Heroes Volume 5 Video: Ray Park vs. Peter Petrelli

Heroes took a giant leap in the right direction with Volume 4: Fugitives, and it helped erase some of the bad memories many of us had with the previous two volumes which were really bringing down the show.

The series, which had been subject to a lot of negative criticism, was back on a high note and those of us still watching were looking to be in for a treat the next season, thanks to some awesome additions to the cast and some much-improved storylines put into play where the show left off.

Today, we have a brand new video for you today which features one of the newest and coolest additions to the cast of Heroes, Ray Park.

This latest video showcases Jack Coleman's character, Noah Bennet, watching Park’s super speed ability in a little fight sequence with Milo Ventimiglia's Peter Petrelli. It is titled "Blurring Blades." Watch and see what you think:

UPDATE: Thanks to Screen Rant reader Jimmy, here's a Youtube version for our foreign friends:

I love Ray Park and I really enjoyed the latest volume of Heroes. With the additions of Ray Park, Ernie Hudson and Robert Knepper to the cast, I thought things were going to be even better with this next volume.

That being said, this video is not that good. The sound is okay but the music they chose for it doesn't fit at all. Where's the intensity and cool factor? The fight looks weak due to the emphasis of their speed power and it wastes an opportunity to showcase some amazing choreography from Park. It’s simply not that cool which it damn well should be with Ray Park fighting Peter Petrelli in it… with knives!

What happened here? There's some pretty easy fixes for this scene and I hope it's improved when the episode airs.

I’m not too worried though because the full preview for Redemption we saw a few weeks back looked great and I still have high hopes for this upcoming season. I hope some of the new cool characters stick around for a while. These additions represent some talented people and I expect their characters to be very entertaining.

What did you think of the video and are you excited to see the show return?

Season 4 (Volume 5: Redemption) of Heroes debuts with a 2 hour premiere on Monday, September 21, 2009.

If you're a Park fan like me, make sure to check out our post on him wanting to play Iron Fist in a potential Marvel Studios film.

Source: NBC

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