Heroes Visits Feudal Japan

With filming on Heroes' second season well and truly underway, Masi Oka has revealed his character will be spending some time in feudal Japan. As the time-traveling Hiro, he will be seen 400 years in the past - the time of the samurai.

The news comes as Oka announces the next series will begin with two individual time lines - one in the past and another set four months after the recent season one finale.

The actor speaks fondly of the chance to live what is a childhood dream for many Japanese children:

"You know how [American] kids wish they could be cowboys? In my culture we wish we could be samurai and ninja. I grew up reading those kinds of mangas. I know about the feudal era, so it’s cool."

Season two of Heroes is due to begin screening on NBC on September 24.

Sounds interesting, I suppose. But, then again, there's something about time travel that's always kinda bugged me. With the exception of the Back To The Future and Terminator franchises I grew up on, I've always found time travel to be a little too convenient as a plot device. Having said that, I'm yet to finish watching the first series of Heroes, so feel free to correct me.

Why am I so slow to pick up on the year's big phenomenon, you ask? Well, to be completely honest, I thought the first few episodes kinda sucked. They simply took themselves way too seriously for what I saw as a blatant and over-produced X-Men clone. Still, I've seen later episodes that looked pretty cool - and my sister's been on my back to watch it - so, who knows? It might just be my next big thing too.

Source: TV Guide

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