'Hick' Red Band Trailer Teases A Pulpy Coming of Age Tale

hick red band trailer blake lively chloe moretz


Following her breakout turn as Joseph Gordon-Levitt's wise-beyond-her-years, little sister in (500) Days of Summer, Chloë Grace Moretz has continued to impress by playing a wide range of characters in films like Kick-Ass, Let Me In and Hugo.

The young actress will pull double-duty next month, playing troubled teens in two very different movies: Tim Burton's Dark Shadows - and director Derick Martini's adaptation of Andrea Portes' acclaimed novel, Hick.

Hick, which Martini co-wrote with Portes, tells the story of small-town adolescent gal Luli (Moretz), who gets in mind to run away from her often-inebriated (and abusive) father, by traveling out west to Las Vegas. Luli ends up tumbling headfirst into a dangerous world of drugs, crime, and violence, encountering such damaged people as the unscrupulous "rebel" Eddie (Eddie Redmayne) and the coke-addled Glenda (Blake Lively) along the way.

As you undoubtedly picked up after watching the Hick red band trailer, this is a coming-of-age tale that falls on the pulpy side of storytelling - a flick that examines the trials and tribulations that come with being a teenager through the lens of a dark and disturbing worldview. Still, although Hick doesn't look to prompt the sort of love/hate reactions that similar "edgy" coming-of-age stories have before (ex. Tideland), that doesn't mean it looks good either.

hick red band trailer blake lively chloe moretz

Early word on Hick, following its premiere at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival, have proven to not be very encouraging. That's kind of the impression the trailer gives off, as there seems to be a stark unevenness to the balance of bitingly dark comedy and genuine pathos teased here. It's a shame too, since Moretz and Lively both appear to give pretty decent performances - and pull off the western-southern drawl too.

Another indication that Hick isn't anything to write home about: it hits Video on Demand next month on May 8th, just three days before beginning a limited U.S. theatrical release on the 11th. All things considered, the film will probably go down as a minor speed bump that doesn't slow Moretz' rising starmeter - or provide much reason to question her credibility as an actress.


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