits Seem Like They’re Meant To Be Written By Elle

Elle has a certain style when it comes to her handwriting, and the credits at the beginning of the movie look as though she wrote them by hand. This tiny detail is not something that is important to the story of the film, nor is it something that is very hard to notice, but at the same time, it certainly adds a lot to atmosphere of the film in general.

There are lots of films with little details like that in them. They don’t usually affect the story much, but they certainly make the viewer feel a bit more immersed into the fictional world that is featured in the movie.

7 She Has A Cootie Catcher

Fans of the movie might have noticed that Elle has a cootie catcher next to a photo of the guy she is dating when the film starts. For those who don’t know, this object has actually been around for a very long time.

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Lots of people have been using them to predict the future for years, but their origin is a bit uncertain. There are some people who believe that it all got started in the 17th century. It seems as though it began in England, and then traveled to the United States of America before it became massively popular.

6 Her Dog Wears A Harvard Sweater

In the film, Elle’s dog can be spotted wearing a Harvard sweater. Throughout the movie, the tiny Chihuahua has lots of fabulous outfits, just like Elle does.

Bruiser, which is the name of the dog in Legally Blonde, wears a Harvard sweater in some scenes during the movie. Those who are big fans of the film can actually be like Elle in the sense that they can dress their dog in a very similar fashion. There are some Harvard sweaters and t-shirts available that look a lot like the one Bruiser wears in the film, and they are also made for animals.

5 There Is A Guy That Never Speaks

One of the scenes in Legally Blonde has a character that never says anything. When Elle begins college at Harvard, she doesn’t know many people there outside of her ex-boyfriend and his new significant other, so she gets to know a bunch of the other students by sitting in a circle with them outside.

As everyone introduces themselves, there is one random guy hanging out that doesn’t seem to be of much importance since he doesn’t say anything. Perhaps the filmmakers left something out that would have explained who that random man was. It’s also a little weird that none of the other characters in the scene ask about his identity.

4 Raquel Welch Testifies Against A Fitness Expert

In the movie, actress Raquel Welch testifies against a fitness guru, which is kind of ironic and funny since she was one of them herself in real life. In the movie, the actress plays a character named Mrs. Windham Vandermark.

During a court scene, Mrs. Vandermark testifies against a character named Brooke, who was a health and fitness expert. While some viewers may not have picked up on it, this scene is full of irony, considering the fact that Welch was once involved in the world of fitness herself. She sold books and videos about working out.

3 Elle’s Outfits Evolve, Just Like Her Character

Elle’s outfits change as she matures throughout the film. At the beginning of Legally Blonde, the main character can be seen in outfits that are very bright and flashy. They are gorgeous, of course, but they are not exactly a good fit for someone who is going to a college like Harvard.

As the film progresses, she wears things that are a lot more modest. Her outfits gradually become more fitting for the type of degree she eventually receives. Elle does not lose her fun style, though. She still manages to incorporate cute colors, such as pink, into an outfit she wears at the end of the film.

2 This Movie Was Based On A True Story

Legally Blonde was actually based on a real person’s life. But there are some major differences between Amanda’s life and the movie. While fans of the film know that Elle attended Harvard Law School, Amanda actually went to a different school.

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She attended Stanford Law School. Before that, she went to Arizona State University. The author never received a degree from Stanford, but obviously that did not mean that she would never be successful, since has had a lot of success as a writer. Amanda chose to attend Stanford for a very interesting reason. “I wanted to go to Stanford when I saw the mall,” said Brown.

1 The Ovester Scene Was Based Off Of Reality

The “ovester” scene in the first Legally Blonde movie was an event that actually happened in real life. Enid Wexler, who is a feminist student that Elle goes to school with, believes that the female students at that college experience high degrees of sexism.

Wexler is not fond of the word “semester” because she believes that it is offensive to women. In one scene, she suggests that the word be changed, which seems a bit ridiculous to the other characters in the scene.

Apparently, this something that a student actually talked about while Amanda was at Stanford. Amanda thought it was funny, so she decided to include it in her book, and it eventually became part of the movie.

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